Welcome to the Labor Day Art Exhibition of Handmade Postcards - Winners and All! (And they all are winners 😊)

In honor of Labor Day 2022, the Postcrossing artists and craftspeople of every country were invited to display cards made on the subject of Labor – labor to make the world a better place, labor to put food on the table, labor to create a child, and so on, and the entire Postcrossing community was invited to vote on the winners.

And so, here they are!

Based on the number of likes:

First Place goes to @wurzelsofie. The sheer effervescence of the work makes us smile.

Second Place goes to @MystiqueDeep. The fine detail and the mood of the work makes this drawing really stand out.

Tying for 3rd place are:
@Snipe – with a retro look at women in the workplace

@ChocCrossie – with an up-front encounter with one of the best workers per milligram of body weight on the planet

@Radieschen with this mystical sighting of a worker in uniform

Honorable Mention goes to @yudi with this celebratory sense of work

Come see all the rest of the entries at the Gallery here

also by @MystiqueDeep


also by @wurzelsofie

also by @yudi

also by @Snipe

also by @Radieschen

by @TwasBrillig

Enjoy the show, everyone!


Aww…thats a wonderful idea :heart::heart:

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What a creative idea!!! I love it!

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I will start us off. See by my modest talents that you do not need to have excellent artistic skills to enter. But we welcome those with excellent artistic skills as well!

My entry is called Mothers - creating the future one cell at a time
It celebrates the labor of love in creating a child, which is another way of creating a future.

Made by me with stamps, ink and water colors in August 2022.


What a lovely idea! Unfortunately I don’t have time to create something at the moment.


I wish I had seen this sooner when I actually had time to make something. Sadly I’m just too busy today. However, looking through all the handmade cards I’ve created in the past I found this one that might fit the theme of labor.


Or perhaps this one might qualify too. The image shows the “Smiley Barn” which used to be located in Nampa, Idaho until I was torn town about 25 years ago.


Well, you know me, my cards always tend to turn out a little weird. :see_no_evil: :woman_shrugging:

This is my first ever handmade card, right after Biden won the election:

Using a washing machine can be hard labor, too:

Just like giving birth, especially if you are all alone:

And who knows what robots might get up to…

:green_heart: :fox_face:


I made these cards from used calendar. I just cut them and glue a white paper. Not sure if they are qualified :smiley:


What kind of gallery are you looking for? If you want to have it in the forum, you can easily edit the gallery into the first post of this topic - or if you’d prefer it to be in the second one, there also is a possibility to do so. Topics usually aren’t deleted, unless they are duplicate ones - so the gallery will stay permanently.

I will also mine my previously made postcards.

This is a bit of a stretch. But the title is “while you were at work”

And this one: “work from home”


What a great idea to make a themed oriented exhibition!
Like some others I didn’t manage to create new cards, but have to mine a bit in previous made cards.

I thought about the theme and wondered why we only consider human labor work?
There are many animals living for their work - and some gifting us with the fruits of their work.
But do we really honor them for their giving?
Let’a take the well-known example of bees, whose simple act of living who they are is important for us to harvest fruits, like I do currently in neighborhood, where loads of delicious apples, nuts and berries are to be found. All of them thanks to nature and especially bees.
So that’s why this is my entry - a picture from my garden:


Love it! You are so right. And bees are having such a hard time, worldwide. They definitely can use some of our appreciation!

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I looked through the photos of my handmade cards and found the following which might qualify.
A guy who could be a sailor.
The old lady who must have worked a lot in her life.
And Florence Nightingale, the ”lady with the lamp“.


Thank you for the honours, although I believe your own card got the most likes? :thinking: :blush:

:green_heart: :fox_face:

That’s as much for the idea as anything, I believe. Anyways I recused myself from the honors group in the very beginning, and just really enjoyed everyone’s participation. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :blush:

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Thank you! :fox_face: :fox_face: :grinning:

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My sweet foxes have been arriving today! :grinning: Thank you @TwasBrillig

In a way they celebrate the mothers work with their children :wink: :fox_face: :fox_face: