What is a Tourist Card?

I keep seeing ‘No tourist cards please’ on people’s bio requests. What exactly is a tourist card please?

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Probably just a site representative of a place that the “typical” tourist would like to see; the Eiffel Tower, for example.


Here’s an example of a tourist card:


I classify it as a postcard that shows a view of your city or country and the name of the locality is written on it.


This restriction is annoying because tourist cards may be all a lot of people have easy access to.


Having seen what it actually means, I agree - it is quite annoying. Thankfully I have a few non-tourist cards I can send.

Quite simply and originally, they are postcards that people would buy on their travels that they mail back home to family and friends. Of course, collectors like me love them because I can see and learn about places that I probably would never get mail from these places.


But on the other side of the coin: members also wish for cards that show a local/regional scene and have the location name printed on the front. So its good to keep a small variety of both tourist and non-tourist cards on hand

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I think there are two types of tourist card.

The first is, as described above, views of an area, the Eiffel Tower, Uluru, Brooklyn Bridge.

The second type is kitsch - attractive people sun-bathing for anywhere with a beach, those all-black cards that say “XXXX at Night”, clogs in the Netherlands, cards shaped like the Queen in London.

Of course, kitsch is all in the eye of the beholder. I love the old photo-montage cards of jackalopes, or kangaroos surfing. But I don’t care for the other types of cards I mentioned.


Another example! :smile: