What does it feel like when you hit a milestone number of postcards?

Hi Postcrossers,

I’m eagerly waiting to receive my 100th postcard. I can’t believe time flew by so quickly. I signed up in December 2021 and it has been non stop fun ever since. I was wondering for those of you who have been members longer:

  • What does it feel like when you hit higher milestones in terms of postcards received? For some of you that might be a few hundred, a few thousand, or for some it might be even more than that.

  • Do you hit a point when too much is too much or is it never too much?

Curious to hear your thoughts.


I think those 1st few milestones are a big deal when you begin Postcrossing, but when I reached my first 100, I couldn’t imagine reaching 500, never mind 1000 or more.

And yet coming up on my 2 year anniversary, I’m going to hit 400 in the next few weeks.

I still enjoy Postcrossing immensely, but I realize now that I don’t actually want 1000 postcards in my apartment EVER & I’ve begun picking out a few postcards each from all the countries I’ve received cards from & some cards that are special to me, so I can keep those & recycle the rest or do some art projects with some of them.

Postcrossing is mostly about connecting to people for me, not about collecting particular cards or numbers of cards.


I look forward for the 100th postcard.


For me it’s actually more exciting to send a milestone postcard to someone. I sent US-7000000 to Russia and that was very exciting.


I liked it when I reach 100,it seems so Quickly,I´m hooked…
Now I go to 200 I is special every time I receive a card.Love it.
I like every week to write a card but mostly I write 2 or 4.
Happy mailbox to every one.


It seems we have come to the realization around the same time. I have recently thought the same. I guess once the boxes of postcards start piling up, one has to rethink their storage options!

To stay on topic, the milestones don’t mean much to me to be honest. However, the neat part of me enjoyed the 300 sent because I can now have 15 card travelling and I like sending batches of 5 or 10. :smile:


I just hit 400 and it’s just a number for me. I also think it’s about connecting. If it was geocaching, it would have been a different story.


I think the number of postcards sent/received it’s the last feature I take notice at Postcrossing.
For myself I flutter from the main site to the forum, sometimes to Facebook or other sites (mainly RAS) so the numbers written at my profile don’t represent my reality so I never really took notice.
But I appreciate the joy when someone is cheering a milestone, be it a number of sent/received, special Id number, special rare country… So many occasions to celebrate :star_struck:


When I reached the maximum number of slots (100 cards travelling at the same time), I felt like I might spend a bit too much on that hobby to be honest. :joy: But it took me over 9 years to reach it, so it might be ok after all. I don’t feel like I still have some heavy milestones in front of me. But I might feel different once I hit 5,000. :thinking:

Btw, thousands of cards don’t take that much space. I have big boxes for them and so far I’m not running out of space in my tiny apartment. :smiley:


I remember when I hit 100 cards sent, I had also received 100. For me, that was the moment to become a contributing member to celebrate it. :partying_face:


And now, the number on the official doesn’t really matter since I got a multitude of cards via the forum the number of which is unknown. Let’s say I am slowly moving from Flickr to zonerama because I have more than 1000 and don’t want to pay for Flickr :wink:

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a while ago i received my 1000th official card (with the forum i probably have hundreds more). it’s a lot but it doesn’t feel like it? i still get super excited when i get home and find one or more postcards, i’m still a bit disappointed when i don’t receive any for days or even weeks. i still have so many cards i wanna send out and so many i wanna receive.
it still feels special. well, luckily, or it would be time for a break.


I just hit 800 received postcards and it feels pretty good. This is a hobby that I enjoy as much now as i did when I started 15 years ago ( that sounds like way too long ago but my first received card was in January 2007!). It has overall been a positive experience so I do like little milestones like this.


I gave up on celebrating milestones on cards send or received as I have 4355 on the official website and 9.5k on flickr according to flickr.

Still it is always sepcial if I make 500 even meaning next would be 4500 postcards sent/received. This is always special.

I don’t display all my received cards on flickr so I don’t know how many I actually receivend and I don’t intent to count.

However my 9th postcrossing aniversary will be in August so I will be exited about a decade of postcrossing next year. This is my milestone I am happy about.


The number of received cards is unimportant to me, but I enjoy to get a couple of cards nearly every single day except on sundays an legal holidays and I like to be able to draw a new address whenever I want.


I actually hit a new milestone today - not for numbers of postcards, but in the ranking for cards sent from Poland :poland: - making me Poland’s 30th busiest postcrosser :slight_smile:

Sometimes I take things like this as a nice pretext to start a lottery - but basically this is just numbers… And if we had a different numerical system than decimal - like binary or duodecimal - we’d be celebrating completely different “milestones” - like the 12th dozen for instance.


4550 sent could be a milestine, for it means the 100th slot.


I must say I quite liked it: my nr. 100 - nr. 200 - nr. 300 received and they were all very beautiful ones! I’m not busy with the nrs. at all, but still it was a little nice moment :blush:


I know but no goal for me. I still have more slots than I could fill. However, this could be a very expensive December :smiley:

Well this could be a mile stone or at least a good goal to work towards to: be at the maximum of my available slots all through December. I will see if my bank account and work schedule will allow it


Because of this:

December is the only month when I max out my slots and “Postcards for a good cause” is the reason.