What is the latest new country you sent to or received from officially?

Just sent my card to Canada, and just received my first card ever, from the US.


After a long break, I received a card from a new country yesterday: Moldova!

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I sent a card to Georgia (73 postcrossers when I sent the card). Not arrived yet (sent 2nd of October)


I received a Luxembourg card 2 weeks ago, but it was in postcardunited

I got one from Kazakhstan today!


Funnily enough, my latest sent to a new country is from this year to the UK! I lived there for a long time and I didn’t send internally so I never had a UK ID in sends until Feb this year.

For received I think it might be this one from Hong Kong from 2022:

My card to Uzbekistan FI-4483808 was just registered. :uzbekistan: :partying_face:


My first card to Iceland arrived today and I got a very nice Hurray message

I received my first postcard from Kazakhstan. I’ve sent there before, but not received from.

Today I received postcards from the Netherlands and Norway, both which are new to me. I am also sending a postcard to someone in Indonesia, which is a first as well. :blush:

I received a card from Cyprus yesterday. It should also be my lowest ID yet :slight_smile:.

My first card from Sri Lanka :heart_eyes:


I do not know how to post images so I say Macau and Uzbeistan

I never purchase a scanner (think that what they are name) and do not see needing one

Just post the link to the card in a separate line.

There is more information about the forum here:

My latest new country I received from is Lithuana (I already sent there)

If it should be a completely new country, then it would be the neighbouring Latvia, where I received a card from:

The latest new country I sent to (and which arrived) is - ordered by the receiving date - Malaysia:

Ordered by sent date it would be Portugal. :thinking:

My latest new country is Spain. I sent a card there. :slight_smile:

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My most recent new country to receive a postcard from was Uruguay

The newest “country” I’ve sent to was Puerto Rico, which I sent over a year ago. I haven’t sent to any new countries since then.


I’ve had 3 new countries in the last few days. I sent two postcards from Canada this past weekend to Thailand and Ukraine. It was my first time using the travel mode. And today from home I am sending a postcard to India. :thailand: :ukraine: :india:


I had sent a postcard to Belarus :belarus: for the first time during my vacation trip in Hong Kong :hong_kong: in this Halloween festival, and it arrived a month later. I think I’ll have the rare chance to send a postcard to Belarus. (It depends on the available of service of each postal organization.)
(Noted: Everyone can send postcards from Belarus to Thailand, but Thailand Post is still “no service” for sending letters/postcards to Belarus.)

Last month, I went to 140th Anniversary of Postal Service in Thailand at General Post Office, and I sent a postcard with the special stamp sheet to Luxembourg :luxembourg: for the first time.


I got one from Uzbekistan this week, was a nice surprise.