What costs more in your country, postcards or postage?

In new zealand the price now to send overseas is $3.30.

I think to australia is $2.80.

We mainly have tourist postcards in our duty free shops. Although my bookshop by work has a few collectors type postcards for $1

It is now $2.92 Cdn to send a postcard internationally — the same as a letter.

Postcards have always been cheaper than postage. That said, yesterday I was downtown and passed some tourist shops. The tourist postcards had typically been around 40 cents or 3 for a dollar, but now they are a dollar each. I’m glad I have a good stash of cards already :laughing:

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I would say it’s pretty much the same thing lol

Here in Mexico, a postcard costs between 16 and 25 Mexican pesos (MXN), and the postage varies depending on the geographic zone:

  • North/Central America: $11.50 MXN

  • South America and Europe: $13.50 MXN

  • Rest of the world: $15.00 MXN

So it really depends on where you buy the postcard, or where you’re sending it to :slight_smile:

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