What do postcrossers comment on their postcard or when they receive the postcard?

I get a lot of comments about the stamps I use. Right now I’m doing local sealife, Harry Potter and miscellaneous old 18p stamps. Most people say they’ve never seen a British stamp that wasn’t just the Queen one.

One of the funny but boring comments I see a lot on Finnish postcards is ‘how funny that you have a Finnish first name!’ written in English of course. I make it very clear that I am Finnish and I speak Finnish but still no one bothers to read my profile.


Some people think my job sounds interesting (some days I would agree, other days not).
Many compliment my choice of stamps

People often write me that I sound very busy (which is true!) and that they’re afraid of spiders!
On my sent cards, I often get comments about the stickers I use, which is great, as I put lots of effort into them. :relaxed:


At least once a week someone writes that my profile made them smile/chuckle/laugh. Which is good, that’s why I wrote it like that :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m quite sure that I wrote something along these lines on my card to you as well. Your profile is great! :rofl:

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It is perfect!
cheered my Monday right up…

Create it!


A Finn who understands Finnish? Such a crazy thing! :rofl:


Glad to hear it :slight_smile: I find that not taking myself too seriously makes for a great icebreaker, plus I get a lot of similarly humourous cards in return. Who knew there were still so many clog-wearing blonde milkmaids who live in windmills among tulip fields? :wink:


I am one who is totally impressed by some people’s handwriting and printing. Some people are just so neat and tidy and some have lovely calligraphy.

I start out okay but as I write I get messier and messier…sometimes even I pity people who have to read it. Try as I might, I can’t seem to slow down when writing.


:rofl: :rofl:

,eef_NL Handwriting, well done. I had a Hurray message saying the postcard was to be taken to a pharmacist to be read. I now realise that though my tablet can’t process a message to the Postcrosser, my mobile can. Used up message allowance yesterday on expired cards regrets.
Many cards come with only information already on their profile. I’d enjoy reading that day’s shopping list, or that they had heard ten cellos play Villa-Lobos at St James Church the day before. But choice is exactly that. It is up to whoever writes.


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A little hint for you:
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the user gets a notification that you mention her in this post. :smiley:

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… and roll cheese loafs to Switzerland? :cheese:

Very interesting to read what kind of comments others often get!

I think my most common one is the various mentions of either wanting to visit Sweden or already visited Sweden. There seems to be this strange worldwide dream of being in Sweden and honestly I do not always recognize the country they speak about. It is like an alternative universe where everything is nice and sunshine, and I dunno why I am not living there. I tend to wish them welcome but secretly I hope they will not be too crushed when they maybe realize we have our problems just like every country has.

Otherwise it is often mentions on my profile, selected picks of whatever caught the most attention. So far the whistling part has been the most popular. Very happy to give you all a chance to brag with your superior whistling skills :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually surprised I have never got this! My name is very Finnish as well, and my profile does not even have a mention about it right now (it had before but I took it off while ago) but they all just ignore that. I wonder if it has something to do with the centuries old tradition of Finns wandering off to Sweden so they simply assume I am results of somekind of horrible and dramatic mess so better not to touch that :thinking:


Although I know that there are people who actually believe that everything is better in other countries than their own (and sometimes this is not necessarily wrong), I am convinced that the vast majority are well aware that each country has its own problems and difficulties. But, would you really mention this on a little piece of paper, with limited space for text?
I wouldn’t do that as I would feel weird and maybe also a bit offended if the only thing that someone writes about my country (after mentioning they would love to visit it one day) are problems and grievances that will be well known to me as someone who lives there permanently.


I have a German surname, I come from Brazil but live in Italy. I think I only received that comment once or twice in 16 years of Postcrossing!


What I noticed is that in the beginning of Postcrossing the comments tended to go back and forth for many exchanges, for example, they would thank my postcard commenting on places they’ve been here or about other things, I would then reply commenting on that answer and so on, sometimes even exchanging other postcards or letters. Now I see it’s just one “one-way” comment (I’m always a bit unsure if to reply or not) so usually I reply to hurray messages only of there’s a question or something I must absolutely talk about :relaxed:
About the comments I receive, it depends also of the sender’s proficiency in English, but usually they’re about the card, the sender’s day, an unusual fact, they’re very different from each other, all wonderful in they uniqueness!!


I live in Leeds in the north of England. Very often I get a postcard or a thank you message that says ‘I’ve been to see Leeds Castle, you live in a beautiful area!’

I’ve never seen Leeds Castle - it’s in the village of Leeds in Maidstone, Kent, right at the other end of the country. That’s just south of London and roughly 400 km away by road.

I was in Maidstone once for a work trip and I’m still bitter I didn’t get a chance to buy postcards. It could have been hilarious!


@MostlyMoss, your profile is wonderful! And very funny. But I also loved this part:

And here are some examples of themes that will please other Postcrossers more than me:

It is hard to imagine a more tactful way of listing your not-favourites :laughing:

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