What are some small mail or postcrossing related things that made you happy?

This is the first time I’m creating a topic, so I hope I’m doing it right. I just needed to make one to tell you all about a small mail related thing that made me happy today and maybe you can tell me about some of the things that made you happy.

When I went to the mailbox to send one postcard for postcrossing and a letter with some bracelets that I participate in a bracelet swap with, I saw that there was a rainbow sticker on the mailbox and it made me really happy. Someone had drawn the stripes of the rainbow flag on a piece of paper, cut it out and used clear tape to make a diy sticker. It made my day!


I love receiving stickers. Especially when someone includes them on a postcard and works the sticker into the design and color of the front of the card. Or when someone sends loose stickers or note paper.


“I love recieving stickers”

Well, I love sending them - I have a sheet of 60 kawaii dog stickers and I always try to send the ‘correct’ dog. By ‘correct’, I mean one that I think matches the profile of the user I’m sending a post card to - it sounds weird but sometimes people might give me Border Collie vibes, or Golden Retriever vibes. For example, someone the other day gave me German Shepherd vibes so I put a Shep on their postcard!


I am very new to this so I have only received ONE postcard so far. Just receiving that made me very happy, any kind of stickers or embellishments would be brilliant. I am also looking forward to receiving a homemade card :grin:


Interesting, I do the same thing but with postcards not stickers. I kinda try to feel their vibe if I have more than 1 postcard that match their preferences. However, some time ago I did a test of “what dog breed personality are you”, so out of curiosity and just for fun what dog vibe I give you if you look at my profile? :blush:

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If you’re interested in :rainbow: flag, in Spain a stamp of it has been recently issued.


So first thing, I love Poirot!

I think a collie - they’re super clever, friendly, and are also very classic British dogs, which reflects your taste in classic British culture! They’re also known to really like travelling and long walks, as well as being a popular trained dog breed!

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Stickers, decorated envelopes and letters, small fabric items like handkerchiefs

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Although I don’t particularly go out of my way to collect them, I love interesting stamps! I got a Bugs Bunny on a piano stamp and a solar eclipse stamp, both from USA I believe, and found both cool. I enjoy looking at postcards with many low denomination stamps.


@RoseBT Aha, I like Collie, reminds me of Lassie.
@HalloWelt I love receiving tea, coins and banknotes of small denominations. I also send them to people who stated on their profile that they love them, usually for happy mail tag.

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A few months ago I drove past the parking lot that used to be on my way to work before the pandemic, and discovered my favorite mailbox, the one I used to mail postcards nearly every day, was missing! It had been removed. I was so sad. :cry:

But last week, when we were ordered to return to the office full time, I drove past that parking lot and was amazed: The mailbox was back!
I drove right up, put my postcards in it, said a happy little “thank you” to the postal universe, and took this photo. :smiley:


Oh all things snail mail make me happy!

I love ordering new stamps online and locating and ordering unique postcards. I enjoy long letters, happy mail, decorated envelopes… I’m just a big snail mail nerd :smiley:

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I have get a bookmark in an envelope instead of a postcard. I love it, because it’s beautiful and I have a little collection of bookmarks.


I like to coordinate books I am reading with a similar bookmark. I just finished a book about how tulips came to Holland and used a tulip postcard I received as an official card as the bookmark. Now I’m reading one about a giraffe that came to Paris from Egypt in the mid 1800s and am using a giraffe postcard that I received in trade as my bookmark.


One of my official postcards was someone’s first received one! Finally :partying_face:
It absolutely made my “7 months anniversary” day :partying_face: :partying_face:


I’m newer to Postcrossing but in the short time I have been using it, I have discovered I quite enjoy seeing all the stamps from all over and how different they are. To be honest, I have never really noticed stamps before. I never used to send much snail mail and when I did have the odd card to send I would just ask for a stamp at the PO and they would give me the most common one we have which was a boring one.

Now that I am paying attention, I have definite favourites and have gathered quite a variety and am making note of the upcoming release dates of the next set of stamps and looking forward to them.

If you had told me before joining that I would care at all about what the Diwali stamp design would be this year, I would have laughed at you. But here we are.


I went on a school field trip to Brussels with my students. They had some spare time during their lunch break, and so had I. I saw this little souvenir shop just outside the centre where cards were only 25 eurocents each. They had some real nice ones featuring our queen, so I bought 4. Whilst in the shop, I decided to pluck up the courage (and my best French) to ask for cards he could no longer sell because they were bent a bit or too old or whatever. To my surprise, the shop owner went outside, took some cards from the rack, put them in two paper bags and gave them to me… for free! He told me to just come in any time I’d be in the city again and that he’d be happy to give me some more. How nice can one be! The cards are a bit bent from being in the rack for a very long time, but apart from that, in perfect shape. Putting them under a heavy pile of books will solve the issue.


Getting stickers in my town is near impossible.

I usually have to order them online or get my friends who live in bigger cities to send me some.

A couple of weeks ago I received a bunch of stickers from a postcrossing member.

I was delighted random act of kindness and I’ve been using them ever since.


@Shalottslady would you be interested in some direct swap from Ireland? There is some nice postcards in there. PM me

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That’s so adorable. Now I wish I would have gotten a postcard from you just to know what dog you would assign to me :sweat_smile:

In terms of things that make me happy: stickers, interesting stamps and little doodles. I usually put this on the cards I send out because I believe it makes them more personal