What languages do you write in?

English Mandarin German Cantonese

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English, Dutch, German, basic Japanese

English and Russian. I studied French many moons ago, too, but lost most of it due to no practice…

Way to promote Postcrossing :grin:!

I would write in English unless I get an address to anyone in Norway, Sweden or Denmark (but this does not happen very often), then I would write in Norwegian.

If I should get an address (outside Scandinavia) where it is stated in the profile that the person understand Norwegian, I would write a message in Norwegian with an English translation.

I most usually write in English, although I’ll write in Spanish if the person is from a Spanish speaking country and their profile shows they are not proficient in English or if they mention to be learning Spanish and that they’d want to practice it.

I have also written a couple postcards in Chinese and Russian, but that was through the “Send me a postcard written in my language Tag”. However, I recently sent a card written in Russian because the profile indicated that they were two persons and that one of them did not speak English. It hasn’t reached yet, so I hope the translator has not betrayed me!

And since I have recently resumed Italian lessons, I might try to write in Italian from now on if I draw an Italian address!