Whats Unique about your local post office

Hello guys
I am Alfred. I come from Uganda.
I have a small story about our local post office.

I have two addresses, one is for the organization which is not in this platform and another my personal address. I have an online postal address where I get a message immediately a card reaches my postal address.
I jump on my bike, go and get the card, come home register it.

Our post office is small. The workers are caring
Whenever I go there they expect me to have picked some thing so big but they get surprised to see me getting a small card.

What’s unique about your local post office


Mail is brought to me by postmen. I live in a house, so I have a mailbox attached to the fence, postcards are put there. When I need to send something, I go to the post office (there is a mailbox where everyone puts postcards or envelopes to send).
It was very interesting to read about how you get postcards, for me this method is quite unusual :slight_smile:


Its so interesting

In my place you can register for your mails to be delivered in your door step, but they put serious extra charges so a majority of people find it easier to pick their mails by them selves

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Nothing really. The branch personnel are competent. The USPS is not known for its brillance.

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We don’t really have post offices anymore, oftentimes they’re sort of incorporated into a supermarket or stationary store, or something like that. It makes me a little sad in a way, but I suppose not many people would visit a place that was only dedicated to sending post.

Incoming mail is sorted at sorting centers, and delivered to a local distribution center (as far as I understand). Mail delivery people will deliver small mail like letters, and postcards and such generally on bikes, but there’s also some motorized vehicles.

Larger types of mail and small mail with track and trace on it are delivered by small vans.
Our postbox is a sort of flap in our front door, we don’t have a fancy one which you have to open first.

I suppose what’s unique about my local ‘post’ office, is that it has like this old post bag taped to some sort of contraption where people can throw mail they want delivered in. I personally prefer to use the iron mailboxes outside.

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I think whats unique about Indian post offices is the fact that you can do everything in one place- book train tickets, update identity card details, do banking or of course, send and receive mail.

My local post office is pretty small and the staff there has grown to recognise me as the “stamp girl” because few people buy so many stamps at one go!

India has the largest network of post offices so you can basically find one anyone. You may not find phone network, but you sure will find a post office nearby!

Now, if there’s a postcard to be delivered, the postman presumes that its for me and often times we have to go back to the post office to give it back or return it to the other house :laughing:


In Greek post offices you can also pay bills. In the most central post office in Athens, the capital, there is also a philatelic department where you can buy collectible stamps, maxicards and other stuff. Most post offices in big cities also provide PO boxes for rent. I rent one, so I go twice a week to get my mail. They know me by now, so they are like “Maria is here” and they give me mail that they may have not yet sorted in the lockers. In villages, the PO boxes are usually outside of the post office and some times in the middle of nowhere. There are special boxes if you want to throw the post you want delivered, but I don’t trust them. I prefer to give it to an employee in the post office, even if it means I have to wait in line.


I think my local post office is quite typical of American city post offices. There’s usually a line, sometimes quite a long line, so I try to use the automatic machines if I have something I can’t just stick a stamp on.

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As a mail carrier I can attest that while the upper echelons are not the brightest, those in the local post office are quite intelligent.

My post office is in a round building and has lots of local artwork. I have both a post office box at the post office and one at my house, so I get two mail deliveries a day. What I love is when we get live chicks in the spring … it’s okay to send through the mail! Fortunately we don’t have to carry the baby chicks in our rattling mail trucks. The people ordering them must come pick them up which is always such an event because everyone wants to peek at the peeping chicks :hatched_chick: :grin:


Nothing special about it. It’s cramped and dirty. The employees are officious and coarse.


Nothing special with the USPS in Puerto Rico. Maybe they don’t care if stray dogs get inside the post office :thinking:?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you guys for sharing how things in your local post offices look like. It was interesting to learn.
Another issue about our local post office is one, there are two types of mail boxes we open up. One is called a virtual mail box where you get a notification whenever some thing is sent and another is an ordinary mail box where you are given a key to your mail box bit you just have to keep on checking by your self if there is any thing you received. So I have a virtual one and the most interesting thing is that its only post cards I collect there.
I have never collected even a letter. May I have some one to write me a letter please.
Thank you.

:volcano:A post office and a volcano!!
Yes that’s correct, in Hawaii at the Big Island at the Kīlauea volcano, is a full-service United States post office.
It amazes me, I can see lava and later throw my mail in the post box nearly the same time!


Just don’t get the two activities confused, or you’ll see the post box and throw the mail in the lava! :volcano:


My post office isn’t all that. It’s no different than the other ones. The closest one to my house happens to be in the gay district and the building a dull gray stone or concrete. I guess no rainbows there.

There used to be a tree outside that they cut. Probably to avoid the homeless from hanging around. The area where the tree was is rocky. It wasn’t before.

There is a small section for customer service. Then a large PO Box section.

This happened in 2012.

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One of old post office in Malaysia. Went there for first time to buy more stamps. Discovered when i wanna pick my girlfriend for first date. Hahahha .

Went to the office…afterwards go grab my girl. Stamps first then ma gurl :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m so glad that there aren’t strays in our post office, because I’d come home every few days with an excessive amount of stamps AND a new dog. :smiley:


:laughing: :laughing:

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I use a PO Box, and it’s in a post office that has its own zip code - apparently there are 41 post offices in my city that have their own zip codes separate from the neighborhood that they’re located in. My PO Box’s zip code is different than that of the post office itself, though that’s pretty common.

I use two post offices to drop off my mail, the one that my box is in (close to my office) or the small one in the ferry terminal that I use as part of my commute. It’s very small, two windows, usually just one person working at the window. No PO Boxes to rent. It’s only open on weekdays and they close at 1:30pm so it’s mostly just for morning commuters. The two clerks that I see in there know me as the person who stocks up on stamps! I once bought two sheets of international stamps there and they asked where I was from, which is a fair question because we have a ton of tourists… I responded in my thick local accent which confused them even more until I explained Postcrossing :slight_smile:

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That’s nice. I thought USA doesn’t receive a lot of tourists.
I thought a majority of tourists run to Africa to feel the weather that we have here