What do you consider a WEIRD postcard 🙃?

How do you classify a “weird” postcard?
Is it the picture? The font? The combination?
Does sarcasm count? How about offensive cards?

Let’s chat about it.

The concept of weird and what each person constitutes as weird varies. Let’s just make sure we’re being respectful of everyone’s perspective.


Tacky photos of random things, particularly ugly design for something that could be nice, offensive or tasteless topics, things that have no reason to be on a postcard. Anything profane or macabre would also fall into this category. If you have to ask what is this thing? it is definitely weird.

For example, a jar of preserved moles, ugly potato people dancing, strange art objects, a silly face, a rock, another silly face, this digger, a suicidal pig, this creepy art object, these naked people, this burger advert.


Ooo. These are great examples! Thanks!

Well, I’d say the very definition of “weird” is that it is hard to define. :wink:

A “weird postcard”, I’d say, is anything out of the usual for whatever reason. Could be an unusual design - usually one that strikes us as ugly, because the usual thing would be to try and make the card attractive. An unusual choice of photograph(s) - and again, that can be unsual for the choice of motive or for the perspective or for the technique. An unusual shape or unsual material. Any motive that does not usually feature in postcards… An unsual scene…


I love them all :rofl:


not weird in my opinion - it is (or it was) a popular comic here in Germany, called “Father and son”. Germany issued a stamp block with these images.


That brings up a good point. Connotation and information goes a long way with weird versus not.

I have dark humor and laugh at some things others balk at. The same thing goes for weird.


To me a weird postcard is a card that makes you wonder why it seemed a good idea to someone to make a postcard with this particular photo or with this subject


This one is on my list of weird cards… a Frida Kahlo painting of a deceased child.

It came in a postcard box of her paintings which i received at Christmas. I finally pulled a profile who specifically asked for horror/weird/scary things so I sent her this.


I see an effort here not to think about what this object of art says, but without thinking declare it weird.

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It’s all perspective. Art is subjective, just like the concept of weird.

What are somethings that you would think weird on a postcard?

Weird should be something racist or otherwise abusive.

It definitely can be for some.
Personally, I’d put racist or abusive in “offensive” rather than “weird”.

I find it hard to really define anything as “weird”. I was always the “weird” kid, or “black sheep” as my mother called me, growing up. Even now, I call myself “eccentric”.

I usually ask myself if the average populous would think something “weird”, since my perspective of weird is skewed.


Probably a lot of people think we’re weird for giving out our addresses to total strangers for what we call postcrossing :upside_down_face:

Weird might be just something that you just don’t come across normally and you could not have imagined before?



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Maybe it is what it gets you thinking about. His pants are going to smell like fish smoke…

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The dictionary (American Heritage) definition is “suggesting something supernatural or uncanny.” I like the etymology:

“Old English wyrd ‘destiny’, of Germanic origin. The adjective (late Middle English) originally meant ‘having the power to control destiny’, and was used especially in the Weird Sisters, originally referring to the Fates, later the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth; the latter use gave rise to the sense ‘unearthly’ (early 19th century).”

I was pleased to read this after what I wrote earlier. What response does the card evoke? That, to me, is what determines its level of weirdness. All of which, of course, is very subjective.


I think the more open-minded and the more broadly interested someone is, the less weird things seem to them.

Also, if something exceeds the acceptance of a society, it might be considered weird.


My frist received Postcrossing card is also a bit weird, I asked for it so it don’t scare me away :smiley: I still like it


To me weird postcards tend to be postcards that show unusual pictures which are so out of the box that they make me think: Wow… what is that? And none of them are cute. Or… maybe so extremely cute that it hurts.

May I introduce you to some postcards I sent? I like weird cards and I’m always glad to find Postcrossers I can send unusual ones to. Besides official Postcrossing cards I use to exchange weird postcards with a handful of people regularly as The Ministry of Silly Cards which is great fun.