When the sender deletes the image they uploaded

I know it happens very rarely but when you get a message that the sender has deleted an image, it’s too late to do anything about it.

Two possibilities come to mind:

  1. Save a copy of the image so that the recipient can identify it easily. Once they are filed away it’s sometimes hard to find the right card.
  2. When the person receiving registers the card, could they confirm somehow that they want to keep the image? You can get around it by downloading and re-uploading which is a bit tedious.

There is an email notification when the receiver deleted the postcard image?

(This part is unclear to me.)

Do you mean there would be some kind of tick box in a Hurray, or sender would ask it in their card?

Then, if you mean re-uploading by the sender, that is not possible. (Or do you want this to be possible?)

Yes, possibly there could be a tick box on the register a card page beside or with the Hurray. When you tick it, it would mean the sender could no longer delete the image.

No, for this I meant that the receiver can currently download the image. If you want to be sure the sender doesn’t delete the image, you can download it and then load it up again.

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Sorry, no. When the sender deletes the image, the receiver gets an email

It would need some work to implement this change

Since the image belongs to the sender, they must also retain the right to remove it.
I suspect that this right will not be taken away from them.
That’s why I usually delete the picture that was uploaded by the sender and post my own.


But if you download the image on the card you have just received, and you can, because I did that earlier today, you can upload it again and it says “Image uploaded by [your username]”. Then the original sender can’t delete it.

This may be against the original intention and possibly something needs to be changed.

Yes, of course you can, but you don’t have to do everything just because you can. Personally, I don’t think it’s okay to just download the photo without the consent of the sender of the card.

You could also take a scan or a photo yourself, for example with a photo app.


And that’s what I usually do

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Hi, can I as a sender delete a postcard image uploaded by me and re-upload it again in better quality? The recipient has the physical card already.


No. Once the recipient has received the postcard, you the sender can’t upload a picture of it any more.