Best stamps you've received

Going through all my cards, I re-discovered this beautiful set of old Italian stamps, on an original envelope, that I received an official card in.

What are some favourite stamps you have received?


My all time favourite is this one, because I’m really crazy about Stitch! (It was even attached to a Stitch postcard that was decorated with Stitch tape :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Normally I have my favourite stamps on postcards scanned, but I haven’t re-uploaded them after a complete data loss… Whenever I’m finished I will share those albums here (not until next year… as my offers / collections of postcards are more important to me).


I’ve been sorting my cards and scanning a few favourites; realised too late I should have been looking for favourite stamps too, so that’s another future task.

I don’t have specifically favorite stamps, I just like nice stamps, especially if they are commemorative (as opposed to definitive stamps, the regular stamps available at any post office for a long period of time), and I especially like it when the stamp and the card have something in common. As an example, I received a card of the Moscow Kremlin, and as stamps the definitive 10 Rouble Moscow Kremlin stamp was used 5 times (I think postage is 50 Rouble). I really love this combination even though it’s “just an ordinary stamp”. :heart:


My favourites are the Alphonse Mucha stamp from the Czech Republic and the Taj Mahal stamp from Jordan. I don’t have a scanner so these images from my mobile would have to do:


My favorite countries for stamps are Japan and the US, as both have very pretty designs and I love the overall style.
Here are just a few favorites, as I can’t decide.


Just ran across these in my digital files.

I like the rug ones, but I figured I’d let everyone see the Mowgli one in case you’re into that, too.


I love these stamps for the solar terms from China. Solar terms are kind of like seasons, but there’s 2 per month and they are descriptive — for instance, “Hibernating Insects Awaken” or “Snows a bit”.

I find it wonderful and when you put the 24 stamps (one for each solar term) together, they form a circle, showing all the seasons in the year!



Oh, all stamps that I receive are very nice, it’s difficult to choose favorite one.
I whould like to show this big and shiny one from Luxembourg :milky_way:

And another one is not from Postcrossing, my friend sent it to me from Svalbard.


I have received so many beautiful and fun stamps; I can’t pick a favorite! Here are a few that I love:


@PinkNoodle That Swiss frog one! :heart_eyes:

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I don’t care what other people say about the kremlin stamps; I think they look so cool all together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



As I’m really into psychedelic stuff I pretty much fell in love with these stamps:


And I once received a card with a lenticular stamp. A lenticular image is this kind of image which has the ability to change or move when viewed from different angles.

I didn’t know that this was possible for a stamp.


I had a postcard showing where the Kermlins on the stamps are located. I love these stamps too. I find Russia fascinating.

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I have those T. rex stamps! I especially like sending them to children, for the “wow!” factor. :t_rex: I also had Jimi and Janis, but sadly have run out. :sweat_smile: I’m glad that you received them!

Wow, very neat! You could plan a kremlin stamp tour! :sunglasses:

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Now there’s an idea :thinking:

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