What ever happened to.. members gone missing

I create this topic based on the following thread in the old forum


Aren’t you curious what might ever happened to the members who were active around the forum for a while and just suddenly dissapeared?
I am very curious about their where abouts, what they are up to now, maybe active at another tag, swap forum.
I sometimes miss these people .
Some of the missing members I miss were good swappers but also there are members who are missing but not missed by many of us.
They are the ones who fooled around on the forum at swaps and tags.
Just curious about who you miss…

One rule: keep this thread positive

Let’s start.
I am curious about Hallorenkind. She collects animal stamps and I really like reading her nice replies every time I sent card with animal stamps.
She never login to the forum since 2 January 2020. I believe sometime in mid 2020 her official account was closed.

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I miss mcrxmy and Seelenwind :pensive:
I exchanged a lot of u2us with Seelenwind, we even had semi-serious plans to visit each other, but one day, she moved to a different city and got a new job and I never heard from her again. But she didn’t do a lot of postcrossing anyway. I like to think that she moved on to the future and is too busy doing awesome stuff and meeting new friends to keep old hobbies like postcrossing on top of that :slight_smile:


I have two large gaps in my Postcrossing “career” for exactly these reasons - first I got promoted to a much more demandig job, and shortly after I made my way back to Postcrossing I moved to a different city for a new job. Took me almost 10 years to get back to Postcrossing that time… Such things just happen. Postcrossing is a hobby, and sometimes life gives you more important things to do.


I had nice contact in the past with Seelenwind, too. :slight_smile:
She collected stamps for a young girl where she lived. :slight_smile:
I went on a short trip in the area where she lived at that time, but we could not meet then, it
did not work out then.
I did not hear from her again suddenly and that she moved and got a new job is totally new info to me.

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It was one of the last, maybe the last message I received from her. We also sent letters to each other but in the end, mail became very unreliable between us and so I don’t know whether she sent anything else that was lost on the way. Well, maybe she will remember in a few years when her life is not as hectic anymore, and return to postcrossing. Or maybe not. Who knows. :woman_shrugging: I should hire a private detective to find out about her whereabouts :mag: :eyes: or travel to her last known location and make investigations on my own.
(I probably won’t.)

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Yeah, maybe she will come back one day.

Should you hear from her give her my greetings
please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also miss Hallorenkind and I’m a bit worrying if something has happened. We had also quite a good contact via Facebook but from one day to another - nothing.
I hope she’s doing fine and is just out of time and motivation for Postcrossing.

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Does anyone know what happened with lew2424? It’s 3 years since I sent him some BINGO cards ( I even had to resend them as they were returned to me).

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I have never actually participated in the forums until recently, although I have been doing Postcrossing for some time, but I guess sometimes people take breaks. I took a break from Postcrossing for about 5 years, and I recently rekindled it during COVID-19. I’m glad it did actually, because I started more features like the forum.

And maybe sometimes it’s just finding topics to talk about. I tend to comment on the topics that I feel a little more for, or I have something to share.

I would not want to imagine the worst of those who have chosen to move on, or maybe sometimes something really did happen to the person, but we will never know I guess. I just wish for the best for that person. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone heard from Duplevista in the last few years? I have been asked by several other Postcrossers what has happened to him. I bought a large number of his postcards on two occasions, and yesterday I received a box of cards I had bought on Ebay which included some cards which had been sent to him, official and RR cards. I know his health was not too good and when I last spoke to him he said he was concentrating on his bus interest.

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I made a post about him in the old forum and a kind postcrosser shared what he knew about this.


There are a ton of postcrossers on Instagram. If they’re meant to return or cross your path again they will.

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I used to be active around 2014 (both official and on the old forum), then I started to study and forgot about Postcrossing. Then after a few years I decided to send some postcards again but forgot about that after a period of one year - life and study kept me busy again.
Then this year I decided to change all of my passwords since some of the websites were hacked and I came across Postcrossing again (was in my list of passwords).

So sometimes people might forget about hobbies if life‘s busy. But there are many internet pals (also besides Postcrossing) that I didn‘t hear from again and I wonder too what they‘ve become

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I recently noticed some active members suddenly disappearing from the forum and their username turning into @ anon……

Does anyone know what happened to @lapje ? I always liked looking at her posts here

but her account suddenly disappeared :worried:


There are probably different reasons why someone leaves postcrossing…

  • no more desire
  • no time
  • too expensive
  • disagrees with rules
  • illness
  • death

…and this list can be continued indefinitely


Probably she is tired seeing endless discussion of Ukraine vs Russia

And many other posts.

Months ago she put her official account into inactive and reduced her profile to one sentence.

And there is this thread about member disappearing


You cannot go anonymous from the afterlife, I think.

I have had private messages from her sometimes, we are both Dutch. I also noticed she was gone a couple of days ago. What I think is the reason… There was a swap by a Russian user, in which there were propaganda cards featuring the Russian army, vs nazi’s. Lapje was not happy with this swap… The thread was cleared, but she kept replying there. Now I do not know what happened thereafter.

What I think has happened, is that postcrossing staff told her to tone it down, or she might even have gotten a ban to which she thought… Well !@#@! it then, I’m out.

However it could also be these happenings were unrelated. I know she was into postcrossing a lot as she had told me she had bought some washi tapes and stickers of Miffy/Nijntje recently. Sadly I do not have her address, else I would have inquired why she left and send a card for support.


I guess relatives can delete the account here at Postcrossing after someone died, if the person who died left behind passwords that allowed the relatives to access the site and delete the account. Or the relatives could use the contact form and tell that “this person has passed away, please remove the account”.


That’s very true, I havn’t left any passwords or even what accounts I’m on. If I die, all of that will live on.

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a little over a month ago, I sent a postcard to a girl from our country. She was active and suddenly disappeared. Already for a month. Her profile says that she has a husband and an adult son. One of the reasons may be that some of them were taken to the war. If so, that is very sad. You can’t refuse. Or war, or prison. If this happened to my family, I wouldn’t have the energy to do postcrossing either.