What Kinds of Postcards Do Men Like?

I am new here at Postcrossings! I have recently sent out my first 5 brightly colored, gender neutral postcards and now am waiting patiently for them to be registered! However, I am trying to buy some extra postcards in advance, so I have a little variety for the people I’m sending cards to.

What kind of cards do you or the men in your life like? I understand that everyone has many different interests and hobbies. I also know that women as well as men may enjoy these cards. I also know we have many different cultures here! I realize that the majority of people give suggestions of their likes in their profile, but I am only seeking many different various ideas so I can widen my postcard stash. Thank you!

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Welcome to postcrossing and the forum @floridagirl10

In my opinion, there are no special cards for men.

All these motifs are also wanted by many women.

It is sufficient to have different motifs in your box in order to fulfil the wishes of all people.
If you have bought these cards, you are well equipped for all postcrossers.

There are men who love glitter cards, for example, and women who want tractors and racing cars - motifs that would have been assigned to different genders a number of years ago.

Don’t think too much in advance - there are users for all motifs who would be happy about it.


I believe that men generally like postcards with trains, aircraft, ships, cars etc, while these subjects don’t appeal much to women.


Hmm I’m halfway into adulthood from being a boy (18 this year) and I’d say touristy cards is something I really love! It’s not gender-specific but I think men in general wouldn’t go against touristy cards, unless you’re swapping series cards like FOTW and Titina.

Based on my experience, photo cards are GENERALLY more preferred by men compared to illustrations.

I’d say this is quite a challenging question to answer, but at least now you know something :joy:

In terms of touristy cards, all postcrossers who like touristy cards would sorta love these types of cards:

  • maps

  • City view (like an aerial view with the name of the city)

  • UNESCO sites

  • unique buildings

  • Cultural

  • Recipe

  • there are also people who like religious buildings due to its architecture (so far I see many requests for mosques, particularly from Asian countries)


In my experience, men like the same topics as women and vice versa. Lots of men like the Blue Cats by Rina Zeniuk, I also know men who collect Edition Tausendschön (glittery and kitschy / trashy).

There are women who are interested in ships, trains, cars.

Try to have a general variety like viewcards, animals, illustrations, comics, Lantern Press are also very popular :slight_smile:


From your list I’d prefer landmarks from your area, for I am not really interested in that technical stuff.
But I wonder if I have to remove Hello Kitty from my wishlist just because I am male!


I am a boy, and I prefer postcards that reflect the beauty of machinery industry and the accumulation of history and culture


Welcome to Postcrossing @floridagirl10
You’re going to have a lot of fun and meet many interesting people!
Don’t forget to check out the round robins and tags in the forum. By joining a couple, you’ll be able to get more cards sooner because it does take a while … a long while … to get past the first 5-50 cards. Once you have a look at some of the round robins and tags, you’ll get even more ideas for cards you’d like to have in your ‘send stash’.
But don’t fret too much about the cards you have. It’s always good to have cards about your town/community/state. You can personalize the cards based on what you know about where you live. Most of us appreciate those cards.
There are lots of great suggestions here for men, women and children (who especially like animals).
I would add:

  • Greetings From… cards
  • engineering/science cards
  • nature
  • lighthouses - which I add to @grizzabella’s list: “ships, trains, cars”
  • cards about where you live - something interesting about your city/community
  • cards that are whacky/weird
  • big animals & birds
  • cards that have a quote or saying on them
  • some like advertising cards

But start slowly, so the waiting isn’t too dreary … And do check out the forum! Spend some time browsing through; maybe start with the Just Postcards round robin? Or, a lot of fun: NA Alphabet round robin.
And have a great time!


So far, every last man I have sent to has demanded ballerina postcards :wink:

But in all seriousness, there is too much variety in taste to pin any one subject down, for any demographic. After some time on Postcrossing you will develope a feel for popular subjects, and until then I would recommend broadly popular topics like the following:

  • your culture, region, cuisine, traditions, etc.
  • landscapes, space, nature
  • history and vintage
  • art and illustrations
  • people and pop culture
  • animals (any, not just cats and dogs)
  • sports and activities
  • cardboard food boxes cut to the right size

Something I personally have noticed is that some topics are much sought after, up until the moment I find some suitable cards to send. Then suddenly not a single recipient mentions it in their wishlist ever again!

And remember: wishlists are just that - wishes. You can send any card to anyone


Just something from my BF’s list of preferences :slight_smile:

  • trains and railways
  • birds, preferably photos
  • astronomy and space exploration
  • traditional food
  • funny/black humour illustrations
  • single views

Gay men might be happy about male nudity and bromance motives. So I would keep a few cards from this category up the sleeve :wink: As a kissing motives collector I know how hard it is to find a gay kiss, so those are real treasures.

Enjoy your Postcrossing journey!


Hi @floridagirl10 . That’s a great question. As a long term male postcrosser, I generally agree with those that say that there is not much difference between what men and women like when it comes to postcard topics. I’m a crusty old man but I love baby animals!
However, I also think that @aH made a couple of good points - I love both touristy cards and photo cards. In fact, photo cards are probably among my favorite type to get.
Welcome to postcrossing!


One thing I remember being often male-related is sports stadiums, so I would buy a couple of these (and these can be used as local views too). But of course females can like this topic as well.


I buy cards that I like (I don’t buy cards with “these are for men” or “these are for kids” in mind when I’m choosing postcards) but have noticed that local view cards and illustrated map cards of my state are often what I send to men based on their profile preferences.


In terms of what I collect and what I sell, here are some favored subjects/types:
■ City Views
■ Lighthouses
■ Sports Stadiums
■ Maps
■ Military-Related (Warships, Bases, etc.)
■ Bridges (open-span)
■ Stamps-On-Postcards
►Single-Views (But I myself love International Multiviews of Cities)

The above list does not cover every single interest, but gives you an idea


I dont take a look on the name just read the profile and choose the cards which fits best.
Worked always perfectly.


Everyone is different of course, but there are cards that I only seem to send to men.

  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Nudes
  • Firefighter/police related
  • Sports related

But a lot of cards are asked by a lot of people, so I would focus on those instead of the niche cards.
Like tourist cards as town views, light houses, bridges, castles and pretty views. Bonuspoints if the name of the area is on the front. Animals like cats or dogs.

Certain styles are trends, that come and go. I wouldn’t buy those when you are just starting out.


Thank you so much to everyone who replied! I 100% understand that everyone has their own preferences, even if they are not the typical gender norms! I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post because that was NOT my intention. I would be more than HAPPY to send whatever card was requested to whatever person as long as their preferences are listed in their profile!

My question was mainly aimed for those Postcrossers who do not have any or have just few few preferences in their profile. Most people are pretty up front with what they want, but there are a few that list none. So thank you for those suggestions! Hope you guys are prepared for some Disney princess cards, because there’s a chance they might be coming your way!! :rofl:


Absolutely not. If you request a Disney princess card I can happily supply that. I have tons of those!! I don’t have any Hello Kitty in my stash yet. :star_struck:

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I understand that everyone has different tastes, as I stated in my original post. I was meaning more of those who have NOTHING listed in their profiles as preferences. I think for those people I will send a general Florida postcard (probably a Disney one!!) until I get a better stash accumulated. Thanks!

Thanks for the advice about the suggestions for getting/giving more cards. I had no idea about this, so I’m so happy that you told me! Do we register those cards for tags or roundrobins anywhere, or is it just a fun give/receive thing? Thanks!

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