What is the latest new country you sent to or received from officially?

I remember that we had this thread in the old forum and I always loved reading and posting there! I hope this thread hasn’t been opened somewhere already.

So, which was the last new country you sent to or received from officially?

I received from San Marino today (sooo happy!) SM-380 and from United Arab Emirates not so long ago AE-27418 :heart_eyes: Before, I didn’t have new countries for long!


Sent: Singapore :singapore:

Received: New Zealand :new_zealand:


Huh it’s been a while since I recently got some postcard from a new country.
It was 25/Jun/2020 and arrived from Sweden SE-180783
Amazing how long I had to wait for a card from this country which because of that seems more exotic than the most remote parts of the world, even though it is so close to me :slightly_smiling_face:

My last sent card to the new country is also surprising.
It was another European country - Hungary PL-1691236


My last sent card to a new country was


to Guam - arrived in 18 days und has travelled 11869km


My newest received country is the Isle of Man :isle_of_man: (where I sent to a couple of years ago):

I have a postcard travelling to a Latin American country, which will be the first new country in a long time for me (update: my last new country was Moldova in August 2019). I’ll let you know when it is registered. :wink:


It’s so looooooong ago that I am not even sure. The newest country which I sent a card might be Luxembourg (August 2019) and for received it might be Macao (around January-February 2019). With post being delivered for the time-being to a handful of countries from Finland, two new countries where I could send a card at the moment are Denmark and Iceland. But since I have ticked “Repeated countries” option, the chances for that are below zero. :smiley:


… aaaaaaaaaaaand here it is! A very fast trip from Apulia :it: to Peru!


Latest received was from Åland, received in August this year:

Latest new country I’ve sent to was United Arab Emirates, sent on May 12, 2016:

Before that the latest new country was Sri Lanka, in January 2016:

Latest received: Switzerland

Lates sent: Indonesia (after received 5 cards from my own country)

Latest new country I got was Macao, she is a new Postcrosser too. :slight_smile: I hope she likes the card I chose since there was no profile filled out. It has not arrived to her yet, so not sure I should link it here. :slight_smile:

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My latest received was MX-57318 That, excuse me, seems to still miss the photo. I am sometimes bit behind with scanning received cards, I am afraid.

The latest new country sent was SE-182144 to Serbia

I still have quite short country list so there are good chances to get new country any day :slight_smile:

Received French Guiana
Sent Hungary

Sent: Guam 1.10.20
Received: Serbia 1.7.19

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I think Greece, but I dont how common or rare it is to get that. I know I ve never gotten Italy very often. Thanks

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I don’t know how I can make a link to the card, but I rarely upload pics anyway haha

My latest new country sent is a while ago! The Philippines about a year ago

A few weeks ago I received a card from Malta, which is my latest new country received

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I’m a very new PX addict, so don’t have many countries on my list yet. But yesterday I was happy to receive my first card from Australia :slight_smile:

I have my first sent card to Belarus traveling now. My newest country to register a card I sent was Belgium :+1:


It’s actually very easy, either you copy the card’s URL into a separate line here, or you can just type the ID and it turns into a link automatically, like DE-123 :blush:


I’ve been sending mostly to Germany, Russia, and China lately, but received a World Postcard Day card from Surinam.


That is amazingly quick delivery from New Zealand to the UK

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Hello! It has been a long, long time since I received from a new country. Up until now, I had not gotten a really rare country. So, I am overjoyed with this one from The Gambia.

My most recent sent country was Oman back in February. Alas, it was returned and I sent it to the user in Germany because he had to stay there due to the virus situation.