What costs more in your country, postcards or postage?

What costs more in your country, postcards or stamps?

In the UK postcards can range from 25p (for the cheapest touristy cards or cards in charity shops) right up to £2.50+ (for cards from Etsy or independent shops/artists). ‘Special’ cards can cost £3+ like 3D or wooden cards, as well as some self-made maxicards! Generally, I don’t spend more than £1 on postcards though, unless they’re for special swaps.

Postage on the other hand costs £1.60-£1.85 internationally depending on the destination.

So here, generally postage costs more than the postcard itself.


I usually spend between $0.35 and $1.00 for a postcard. I have gotten postcards for $3.99 but usually, if I’m spending that, the postcard is a special one. To send a postcard to another country I spend $1.40 for an international stamp. To send a postcard to another state in the US its $0.44. I’m typically spending a little more on postage for cards within the US depending on the price of the card…but I’m usually always paying more when I send international! :relieved:


For me it depends on what postcards I buy… I sometimes buy postcards in bulk, which are cheaper. I also have individual postcards that cannot be found in bulk that are more expensive.

In general I would say postage and postcards are about even or sometimes the postcards are more expensive and sometimes the postage… However I send post in Germany. If I was talking about Netherlands only, then postage would be the most expensive. I feel bad for the prices that people pay in the UK so sometimes I send people from the UK two cards instead of 1 when I swap.


The same is here in Russia. Postcards for Postcrossing cost 12-20 rubles, and sending abroad costs 62 rubles at the moment.
Sending within Russia is much more cheaper - 18 rubles without envelope and 25 rubles in an envelope.

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I’ll be honest, I just…buy them. :sweat_smile: Sometimes, I don’t know the price until I get to the counter to pay. But, usually they are usually around 1€ for a standard postcard. The price can also increase to 2-4€ for a card if it is a special card.
If I were to guess, the majority of the cards I send out (that I buy in Germany) are about 1,50€ - 2€.
Postage is 70c for inland and 95c for international.
Many cards I buy online though and may come from other countries like Russia or Lithuania. Usually they are cheaper.


Italy- America postage cost 2,40 euro
For Australia 3,10 euro
That’s why I don’t send postcards officially, but prefer direct swap in envelopes, preferably 3 postcards for 3 and mostly with Europe, which costs a little less :woman_shrugging:
The price of cards is less , but depends of cards


I can still buy postcards - nice viewcards of Kraków, in shops almost at the main square, so the very heart of the city - for 1 PLN. The more usual price these days is 1.5 - 2 PLN, 3 PLN I already consider a bit expensive for a card.

Postage has been at 8 PLN for 2 years now, so it’s between 8 to 4 times more than I pay for one postcard.


Well, it depends where. In our stores, the price of a postcard varies from 22 to 60 rubles, but copyright cards can cost 100-200 rubles.


Postage is definitely more expensive here. A postcard typically costs between 5-15 CZK (0.2-0.6€). Postage is 39 or 45 CZK (1.6 or 1.8€).


@snailmailkait Is it $1.40 anywhere internationally, regardless of destination?

@Boeboe How mush is the price difference between stamps in the Netherlands and Germany?

@Aina-the-unicorn @Belka7 Interesting! I wish we had a cheaper non-envelope rate here but with or without an envelope it’s the same price.

@KolmeNoitaa I agree, buying from postcard shops online makes it cheaper - as long as you buy enough to quality for free shipping :sweat_smile:

@Alyonushka-SPb It’s crazy to me how different each countries postal system is - because in the UK we can only get the cheaper International Economy rate, which is £1.60, outside of Europe. All cards to Europe must go International Standard which costs £1.85 - even though it’s closer!

@delenn_mir Do you find postcards are cheaper in tourist places or online?

@hankadl So sometimes the postcage can cost 9x the price of the postcard - wow!



Netherlands: 1 euro and 55 cents.
Germany: 95 cents.

So difference of: 60 cents. So if I send 10 cards I have saved 6 euros.


@Boeboe Definitely worth sending from Germany then!


I usually buy postcards from online Postcrossing postcard shops. Sometimes in the “Collector” Rusmark. But even there they cost about 20-30 rubles. What do you mean by “copyright cards” ?

Postage is definitely more expensive. Touristy postcards are around ARS 150 or cheaper. Sending a postcard is insanely expensive. For example, to the US, it is ARS 750; to Europe, ARS 870; to the rest of the world, ARS 890. Aaaaand those are the prices this month. Next month, who knows haha. Not the most stable economy :upside_down_face:.


Yes I can go to postbox on my bicycle. It takes about twenty minutes. Post office is a bit further away. I just buy stamps in bulk and do the postcards at the postbox with my bicycle.

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It is only within the country. Sending abroad in an envelope or without it costs the same.

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In our city there are small shops with all sorts of interesting things. Local artists can draw their postcards, print them and sell them in such stores. Usually this is a small print run. Postcards are very good, but at the same time expensive.


Stamps by a country mile I can pick up 5 postcards for €1 but it costs me €2.20 to send each one.


Depends what and where you buy, both online and in physical shops.

I think buying these “100 postcards of something” boxes on Amazon is the cheapest way to get cards (or at least it used to be - haven’t bought any of the boxes for a while and I don’t know how much they cost now).

The next cheapest option would be buying viewcards in shops - but you do have to know where to look, in very touristy places prices can be unreasonably high, and a few streets away, in a less frequented area, they’ll be more normal or even low.

The online shops will have the most variety, occassional discounts etc. If you don’t want a simple viewcard, buying online is usually better.

Like I said - it depends :laughing:


I saw a box of 100 postcards on Amazon with a mixture of landscapes from America and Europe for €17 for 100.

I can pick up 100 cards in my local town and the postcards will be of my local town for €20.