What is bottle card

I recently learned that there is a special kind of postcard called bottle card, which seems to be made of bottles? Can I see your bottle card? Or some unique inlaid cards?


Here’s a post about one from Germany & the rest of the thread is about other more unusual postcards too.

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@Romantic2077 look here, this is a “bottle card” or “message in a bottle”:

You have a sheet of paper to write your message/letter and put it inside the bottle. Then you write the address on the back side of the bottle and put also stamps on it :slight_smile: Well, it is much more expensive to send such a bottle than a normal letter, but it is really a funny thing.


This provide an idea for there more historic meaning of term. Prepare the bottle, but write “The World” as receiver. Use any stamp from your country (dosen`t matter used, value or what year). Put the bottle in an envelope and send to a fellow postcrosser (you know) living by ocean shore, preferably half around the globe from where you live. Get the favour to throw bottle into the sea. Do this to same or different receiver 10 or less times during a year. Tell about yourself and postcrossing. Remember to include 2 postcards rolled up into bottle with theme related to you (contry). One for receiver and one ready with your name and adress to (by receivers choise) be returned. In due course publish any results of action on suitable postcrossing topic. Ofcourse will cost prevent most from taking it to fullfilment. But what do you mean as a promotion for Postcrossing, and conecting the world?


Great Idea!!!
Will start to be prepared whenever I’ll be beside the sea!!!

Who thought of that I wonder… What a lovely surprise :slight_smile:

Even though I can appreciate romantic stories about message in a bottle, we should accept this exciting habit belongs to bygone eras. Now we should refrain from throwing anything into our already polluted seas.