When and where will AU-1000000 go? 🥳


AU-000001 | 14JUL05 | PO | Start
AU-100000 | 19SEP10 | LI | + 1894 days
AU-200000 | 28APR12 | DE | + 588 days
AU-300000 | 11AUG13 | TW | + 471 days
AU-400000 | 16JAN15 | US | + 524 days
AU-500000 | 15JUN16 | TW | + 516 days
AU-600000 | 01MAR18 | IN | + 624 days
AU-700000 | 02JAN20 | RU | + 672 days
AU-800000 | 13JAN22 | DE | + 742 days
AU-900000 | 27SEP23 | US | + 622 days
AU-1000000 | approx. JUL25

I haven’t been following the numbers closely so I have no idea how fast we pull numbers here in Oz…but does anyone want to join me in a countdown to AU-800000? I see these pop up for other countries. And maybe they’re only fun for the really fast moving countries :yum:…but I thought I’d try here anyway.

The most recent number I can see in the gallery is AU-796281 which went to China on 11th December (I didn’t search extensively…so there could be more recent cards in the gallery too).

My last official number was pulled on 12th December (:tired_face:…I’ve had no officials arrive since then) and it was AU-796393. It is still en-route to Japan.

So, not factoring in time of day of address pulls…I’m going to guesstimate 120 addresses drawn per day in Australia…I think I’m being generous :grimacing:.

800000-796393=3607 cards to go.
3607/120=30 days from 12th December.

I’m going to guess we will draw AU-800000 on 11th January 2022. I’m going to guess it will be heading to the USA. I wonder who will draw it?! Will it be you? Will it be me?

Now if you’ve been drawing numbers in the last few days, you should have a better, more accurate idea of where we’re at. Feel free to share your recent drawn numbers here if you want to (obviously, don’t share exactly who they’re en-route to…but I think it’s ok to share the destination country of travelling cards).

So does anyone want to join me in a countdown to AU-800000?


My last sent is 796662 to Germany :de: :blush:

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I’m going to guess that you drew this number/address on the 14th December…am I right? :grimacing:…or the 15th Dec…:crossed_fingers:t2:

My latest was AU-797147 drawn on 20 Dec.

I’m going to guess card AU-800000 will be drawn on 6 January, and won’t arrive until mid-March at the earliest :joy:


My last was 797525 yesterday.
My guess is 20 January to Germany :de:

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So according to your numbers…we’re drawing less than 100 a day over the last week. But I think this will change after the Christmas break. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for joining in. And @ahmandah…I snorted at your mid-March comment! That fast you think?? :rofl::rofl:


My guess is 16. January to China and it will arrive sometime in 2022 :grinning:


On the 15th!

I’m terrible at estimating these things, but I guess 10th January to Germany :de:

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AU-800000 Predictions:

Member guessing: Date Drawn: Destination Country:
@tinkatutu 11JAN22 USA :us:
@wildforager 10JAN22 GERMANY :de:
@ahmandah 06JAN22 NETHERLANDS :netherlands:
@eeyoreinoz 20JAN22 GERMANY :de:
@telopea 16JAN22 CHINA :cn:
@4kids2pay4 25JAN22 FINLAND :finland:
@chubbyhamster 16JAN22 HONG KONG :hong_kong:
@bonniegrace 14JAN22 ITALY :it:

January 25 to Finland

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Ooooh, I’ll pick it will be going to the Netherlands :netherlands:

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Im guessing 16th Jan to Hong Kong

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14th of Jan to Italy!

Great idea @Tinkatutu

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I just posted card AU-798007 to Germany… only 1,993 to go!


Ooooh… Thanks for the number update Bonnie!! :+1:t2::blush:

If my guesstimation of 11Jan were to be correct…we’d need to be drawing about 180 addresses per day between now and then. That doesn’t seem likely! :grimacing:

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I was naively hoping for a slew of registrations after the Christmas break but that has yet to happen. The only thing I’m getting lately is expired cards, even one to Germany, and all to active members… :weary:


It’s crazy, isn’t it? I’m waiting for two cards in the Christmas RR to arrive in Germany. They went out nearly 8 weeks ago now…and no sign of them. Yet the one to the Ukraine, and two to the Netherlands, arrived ok.

I haven’t had an official card registered overseas since 16Dec…and that one had been travelling for 92 days. The card registered before that, on the 12Dec…only got registered because the user closed their account :tired_face:.

I also have another card to France (active member) which expired since it was sent 105 days ago now. I’ve even sent a second card to the same address…6 weeks ago…and no sign of it either. I’ve only been a member of PC for coming up on four months…so all these expiring cards, and those travelling forever…it doesn’t look very good for me. I look like a terrible Postcrosser.

What is going on with our mail? :tired_face:


Oh no, I’m sorry you’re having such experiences straight away. When I started PC last year our delivery times were long compared to other countries, but not so wildly inconsistent like it’s been lately. I’d get jealous of the Germans who have so many cards delivered in 3 days! But all my cards in the first year made it, bar two sent on the same day that are sitting at over 300 days right now. I’ve had more expired cards in the last month than I have in all the rest of my time sending.

But I’m sure no one thinks you’re terrible. Our postal service just is what it is.


Ack! I had a card registered today…I was so excited to finally be able to send out a new card and see where we are at…close, but no cigar! The card registered was my card to France. Travelling for 108 days. Well and truly expired…so I’d already been given another send. I’m stoked that it arrived though! It’s a new ‘send’ country for my 2021 Members Bingo!

I’m back to watching my six travelling cards. Which one do you think will arrive first?

And can anyone update us on the latest number they’ve pulled…especially if it’s been in the last day? I’m so excited to see where we are up to! :tada:

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AU- 798359, recently picked, hopefully going to Taiwan :crossed_fingers:

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