What's more important, the image or the message?

As a recipient, what’s more important, the image or the message?


Personally, I like a good message but the image of the card is most important, I think.



Both. I like the image but the message is precious to me. Also it is hand-written from someone who took the time to write to me. Sometime it is cheerful and it makes me feel good. It is a surprise I get in my mailbox. I love it. Some of you are so creative, so talented. I love all cards I get. Each one is special to me.


Both! And the stamps can make a difference in a smoke.

I’ve had cards that may not be a favorite but what someone wrote is so interesting or kind it made my day. I’ve had cards where someone only wrote happy Postcrossing and I would have been so sad except the card itself was wonderful and maybe the stamps were so unique!


First I look at the image and if it’s an image I like it makes me smile. The message comes later and is important as well, expecially when the sender wrote something interesting. But the picture definately captures the eye first :grinning:.

For me, the message and the back of the card. Often I forget to look at the front when I’m registering the card.


I haven’t got my first card yet but Im excited to build a collection of stories and parts of someone’s life from around the world :earth_africa:



A nice image is nice, but I love receiving a message that allows for connection, teach me something about the sender

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I think if must choose one,message is more important.Because we can learn more about the different culture from message.

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that is very specific research.

For me it is message, then image. But the whole package makes a difference as well. Ultimately what is most important to me is that someone who does not know me took the time and effort to reach out, and share something of themselves. It makes me still believe there may be a glimmer of hope for humans after all.


For me, both :cherry_blossom: sometimes the card image doesnt fit me but has a lovely message, it is also so valuable piece for my collection piles that has no category but I’m keeping :blush:

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I am in a minority about this, but for me it was always about the picture. In the strict sense of the term, postcard collecting always meant collecting the picture.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the pictures on postcards. Some are magnificent and grand, others are fun and creative. BUT, i really enjoy the way people ink in the limited space with thoughts and comments. It is such a personal creative challenge! Longer letters are magnificent, but accepting the challenge of communicating with someone as yet unknown within the limited space of a postcard seems to reflect on a bit of audacity and loving spirit all mashed together. I love reading the notes, watching the way folks mark up the cards with drawings and figures. People are amazing!!!


Both for me, although the message can make the difference! But I show the picture side on a rack, not the message side :smiley:, so that’s why I say both!

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I think that is highly subjective and also dependent on the image and message.

Both image and message are important to me.
My favorite cards are ones that fit my collection and have meaningful messages but I also like: a) cards that don’t fit my collection but have meaningful messages, and, b) cards that fit my collection but don’t have meaningful messages. Although, I suppose I prefer the former more than the latter because I can appreciate it for a longer period of time. Cards with barely anything written on them only give me like two seconds of joy

If I don’t like both the image and the message, the card will be recycled or thrown away. I have over a thousand cards already so I only want to keep the ones that I actually like

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For me: absolutely the picture, followed by, hopefully, interesting stamps. :smiley:

I love beautiful decorations and, of course, like nice messages. I also read every profile I send to or receive from.

I am not particularly hard to please (= I like touristy viewcards best, which should be relatively easy to find in most places.).

Other than that the ID and my address (correctly written!) are most important to me.

If someone chooses what I might love - and if I can send the card a Postcrosser will love (and I always use special stamps and have special postmarks applied, when I send from Austria): that’s my kind of connection! :hugs:

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