What have you achieved by postcrossing

What are the tangible and non-tangible things that you have achieved by postcrossing?


Hey :raising_hand_woman:t2:
I feel sorry that nobody replied to you.

I learned that some Postcrossers write cards because it’s simply their aim to receive cards back asap.
It’s the receiving aspect, not the connecting.

Their messages seem insignificant or superficial to me.
And to state that cleary - I only talk about my feelings and don’t want to offend anybody.

To me, the interaction is more important.
The inter-individual aspect.
I love people who tell about their lives and try to pick up issues of my profile they can connect with (or not) (that’s fine, too).

During that learning process I also realized that perhaps my assumptions aren’t correct which leads to a second learning process.

Perhaps people who only write “I’m X, I live in Y, and I love dogs, Happy Postcrossing” aren’t as uncharitable in their communication as I think they are.

Perhaps they aren’t persons of big words or did have a bad day. Or they found my profile weird and didn’t know where to tie up. Or it’s simply their personality or they didn’t have much time this day and … an endless so on…

So I learned to be much more tolerant and unprejudiced and always believe in the good intent.

Nevertheless I appreciate any sender that tries to build up a real connection with me, because this is what I also always try when I’m sending a card.
He or she will always receive a detailed Hurray message so that it feels harmonious for me.

Hope my impressions could give you some insights of the none-tangible things important to me.

Kind regardsđź’—, muh


This is a good topic!

Postcrossing has inspired me to visit many of the tourist destinations near me that I otherwise would not have gone to. I was motivated by finding tourist postcards but have enjoyed learning more about the place I live!


I have found greater knowledge about the places and things I share via postcard. I always try to give fellow postcrossers some extra information about the place they see on my card because I think it’s nice to learn about things rather than merely receiving a picture and not really knowing anything about what I am looking at, so that desire to share has made me a more knowledgeable person about the places and other images I share at the same time.


Finally, a reply, haha. It gives a good insight. For me too, I cherish the connection built by the card, more than the card. Some of my favourite cards had no drawings or art. Just emotions and heart felt connect.


Every postcard is different, every message is different - so, sometimes it is the postcard itself that is the connection and sometimes it is more the message that is the connecting part.
Overall I’m just happy with the postcards I receive - I always try to find the positive aspect of the sender. Can be exactly a postcard with something I enjoy or a well written story on the back of the postcard.
I put a lot of effort in my Hurray message by answering questions if asked or commented on the message itself. I always mention the postcard and if something unkown to me I will check internet to find out more about it.
My profile is long to give enough details about what I enjoy and I prefer long profiles. With care I will try to find a postcard that fits the receiver and write long messages. Even decorate a bit, because the stamps aren’t so pretty and always the same over here. I’m not a stamp collector, but I noticed I enjoy beautiful stamps being part of the Postcrossing Experience!
My point of view is that every Postcrosser is doing the best they can in between their possibilities. There also can be a difference between a beginner or an advance Postcrosser.

The Postcrossing Community is there to get more satisfaction in what can be your favorite topics. Mine is handmade postcards, Traveling Sheets or Notebooks and the chosen tags, like book related.



I visited rare countries like Jersey,Guernsey,Monaco…guess why…


My achievement is that I brought a smile to my recipient(s).


I tried postcrossing because I love to connect with new people. That’s why before I write on the back of the postcard, I always read the receiver profile and looking for something in common so I can write a relatable and interesting topic to them. And I love to receive that kind of postcard too. I want to know the sender favorite books or movies, or what they love to do in their spare time. But in the end, I would love to receive any cards regards of any picture or stamps, because I just simply love postcrossing.


A way to connect with people all over the world and showing our rice culture, heritage, traditions…way of life…


I have achieved some perspective… the media is full of doom, gloom and bad news. I was beginning to feel that the world was an awful place filled with unpleasantness. Postcrossing has put me in touch with some truly lovely people and shown me that actually there is a lot of good people in the world!

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I’ve learned that sending postcards brings joy and smiles. Everything is so fast paced and instantly accessible so learning patience and feeling anticipation while waiting for a card is wonderful; like waiting for Christmas as a child. Also, learning so much about our world! I’m getting pretty good at geography, customs, saying “hello” in many languages and identifying flags.
I’m also incredibly humbled by so many people using one language to communicate. English. If it weren’t my first (and only!) language I would struggle to participate. Thank you everyone!! xx