What is the total number of cards that you have received till now ?


I have been on Postcrossing since last October and have received 60+ official cards but 100s of cards through direct swaps on Forum and other sites like Reddit/Facebook (I no longer use these). In total, I must have received 300+ cards by now. I did too many swaps in my enthusiasm as a beginner :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:.

But, I have put several of my cards into the bin , so I don’t have all of my received cards. I also don’t keep scans of all my cards because I don’t think that I will be looking/reading at all of my cards in future :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: .

I am curious as to how many cards people have received during their Postcrossing journey (also other mediums). Also, do you keep all of them with you or scan them and recycle some ?

Happy Postcrossing !!

What do you mean by recycle? Are you talking about taking a postcard you received from someone and reusing it to send to someone else?

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No, I throw away some cards periodically as I am not much of a collector.

So you collect the stamps and throw the postcards away

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I don’t have any way of knowing for sure, but I think I’ve probably received near to 5,000 cards by now. I don’t keep them, but I do send the stamps to people who collect those, and the cards themselves go into the recycling after myself, my fiancee, and my daughter have all enjoyed reading them.


I have received just over 2000 postcards and I’ve kept and scanned all of them. I suppose if I decide one day that it’s too much, I’ll donate them to a museum, library, or other educational institution. I view postcards with a somewhat historical context–the messages show how people think and live during that time. I also find comparing handwriting fascinating. There are definite trends depending on which country the postcard is from.


I have about 150 postcards now, including some swaps and some from friends.:blush: I put all of the letters, postcards, and swaps in an orange box, separate them in three parts.

Now I am looking for a new box because the orange one seems too small for more postcards, letters, and swaps.:wink:

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I am doing postcrossing for 9 years and I have received about 10k postcards. I still have most of them


Hi :slight_smile:

I’m in since march 2020 and received 341 cards till today…

At first I startet to decorate my wall with them and enjoyed to see the collection grow and move across the wall :smiley:
But then it went too much…

Now I keep what I really like and the rest goes to recycling for we have a project with handicap people in germany working with used stamps

Something goes into kind of scrapbooking…

And I love to keep some lovely washi for its reusable :slight_smile:

Like at a buffet I keep what I love best :wink:


I have received 424 officials but probably 200 more unofficial ones. I never threw one away. To be honest, I really hate the thought of people throwing the cards I sent them away, but I do understand that not everything can be kept. Have you considered giving your used cards away in the forum or somewhere else? Sometimes I see cards in other’s received wall that I love and I would rather have them myself than Knowing that they went into the bin :sweat_smile: but maybe I am just strange, being so attached to physical things.


I do the same, keep the one with a very nice message or image and the rest go for recycling. I have donated stamps to Briefmarken für Bethel, I don’t know if it is the same group you mention.

I too use some images for my scrapbook. Some stickers and washi also become part of it :slight_smile:

I did exchange some of my received cards a couple of times. But, reading the forum chats, I realized that many people don’t like sharing received cards, as the message is intended only for the recipient. So, I haven’t done it again.

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I am new to Postcrossing and have only received 6 cards to date.
I have sent out more than that tho, either some of my cards have not been received or not registered. Which is a bit annoying .

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I received around 3950 cards through Postcrossing and around 4000 through swaps, RRs etc.

I keep almost all of them, just got rid of none-postcards like thin piece of paper (at the beginning I made the mistake to register such things instead of first asking the support what to do with such things) and of loveless postcards without text or personal reference. A handful over the years maybe. I cut off the stamps and throw the rest away.

I scanned all of the cards and keep the scans (of course, why should I scan the cards and then delete the scan?).

How long have your cards been travelling? I guess anything below 30 days of travel time is nothing to worry about. You can read these threads as well.


I know it’s off topic but I just need to tell you that I love your hat. :star_struck:


One went to Russia 66 days now and the other US 52 days. I understand the Russia one but 52 days for US I don’t understand :worried:

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Thank you :heart: That photo was taken at my daughter’s wedding at end of August. I am the proud’ Mother of the Bride’ xx


I just wondered…. Does anyone know if we are able to opt out of certain countries because of the obvious post problems they have. I heard that China has a massive backlog of post and people are not receiving post. Doesn’t have to be forever but postcards may be adding to the problem of people receiving their ‘important or urgent’ mail.

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We can’t opt out, but I think that the address choosing algorithm considers the suspensions listed in the postal monitor The Postal Monitor gives an overview of mail disruptions around the world
It says there that at the moment no Chinese addresses are given out.

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I have about 300 official cards and probably 1000 or more from fourm or other swaps. I keep them all but have thrown out a disturbing one I got that gave me the creeps.