Welcome to the Forum!

*Started Post crossing today, so excited too! Sent my first post card to Italy, and my second post card is headed to Germany. Finish my profile too. I especially enjoyed reading about the ladies to whom I sent post cards, very valuable. Cannot wait until I start receiving my own post cards. I have checked on the website for different post cards, I like inspiration ones as well as funny and beautiful photos. Glad to be a part of the group.


Welcome @meltmail and @DeniseAR! We hope you enjoy our little postcard community! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Postcrossing @DeniseAR and @meltmail !
While you patiently wait for cards to come to you … it will take a while … :mantelpiece_clock: … have a look at various round robins in the forum. You are likely to find some that interest you. Joining one or two, or … will help you meet many lovely people, as well as give you opportunities to send and receive cards.
Have a great time here at Postcrossing!

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Hi there, I’ve just rejoined Postcrossing. I live in Scotland, work as a nanny, and am really looking forward to sending and receiving postcards again.


Hello! I am not new to Postcrossing but am new to the forum! My name is Ken and I’ve been collecting postcards since I was really little. I love getting postcards from all over and I especially like writing and mailing them!


Hello there, my name is Miss Fortuna and this is my first post here on the forum and I wanted to introduce myself :smile:

I remember first hearing about postcrossing while I was an university student, but I did not create an account back then because studying was both time consuming and expensive, therefore I could not afford postcrossing as a hobby. Now as an adult I rediscovered postcrossing again. I registered my account back in April and so far have received 14 postcards while 13 postcards have been sent and currently another six are travelling to their destinations! :fountain_pen: :mailbox: :postbox:

I love going to my mailbox now and get exited with every postcard I receive! Writing the postcards I send out is equally exiting! I love reading the profile of the recipient, trying to find a postcard that matches their taste and thinking about an interesting message to write to them. Currently I’m trying to up my game and started to decorate my postcards a bit more using washi tape, rubber stamps and colourful ink.

Currently I read a lot on the forum to pass the time, waiting for my travelling postcards to be registered, so I can write another one :smile: . I have seen so much amazing artwork here on the forum, I applaud the great artists! I’ve read about round robbins too, and have started to look for a topic I’m interested in to get to write a few more postcards while waiting.

Have a nice weekend! :wave:t2:
Miss Fortuna


Hola! Soy nueva en esta comunidad. Vivo en el país de Chile, en la ciudad de Vallenar
Me gustan los libros, el cine y la música.
Me encantaría conocer gente nueva y charlar sobre sus hobbies.

Hello everyone - I’m pretty new, and an having a lot of fun exploring the site. The initial postcards I sent are just starting to arrive and it’s really exciting! There’s a lot of information to digest here, but you all seem so kind and friendly! I’m glad I signed up, and look forward to chatting more in the forums.