What to do with World Postcard Day extra postcards?

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Hello all!
So, in my enthusiasm to participate in my first ever World Postcrossing Day this year, I purchased far more of the official WPD cards than perhaps I should have and only had certain amount of slots to send cards to that day.

My questions are….
Has this happened to anyone else and if so, what did you do with the extra cards?
Do folks still like receiving them out after WPD and if so, for how long after the day?
Do you swap them?

Thanks for any guidance anyone has to offer!


Last year, I saw them being swapped til the end of the year.

Think about using them for people who would enjoy receiving a card in your family & friends circle.

Also there are a number of requests on here for people to send cards to elders in nursing homes, school classes & other similar settings - they could be used there too.


First, happy Cake Day! :cake:

You can still send them to people even after World Postcard Day, especially if they ask for illustrations, and you don’t already see one of those cards on their wall. I know I would be very happy to receive an official WPD card anytime.

You can also use them to write a note on and include in envelope with swaps. Or you can offer them in the Trades, Requests, and Offers forum.

I have a bunch of excess International Postcard Week cards that I use for dividers in my postcard box.


I don’t think it matters. I have a couple that I was given and I keep meaning to put them in a lottery or something like that because there are probably people that still don’t have them and would kill for them… I don’t really like them (not that they are ugly, I just prefer view cards/local cards) but people do and I am sure they are happy to receive them no matter the day.

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I keep sending them until the end of the year. They may or may not go to other Postcrossers.


If someone mentions in his/her profile that s/he likes these cards: send one. :slight_smile:

Any time! :smiley:


Have patience.
As @LC-Canada wrote - there are many ways to send a card as a benefit. You find here a lot of them, who asks for cards.
And because the edition is limited - then it is something special again.

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I also have more WPD cards than I sent out on October 1, but I’ll send them till I run out of them. A nice design so why not. If someone asks for the card or cards with post/postcrossing, I’ll send this card.


Well why not include them in swaps? I got a whole bunch of postcards (All the same) from the Bishops Palace when they were on sale. I send one in a direct swap or with my Travelling Lego Figure (https://community.postcrossing.com/t/tlf-travelling-lego-figure/25820/61) as a way to introduce Larry. :slight_smile:

All the best



Send them. 2021 isn’t over. Tell people about the program.


I’m sending them to other postcrossers at least until 2021 is over. I always look at their received wall to see if they already got it, and if they didn’t, I send it to them. I figure it’s a nice surprise for postcrossers even if it’s not sent on October 1st :blush:


I still have some of last year’s, as well as leftovers from this year. I use them when someone expresses an interest in anything postal, as one example.


Maybe send one to the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC. If they get enough different designs, maybe they’ll make an exhibit for them! :slight_smile:


Great idea! Thank you!

Good ideas! Thanks!

Great idea! Hadn’t thought of that! Will definitely do this.

“Anything postal” is a good indicator I had not considered. Thank you!

Yes! Thank you!

Good idea. Can definitely spread the word. Thanks!

Love that you use them as an introduction for Larry. Thanks for the link!

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