What postcards have you sent or received today?

-my mail 7.10.: Surprisecard from Toucans (GB) and Honeybee (IT) and WPD Meetingcard from Lamelemon (MD)

-my mail 6.10.: WPD cards from Veke450 (BE), Annibaer (LU), Monlan79, Sanni87, Kugusch (DE), Laddy84 (NL) and Wandafan (AT)

-my mail 5.10.: WPD Card from Utelia (DE)

-my mail 4.10.: Surprise envelope from Xiaoi, WPD cards from Angel84, Pelke and Meetingcard from Hoentje (DE)

-sent 03.10.: surprisecard to DE

-received a card from me: Soundstorm (NL), Kilona (FI), Chacha58, Veke250 (BE), Killewips, sanni87, clara508, catlover91, eriberry, Desmonia, Utelia (DE) and sumares (PR)

-Official cards travelling to: :netherlands: 264 days Expired :frowning: , :us: 180 days, 73 days, Expired :frowning: and 7 days , :cn: 132 days and 111 days Expired :frowning: , :philippines: 117 days Expired :frowning: , :azerbaijan: 105 days Expired :frowning: , :ru: , :finland:, :taiwan:, :brazil: and :ukraine: 7 days .

Thank you @Beachyblonde for your beautiful WPD card and the lovely stamps! I had a brilliant WPD myself and am still enjoying all the incoming postcards! :smiley:



I’ve received no postcards today, it’s only 8:30 in the morning here, the mail hasn’t arrived yet. In fact, my mail carrier probably just got to the post office only about a half-hour ago, and right now he’s probably discussing with his fellow carriers the new James Bond film that was just released yesterday. I wonder if my mail carrier went to the new Bond film, and, if he did, I wonder if he wore a mask. Anyway, just for variety, I’ve included here a picture of one of Postcrosser Speicher3’s handmade postcards, which I think is really cool. Maybe my mail carrier will deliver a card like this to me today, if he ever finishes talking with his co-workers about the new James Bond film.


-sent today: officials to CN and NL and surprisecard to DE

-received a card from me: Wandafan (AT)

-Official cards travelling to: :netherlands: 265 days Expired :frowning: and today, :us: 181 days, 74 days, Expired :frowning: and 8 days , :cn: 133 days, 112 days Expired :frowning: and today , :philippines: 118 days Expired :frowning: , :azerbaijan: 106 days Expired :frowning: , :ru: , :finland:, :taiwan:, :brazil: and :ukraine: 8 days .


Received: 1 official from Germany.

Received some absolutely lovely postcards today from :uk: :ireland: :netherlands: :fr: :de:

My daughter was thrilled and dancing around the postbox we are so grateful for post-crossing community kindness and helping us on our little project.


Was glad to get this one yesterday.


-sent today: officials to JP and RU and surprisecard to DE

-received a card from me: bcsikar (RS), Laddy84 (NL) and Mostek (PL)

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Yay! Mine arrived! That’s quick!!!

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Sending these to Hong Kong and Sweden today!


Yesterday I visited a postcrossing meetup in Minsk.
So, sending a bunch of meetup cards plus some more :slight_smile:


I didn’t actually receive this card today, contrary to appearances. Today is Columbus Day, a national holiday, here in America, with no mail delivery. So you can rest assured that if any American posts a picture on this forum page of a card from, say, Belgium, or Italy, or maybe even Canada (as is the case here) and claims that he or she received it today, then quite obviously they are mistaken.
And I’m certainly not making any such claim here. In fact, I admit it, I actually received this card several days ago, and I’m only posting it now because I’ve never seen such a well-groomed horse, or, for that matter, Mountie. In fact, they’re both so well-groomed that it makes me sort of suspicious: Are we really supposed to believe that a Mountie and his horse could spend ten grueling hours patrolling the remote wilds of Canada and still manage to look as though they just emerged from a day at the health spa? I bet whoever published this card, somewhere up there in Canada, had a good little chuckle at our expense.


Received: 4 officials from USA and Hong Kong.

-my mail 11.10.: WPD cards from Soundstorm (NL) and Luziaceleste (BR), Meetingcard from ich_bin_Berliner and surprisecard from Hoentje (DE)

-nothing sent today :frowning:

-received a card from me: mindee (FI), annibaer (LU), Stevyy (AT), Midnatsol, Betze, Busy-Marie (DE)

-Official cards travelling to: :netherlands: 267 days Expired :frowning: and 2 days, :us: 183 days and 76 days Expired :frowning: , :cn: 135 days, 114 days Expired :frowning: and 2 days , :philippines: 120 days Expired :frowning: , :azerbaijan: 108 days Expired :frowning: , :ru: 10 days and 1 day, :taiwan:, :brazil: , :ukraine: 10 days and :jp: 1 day.

Than you so much for 2 lovely postcards, arrived in super speed. :heart: We love them x

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I’ve received a lot of cards today, but the two that made my heart jump for joy came from Poland. I love and miss Poland so much and was doing an autumn swap and @Delillah was so sweet to send me not one, but two cards!!! I am overjoyed! The Polish handwriting, the stamps, the pictures, the text! You have no idea what this means to me @Delillah Thank you so very very much!!!


Received: 2 officials from Russia and Czech Republic.

Received: 4 officials from Brazil, UK and Germany.

Ihave recieved corgi from USA, blue cats from Russia, and Blue cats and cows from Netherlands


I have been very busy sending and receiving cards in this and the previous week, because of World Postcard Day and our own anniversary of Finnish Postcard 150 Years on 10.10.

So today I sent these cards

And these are the ones I received today, 29 cards, my one day record!!! :star_struck: