What are your favorite types of cards? (Find people with similar favorites!)

I’m in the mood to browse a bunch of favorite albums and add to my own. If you’re feeling up to it, please leave a link to your favorites below with a little bit of what people might find in there (so they can check yours out to add favorites if they have similar tastes).

For example, my favorites are here: https://www.postcrossing.com/user/Shenaniganator/gallery/favourites and in them you will find WT series, FOTW, anime, a lot of pastel photography like macarons, a lot of cherry blossoms, compact cars, puppies, windows, doors, and touristy cards with white frames.

Please note that the purpose of this thread is just a way for people to find more cards they’d like to receive to add to their favorites (useful for wishlist tags, etc!)


@Shenaniganator …below is my own Favorites album:


I don’t have a “favorites” list yet because I’m new. I just signed up today and got my first 5 addresses to send ( Germany, Russia, Belarus, Netherlands & Slovenia). I wonder how long it will be before they receive and register my cards so someone can get My address
Then I’ll have to wait that much longer for theirs to get to me. Sigh.
But I skimmed your favs and chose one because I liked the art style and recognized Calcifur, the fire fromHowl’s Moving Castle.

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I just sent out my first 5 cards too, about a week ago. But I have a favorites list.

LovesMusic1’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)

You’ll find lighthouses, dogs, cats, bunnies, landscapes, dolphins, seals, birds, flowers, etc. there.

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I went through your favorites and added a bunch of your favorites to mine. We have a lot of similar tastes.

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I have a lot of illustrations and vintage cards. Foods, unique shaped, art

Vandelion’s favs