What type of stamps do you like to receive?

Hi all!

I’ll be going to Pos Malaysia’s HQ where they sell past and current special stamp issues soon.

Out of curiosity, I’d like to know what type of stamps you guys like to receive so I know which stamps to pick out for swaps and for the official postcrossing postcards :relaxed:

I like receiving old stamps the most. Out of pure luck today, I bought stamps from 1987 at the post office today when I was dropping off my letters :joy: I was so surprised because I wasn’t expecting them to still have such old stamps in stock


These tags will give you the idea



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Every postcard and every postcrosser is different,

I am initially not a stamp collector, but they pair very well with postcards.
Each Country there are different stamps I like and usually keep. I am quite fond of Transport themed stamps.
For Malaysia, these are my some of my favourite stamps, I picked up a sheet when in KL back 2019.


For me, I like stamps on food, animals, birds, insects, flowers and non-religious Christmas :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:

Other postcrossers have different preferences!

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I like transportation stamps too!

This train stamp series is my favorite from Malaysia

Unfortunately this was released in 2010 and I wasn’t aware of mail/stamps back then :frowning: Now the resale value for this is too high for me to buy and use them :sob:

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Every stamp is unique. :grinning:

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I love postal theme stamps from Malaysia.
Also they have very beautiful Flora and Fauna as well as Food related stamps.

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I love the fauna theme we have here, especially ones surrounding birds

Again, these are pretty rare so it’s hard to find them :frowning:


New Year and Christmas