What inspired your Postcrossing username?

Green flowers are very happily unusual chrysanthemums and they make Autumn more beautiful.

This is so happy!

Hello! Hadrill was the name of my AD&D character.

d for the first letter of my name,
x for unknown, or multiply, or “for” in spanish popular writing use
minimal, for the way I do quite everything.

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It’s common to sign letters and postcards as “Sincerely, [your name]” so I thought it would make for a clever username to a site like this!

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My username is based on my last name, Trinchieri, coupled with the fact that my wife and daughters think I’m related to the Grinch. Not a big fan of Christmas.


My name has everything to do with James Bond.
Well, it all started in the years of the IRC (you may remember mIRC - text chat), in the 90’s and since the name jamesbond was already taken and the fact that I’m portugueses, I chose this one ‘ze’ (portuguese short name for José, Joseph in english) + ‘bond’ (from James Bond).
Fun fact: my name is not José :grin: :wink: