Hurray.! Joy of Postcrossing

Since starting of my Postcrossing journey, number of received and sent Postcard never equated in my account, but today on 27.10.21 after hurray message for IN-441747, all three equated together i.e. numbers of sent and received postcards as well as date itself. And as if this was not enough, I earned my first badge (WPD) with this hurray message. But an Instagram notification turned to be a cherry on the cake : Official Instagram Account of Postcrossing mentioned me in their story. :love_letter:

The Joy : Hurrrrray Message (IN-441747)

Joy Doubled : Tallied Received & Sent (27)

Joy Tripled : Tallied Received & Sent with Date (27)

Joy Quadrupled : Earned First Badge (WPD)

Endless Joy : Instagram story featured on official Instagram Account of Postcrossing. (64,000,000 Postcards) :love_letter:

Members are requested to share their special moments of Postcrossing Joy.


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