Welcome to the Forum!

Hi, I’m Nadine from Jüchen, Germany. I am a Postcrosser for 7 years and I am still loving it. I love to travel (but put that hobby on hold this year), to read a good book, to bake and to ride my bike.


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Salve, Olá dear postcrossers!
I am Carmen and I am very happy that the new forum is starting now! :tada:
I was already in the sandbox to practice and I am thrilled with this new platform, it is so well done. !!!Congratulations!!
I live in the south-western part of Germany, I like to write and many postcards, sew little things, read entertaining books and I am a creative artist. I paint pictures on canvas. I am looking forward to a cheerful cooperation here in the new forum.


Hello everyone my name is Giorgina from Italy I’m really happy to be here in the company of all of you in our wonderful forum. I’m a big football fan maybe I’ll find someone who likes it. Lots of love for everyone :two_hearts::sunflower::soccer:


Hello everyone!
I’m Michele from Italy :it: and I’ve been a postcrosser for 12 and a half years.
I’m a translator and language teacher. My hobbies include reading, travelling (I’m reaching the end of my one and only journey this year, across four italian regions I had never been to), learning languages, taking photos…
I started attending Postcrossing meetups in 2017, and was lucky enough to be able to attend a lot of them in 2018, and a few in 2019. I hope we’ll be able to meet again in real life someday!


Welcome Giorgina! Don’t forget to visit the Italian community and join the existing conversations (or you can launch one too)! :blush:


Hi! I’m so happy to be one of the first people to post something here!

My name is Christian, I’m an Italian-born Chinese who goes to uni in the United Kingdom and is currently doing an internship in Germany.

I’ve been around since 2016 (when I was just 16 years old!) and Postcrossing is one of the few things I keep doing regularly and haven’t given up on! I usually get bored with things pretty quickly, and keep embarking on new journeys, discovering new hobbies and pastimes. However, with Postcrossing, every piece of mail you receive is new – nothing gets repetitive, and that’s why I’ve been invested in it for 4 year, which is actually a big chunk of my life!

I’ve used the Postcrossing forum on a couple of occasions, but never actually got into it… However, this new look is simple and sleek – I love it! Maybe, this time, I’ll manage to stick around for longer.

Hi to everyone who’s just read my introduction! Hope to see you around soon!


I’m Lotty from Belgium.

I like geocaching, waymarking, reading books and watch TV and movies.


Ciao Christian! Nice to meet you again. Long time no talk…

Same for me…

Please come and post in the #communities:italian community too! :wave:


Good afternoon from Mülheim an der Ruhr! I am Marion from the Ruhr area of Germany where I work as a teacher of English and History. Postcrossing is one of several freetime activities that make me happy. I love the fact that through Postcrossing we can meet digitally and share friendly words and encouragement as well as fun jokes, random trivia and deep insights with each other. I am also very grateful for the Postcrossing friends I have been able to make over the past ten years.

I am the host of the wonderful AWQTE - around the world qualitiy travelling envelopes - RR. Feel free to have a look at our RR thread and join any of the open groups if you like! :slightly_smiling_face:

AWQTE - around the world quality travelling envelopes RR


Hi there! I am Kanerva from Lapland. Thanks to Postbot and sandbox version I learned enough to dive in and participate. Thank you Ana and Paulo for all the hard work you’ve done to get this forum up and running! Besides postcrossing I like books, letters, languages, knitting, learning new things…Nice to meet you all!


Hi Lotty, welcome to this beautiful forum! I’m starting to get acquainted with all its features and I have to say that it’s super straightforward and easy to use… once you actually understand how it works!

Yeah, I just wanted to say that you mistakenly replied to my comment instead of creating your own, which is why I got a notification!

Besides, I love geocaching as well – it was super cool to do it in the United Kingdom; I still haven’t tried doing it in Italy / Germany though…


Here is Martin from Poland. For me Postcrossing is a way to know the world more and every postcard I receive discovers me something new something interesting or remembers me superb moments. I love to send postcards as well. Warm greetings to everyone! :grinning:


I’m Olga from Moscow, Russia. I’ve been a postcrosser for 8+years.
I like to travel, read books, write postcards, learning languages.
I collect Souvenir Teaspoons.
Nice to meet you all! :smile:


Hey everyone
I am Shashidar
I love collecting stamps , coins and obviously postcards .
I love to travel , trek and cycle and read books .
Unfortunately due to the pandemic , i can’t travel but no worries it helped me to finish a few books which i never thought i could finish .
Hope you all are safe and happy

Best wishes
B Shashidar Pai


Hello from Kentucky. I am an avid gardner. Genealogy takes up what time playing the banjo and singing do not. Ready to send cards to new and old friends.


Hello, I’m Emma from China. My old user name is qiye.
I living in Shenyang, I like reading, planting, cooking, exercising, postcrossing…
Glad to be here!


I am Silpa from Nokia, Finland. You know Nokia mobile phones? Yes, the original company got its name by this town. Although they never manufactured phones here but elsewhere in Finland. But who cares, name Nokia became known all over the world :smiley:

I like to watch movies and tv series, play Pokemon Go, eat chocolate and swap cards.


Hello! :wave:

My name is Meredith, I’ve been with PC since Aug 2012, I am an active forum member and my username was the same there as it is here.

My hobbies are this :postcrossing:, of course, but also hot air ballooning (there needs to be a hot air balloon emoji), photography :camera:, and theatre :performing_arts:. I love :earth_americas: :airplane: travel, I spoil my mini poodle :dog: way too much, I’m always very, and sometimes embarrassingly :crazy_face: silly :clown_face: to my kids, :laughing: and they :family_woman_girl_boy:are my world.


Hello everyone!
I’m Eve from Finland, Postcrossing since 2016 :postcrossing:
Sometimes I like to entertain (or bore) my friends by talking backwards :crazy_face:


Hi! I’m Brenda from Canada, but you may have known me as roxy on the old forum. I’m excited to be part of the new forum, which seems to have some great new features. Looking forward to tagging and swapping and all the other postcard-y goodness this new forum will bring!