What impact does postcrossing have on your life?

I just want to say Thank you :pray: Postcrossing (it’s hard to talk about but i deal with depression , loneliness and anxiety ) being apart of this wonderful postcard community has helped me my giving and receiving such happiness through reading the beautiful things on the cards I get and my writing to others.
Ty you again
I wonder what postcrossing has helped you with ?


It’s my stress reliever, what I wrote also in my profile. Growing up is not easy :sweat_smile:
and I’m not good in social contacts in real life.


Postcrossing helps me cope with loneliness because I don’t have friends and I can’t to communicate with people in person (I’m shy). When I see a card in my mail box, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I also love reading what people write to me, because it’s so interesting! Often I have a bad mood, but in such moments I try to write a card for someone and at the same time drink tea, it helps (Most of the cards I write with a good mood, but always drink tea😁)


Thank you


Postcrossing has helped me to have friends in all kinds of places in the world which is something I have always wanted to have. As a teenager and later during my studies, I dreamt of having friends in other places of the world but I didn‘t know how to find them. I think it has also made it easier for me to talk to people I don‘t know - I always had problems with that but I have a much much easier time now than like five years ago.


Helps me get out of the house - especially did during lockdown. Sometimes struggle to make it out of the house - sometimes due to mental health but sometimes just due to the fact that I’m working from home and don’t have much need to leave the house. But having a purpose (posting my postcards!) helps push me out for a walk. I’ve also become a bit obsessed with postboxes since starting Postcrossing so on many occasions have also gone out on a walk to find new postboxes - so that can definitely be attributed to Postcrossing as well :slight_smile:


help my English!! it’s quite important


I have sent 5 , hadn’t received any yet , just waiting , Postcrossing has made me learn Patience…


Handwriting… I’m a grown woman and I write/wrote like a 4 year old …
I’ve always felt ashamed for it :pensive: especially because I am quite good with my hands (I crochet, paint tiny models, needlework, nail-art etc)

Postcrossing has made me sit down and be really deliberate and slow to make my messages clear, making my writing better (marginally, but at least it is legible now).


Personally it’s not the best time in my life. I have many things to be grateful for (first of all, my sambo❤️), but there are days when I have enough. Of everything. Even if I can endure it.
We moved to another country just three months before pandemic, to just start with.
Postcrossing gave me a sense of connection with other people, brought joy and a bit of excitement into my days. And for now - it’s more than enough.


For me, Postcrossing is a creative outlet and is helping me restructure my life. I had just moved back to my home state when Covid lockdowns started. I do not really know my neighbors because people keep their distance. PC has been a way to connect with people, as well. People on Postcrossing have been positive and kind and it is overall a refreshing change!


I am a very shy introvert, but Postcrossing is helping me come out of my shell more. It’s given me something positive to think about instead of ruminating on things that give me anxiety. I have found this community to be full of such interesting and kind people. I just love it so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It gave me a hobby that I could lose myself in, in a good way, during the challenges of the lockdowns & the long, hard, first 18 months of this pandemic.

Postcrossing has helped me make new friends and I’ve learned a ton about postal systems & stamps & postcards.

Making handmade cards & ATCs has got me doing more art again which is great!

And watching Ana, Paulo & the whole moderating crew working, with our help, to create a positive, welcoming space has been a great learning experience which I am very grateful for.

Thanks so much Postcrossing Community!


I love postcrossing it’s so cool to hear it’s helped other people with depression too. I struggled with it for about a year. Postcrossing has kept me going though.

Thank you postcrossing team and all the wonderful people who swapped with me, sent me postcards and my pen pals! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I love receiving cards from all over the world


Postcrossing has been helping me in different ways since 2008:

  • I have been able to travel to new countries to attend meetings
  • I have met wonderful people
  • it is keeping me busy during these (last few? :crossed_fingers:) days in hospital :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: I was discharged from hospital on 16 September! Many thanks to those who showed their support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: During the last few weeks, I have been meeting lots of lovely, generous people (online for now, hopefully in person one day)!


Postcrossing reminds me that the world has some lovely, kind, positive, genuine people with interesting lives, and it’s not just the doom and gloom that I see on the news or the narrowness and nastiness of some social media. And writing a card helps me to think positive thoughts too!


Like several others in the thread, I have social anxiety issues and am also introverted. I also don’t have any close friends.
And while I haven’t made any friends here, I’ve had many nice exchanges and short conversations.
Every time I open my mailbox to find a card or two, my heart does a little happy skip.

And the best part is that I can do this at my own pace, and if I pace myself a little I don’t feel much pressure (or break the bank - postage in Sweden… Ugh)


Thank you so much Postcrossing for this website. I haven’t even been enrolled for 24 hours and already I am enjoying being part of this community. Having suffered from a long-term illness for a couple of years this will give me a new, exciting hobby and one I can do when I want to and also able to. I have just sent my first 2 postcards to Germany and Russia this morning and already looking forward to sending more and hopefully to receiving some special postcards from members.


Every card is like a little gift! It makes me so happy. I don’t have many friends because of shyness, self-esteem issues and moving houses recently, but with Postcrossing it feels like I have many friends around the world. Sending and receiving cards is fantastic!

It is difficult to not become happy when people make effort to send you a beautiful card and write a nice friendly message :tada::blush: <3