What do postcrossers comment on their postcard or when they receive the postcard?

I get this ALOT, almost on every postcard or comment when postcards are received:

  1. Wow, this is the first postcard I have received from your country.
  2. Wow this is the first postcard I have written to your country.
  3. GERMANS: Your last name sound VERY German.

Since most postcards come from Germany nowadays, I get 2 out of 3 comments. :laughing:

Do you see a pattern of people commenting the same things?


The only thing I get repeatedly is “Your first name is Russian”.


You get really interesting comments!I’m very surprised.
I usually get
I’m glad that you involved postcrossing at your age.
But most of postcrosser comment
Thank you.


On cards I receive, anything from just the postcard ID to full paragraphs of current biography. Often a comment on shared interests, and usually closing with hopes for health and safety. On Hurray messages I receive, usually just a couple of sentences of thanks for the interesting card. Often, a little more if it truly is interesting, and maybe a comment on the stamps.

What I write is similar. I used to mention if I had visited their country, but lately have left that off unless I have visited their city. I am also including current reading and listening because sometimes profiles ask about reading and listening recommendations.


Some registration messages are repetitive - sth. along the lines of great card, great stamps, thanks & bye. But very often I receive loooooooong messages replying to whatever it was I wrote :slight_smile:


I get a wide variety of messages, especially from forum members who are often repeat taggers. I like that a lot.
However, on official cards it’s often a comment on my name, or that they wish they also could live so close to a beach.
Many wish for good health. Some just give the weather and town they live in, or mention how many family members or pets they live with. Others tell about something they may have read on my profile if it’s similar to their own likes.
Still yet, I receive the occassional card that only writes “Happy Postcrossing”, and while that is a good shared sentiment, it’s nice to read more. In those cases, at least I usually see a bit of decoration.


Most of German(-speaking) postcrossers marvel at my German skills when they receive my card. Also if I write in French or Russian, I get compliments even though I had written a few phrases. With Russian the problem is only that my skills are quite elementary and some write their entire registration message in Russian even if I had written 80-90 % of the card in English.


Many of the postcards I receive have interesting messages about something cool in their city/country, local fairy tales/folklore/legends/superstitions, or just something that they like. The other messages are more along the lines of stating vital statistics (age, gender, children, occupation) and where they live.

The hurray messages that I get are pretty typical thank yous. Rarely I would get a longer more personalized message.


I get comments about weather related outdoor stuff, and the fact I like birds and flowers

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If you get the same comments continually, maybe think of this as an opportunity to educate people. You might put a line in your profile along the lines of “Some of you might not realize that my island of Puerto Rico is part of the USA, yet it has its own wonderful traditions, language and culture.”

There might still be people who make the comment but hopefully a lot fewer of them!


I actually do write that “We are part of the USA since 1898 but we speak Spanish”. I don’t like to write much about this topic in the postcard because it’s a sensitive topic and I’m part of the minory which favors independence from USA. Most postal employees are pro-statehood. They work for the USPS(federal gov), so I don’t want my card being destroyed or something.


That makes sense. But you can still put something in your profile - USPS cannot see that.


I have lately gotten many messages commenting the temperature in here. I like to write it on the card and it has been quite cold (yesterday we had -28°c) so people have mentioned that. Otherwise haven’t noticed any patterns, most people comment something I have written.

I bet that if I ever get a card from you or write to you, I will join the club saying that this was my first card from/to your country. :sweat_smile:


I often get comments about Australia and that the sender dreams of coming here. Also lots of people saying how lucky I am to be living surrounded by wildlife, something that I can totally agree with :slight_smile:


I get a lot of compliments about my handwriting! :writing_hand: :relaxed:


Those two sound very familiar. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I also get “It is the first time I hear of your country” and “You live in a beautiful country”.
I also get “You have a beautiful handwriting”, often enough to be surprised because I always had bad marks in handwriting in primary school and even in high school teachers would still reprimand me.
And from Russian Postcrossers, for some reason : “You have a beautiful name”.

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Some Germans are surprised that I write in German.
In general, I’m still lucky to have nice and big messages. :heart:
But I’ve never been written anything like @shootingstar7 My country is too frequent in the postcrossing draw. :joy:


Many postcrossers who send me a postcard mention that my language skills are impressive.
Quite a few recipients of my postcards, mostly from :eu: or the :us: say that they love Italy (or France, when I send a postcard from there).

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I gave a new friend a good giggle at my attempt at Luganda recently… never too old to learn

I received the nicest compliment yesterday:
“Your handwriting is so perfect it should be a font.” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: