[RR] *AWQTE - around the world quality travelling envelopes - RR


Hi, I’m frewen (Marion from Germany) and I have been hosting the AWQTE RR for a little more than two years now over on the old forums. Many thanks go out to LadyP1964, Fisherman and darah as previous hosts of this RR. :grinning:

AWQTE RR in the old forums

Let’s keep this wonderful RR going in our new forums home!


As always, there are a few rules for everyone who is interested in taking part:

  1. Each group will consist of 7 (in some cases also 10) participants, including 1 host (group leader). Groups can have several people from the same country, but if possible they will be separated by at least one spot. Requests for particular spots will be granted whenever possible.

  2. When a group has been filled, I will write a flightplan and send it to the group’s host via direct message. The flightplan contains all the addressed of the other participants taking part in the group in order.

  3. The group host will place the specified number of cards (typically 10) related to the theme of each group into an envelope and send it on to the next person on the flightplan. On the back of each card the host places a post-it sticky with their name and a brief description of the card. The printed flightplan is added to the envelope before it is sent.

  4. All cards should be unused, unwritten and modern cards that do not have visible flaws such as tears or bent corners. No vintage or handmade cards are allowed unless specified by the group theme. All cards must always be of a quality you would be happy to receive yourself. Please bear in mind that these are meant to be QUALITY travelling envelopes - hence the name of the RR!

  5. Cards must be left blank throughout the journey. The flightplan specifies how many cards my be taken out and replaced by other suitable cards by each new participant. In a ten-card envelope this is typically up to 50% of the cards. Every card swap must be noted on the post-it sticky taken from the old card by adding name & brief description of the new card.

  6. If an envelope does not arrive within 2 months, the last sender (not the group host) will be asked to replace it once.

  7. Post a message here on this thread whenever you receive an envelope and again when you send it onwards. That is VERY important in order to keep track of where any given envelope may currently be! Please try to send each envelope you receive onwards within 7 days at the most.

  8. Try to choose cards that both fit the group theme and - if at all possible - the next receiver’s preferences by checking this person’s Postcrossing profile.

  9. To avoid the disappointment of damaged corners or wet cards, all cards should be in padded or strengthened envelopes or at least in some kind of protective covering.

  10. If you have any doubts that your envelope might not arrive safely or your cards are special and cannot be replaced or if you are sending to a country with poor postal delivery services, then it is your responsibility to send the cards by registered post.

  11. Please always (!!!) contact the next person on the list by direct message to make sure he/she is ready for the envelope BEFORE you send it on. This will help to cut down on misdirected, lost or stuck envelopes. If the next person on your flightplan has not logged into the forum for a while or does not respond to your message in a timely manner (~7-10 days), please skip that person and contact the host of the RR.

  12. Requests for opening new thematic groups are always welcome. Ideally, please volunteer to host such a group.

  13. If you are a new participant in the AWQTE RR, please send a direct message with your address information to frewen as the host of the RR. You are allowed to join up to three open envelopes as a new member. Once you have successfully received and sent at least two envelopes onwards, the designation new member behind your name will be removed and you can participate in as many envelopes as you like.

  14. Please remember to inform frewen as the host of the RR about any address changes or longer periods of absence so that any flightplans for envelopes that are already travelling can be updated via direct message.


These groups are open for new signups:

Group 179- Theme: Famous People

  1. garvey (Canada)
  2. KaT-85 (Russia)
  3. jum (Thailand)
  4. Smabbe (Finland)
  5. frewen (Germany)

Group 328- Theme: Bridges

  1. PepeGelato (Germany) new member
  2. Niklot (Germany)
  3. miceu (Portugal)
  4. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom)
  5. frewen (Germany)

Group 329- Theme: Half’n’half - street art / night views

  1. PepeGelato (Germany) new member
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. miceu (Portugal)

Group 339- Theme: Castles & Ruins

  1. Niklot (Germany)
  2. Pihlakas (Estonia)
  3. miceu (Portugal)
  4. Fishog (Russia)
  5. frewen (Germany)

Group 366- Theme: Nature

  1. MeaganMS (USA) new member
  2. Fishog (Russia)
  3. MellowOda (USA) new member
  4. frewen (Germany)

Group 370- Theme: Glitter (cards that have a certain amount of glitter on them)

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Pihlakas (Estonia)
  3. Antjelino (Germany)
  4. meritahti (USA)
  5. KaT-85 (Russia)

Group 378- Theme: Coffee

  1. meritahti (USA)
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. buebemami (Switzerland)
  4. jennifermuliadi (Indonesia)
  5. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  6. gytemarija (Lithuania)

Group 379- Theme: Moomins

  1. kate0707 (Japan)
  2. Fishog (Russia)
  3. flora1 (Finland)
  4. frewen (Germany)
  5. flexible_oval (Russia)
  6. raichiaki (Japan) new member

Group 384- Theme: Free/Ad Cards

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Genevril (Ireland) new member
  3. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  4. sunshinehsv (Germany)

Group 390- Theme: Painted Women & Girls

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  2. flexible_oval (Russia)
  3. frewen (Germany)

Group 391- Theme: Painted Animals

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  2. flexible_oval (Russia)
  3. Antjelino (Germany)
  4. frewen (Germany)

Group 397- Theme: Single Views

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Fishog (Russia)
  3. annalynne (Slovenia)
  4. Antjelino (Germany)
  5. Niklot (Germany)

Group 398- Theme: Travel Posters

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Fishog (Russia)

Group 399- Theme: Reprints of vintage or retro cards (people only)

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. frewen (Germany)

Group 400- Theme: Square postcards

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. Pihlakas (Estonia)
  3. kotona (Finland)
  4. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  5. frewen (Germany)
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 402- Theme: Trees

  1. frewen (Germany)

Group 404- Theme: Birds

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. Pihlakas (Estonia)
  3. frewen (Germany)
  4. Fishog (Russia)

Group 405- Theme: Sweets & Candy (photos only)

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. gytemarija (Lithuania)

Group 406- Theme: Animals (photos only)

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Fishog (Russia)
  3. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 407- Theme: Recipe Cards

  1. marina751 (Russia)
  2. frewen (Germany)

Group 408- Theme: Single Views A-Z - an envelope containing 26 cards in alphabetical order, up to 15 of which can be exchanged by each participant

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Tremotina (Germany)
  3. catcollector (Germany)
  4. Fishog (Russia)
  5. Niklot (Germany)
  6. kotona (Finland)

Group 409- Theme: Non-touristy cards with words (any language, not just English)

  1. MellowOda (USA)
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. Fishog (Russia)

Group 410- Theme: Water Views (lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls…)

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Fishog (Russia)

Group 411- Theme: Four Seasons (a mix of springtime, summer, autumn/fall and winter cards)

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  3. Fishog (Russia)
  4. Antjelino (Germany)
  5. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 412- Theme: Cute (illustrations only)
2. Fishog (Russia)
3. gytemarija (Lithuania)
6. frewen (Germany)
7. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 413- Theme: Travel recommendations (a new post-it note is added on top of the previous one/s by each participant who swaps a card, describing why they recommend their chosen travel destinations)

  1. frewen (Germany)

Group 414- Theme: Maps

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. catcollector (Germany)

Group 415- Theme: Rainbow (an envelope containing an extended rainbow set of colours in which black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and white as dominant colours is represented and each card is swapped only with another card in the same dominant colour)
2. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)
7. frewen (Germany)

Group 416- Theme: Music through the ages (instruments, singers, bands - old or current, famous or not)
3. frewen (Germany)

Group 417- Theme: Alphabet - Letter T

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  3. Fishog (Russia)
  4. Antjelino (Germany)
  5. kotona (Finland)
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 418- Theme: Alphabet - Letter U

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 419- Theme: Alphabet - Letter Y
3. frewen (Germany)
7. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 420- Theme: Alphabet - lesser used letters (Q, V, X, Z)

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. flexible_oval (Russia)

These envelopes are already travelling:

Group 197- Theme: Recipe Cards (in English, or with an English translation)

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 10/02/21
  2. zeroday (USA) rec 07/03/21, sent 08/03/21
  3. Smabbe (Finland) rec 30/03/21, sent 12/04/21
  4. meritahti (USA) skipped
  5. jennifermuliadi (Indonesia) skipped
  6. sunshinehsv (Germany)

Group 221- Theme: Adult Cats (photos only)

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 15/06/20
  2. Antjelino (Germany) rec 27/06/20, sent 29/06/20
  3. kotona (Finland) rec 04/07/20, sent 05/07/20
  4. flexible_oval (Russia) rec & sent 20/08/20
  5. Fishog (Russia) rec 15/11/20
  6. coralfish (Belarus) rec 02/12/20, re-sent 05/04/21
  7. sunrider (Germany)

Group 240- Theme: Painted Portraits

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 24/10/20
  2. fisherman (Ireland) rec 03/11/20, sent 04/11/20
  3. TsuruCP (Belgium) new member
  4. flexible_oval (Russia)
  5. miceu (Portugal)
  6. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom)
  7. hannahny (USA) new member

Group 261- Theme: Colour Spectrum - Blue

  1. Killewips (Germany) sent 23/02/21
  2. KaT-85 (Russia) skipped, no reply to direct message
  3. frewen (Germany) rec 25/02/21, sent 11/03/21
  4. meritahti (USA) rec 22/03/21
  5. kotona (Finland)
  6. Antjelino (Germany)
  7. jum (Thailand)

Group 281- Theme: Christmas

  1. buebemami (Switzerland) sent 23/09/20
  2. nathalie71 (Netherlands) rec & sent 26/09/20
  3. frewen (Germany) rec 28/09/20, sent 08/10/20
  4. coralfish (Belarus)
  5. fisherman (Ireland)
  6. simplydeep (South Korea)
  7. Antjelino (Germany)
  8. KaT-85 (Russia)
  9. eukkonen (Finland) new member
  10. flexible_oval (Russia)

Group 337- Theme: Multiviews

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 09/02/20, re-sent 13/04/21
  2. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom) rec & sent 14/02/20
  3. Jassy-50 (USA) rec 21/02/20, sent Feb 25/02/20
  4. Antjelino (Germany) rec 15/04/21, sent 18/04/21
  5. flexible_oval (Russia)
  6. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  7. Irishiis (Canada)

Group 340- Theme: Black & White - photography & illustrations
flightplan sent

  1. Zveroboy (Ukraine) new member
  2. Tikky (Portugal)
  3. domantas981 (Lithuania) new member
  4. meritahti (USA)
  5. Layali (Canada) new member
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Group 344- Theme: Maxicards

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania) sent 15/10/19
  2. Aljena (Belarus) rec 14/01/20, sent 16/01/20
  3. flexible_oval (Russia) rec 31/05/20, sent 20/08/20
  4. frewen (Germany) rec 20/09/20, sent 21/09/20
  5. coralfish (Belarus) rec & sent 04/10/20
  6. Catherine-leung (China)
  7. kotona (Finland)

Group 349- Theme: Animals - drawings/illustrations

  1. flexible_oval (Russia) sent 05/09/20
  2. frewen (Germany) rec 20/09/20, sent 06/10/20
  3. kotona (Finland) rec 11/10/20, sent 12/10/20
  4. sunrider (Germany) rec 18/10/20, sent 20/10/20
  5. gytemarija (Lithuania) rec 25/10/20, sent 27/10/20
  6. sarahjf (Malaysia) rec 18/11/20, sent 19/11/20
  7. Pihlakas (Estonia)

Group 350- Theme: Fantasy
flightplan sent

  1. flexible_oval (Russia)
  2. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  3. Cis_B (Netherlands)
  4. Fishog (Russia)
  5. MellowOda (USA)
  6. frewen (Germany)

Group 358- Theme: Reading & Books

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 14/02/21
  2. buebemami (Switzerland) rec 18/02/21, sent 22/02/21
  3. catcollector (Germany) rec 25/02/21, sent 26/02/21
  4. gytemarija (Lithuania) rec 16/03/21, sent 17/03/21
  5. dorod59 (France) rec 12/04/21
  6. miceu (Portugal)
  7. MikaKlunder (Netherlands) new member

Group 361- Theme: Christmas

  1. nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  2. frewen (Germany) rec 16/11/19, sent 30/11/19
  3. KaT-85 (Russia) rec 13/01/20, sent 19/01/20
  4. buebemami (Switzerland) rec 04/02/20, sent 05/02/20
  5. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom) rec & sent 10/02/20
  6. flexible_oval (Russia) rec 31/05/20, sent 04/06/20
  7. coralfish (Belarus)
  8. Antjelino (Germany)
  9. fisherman (Ireland)

Group 368- Theme: Half’n’half - tea/coffee

  1. frewen (Germany)
  2. buebemami (Switzerland) rec 12/09/20, sent 13/09/20
  3. kotona (Finland) rec 18/09/20, sent 20/09/20
  4. KaT-85 (Russia) rec 03/09/20, confirmed sent
  5. meritahti (USA)
  6. Antjelino (Germany)
  7. flora1 (Finland)

Group 371- Theme: Half’n’half - cat photos/cat illustrations

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 24/12/20
  2. sarahjf (Malaysia) rec 11/01/21, sent 14/01/21
  3. catcollector (Germany) rec 23/03/21, sent 24/03/21, re-sent 16/04/21
  4. flexible_oval (Russia)
  5. Antjelino (Germany)
  6. meritahti (USA)
  7. sunrider (Germany

Group 374- Theme: Maxicards

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania) sent 28/03/21
  2. Fishog (Russia)
  3. Aljena (Belarus)
  4. frewen (Germany)
  5. coralfish (Belarus)
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)
  7. chloe421 (France) new member

Group 375- Theme: Christmas

  1. buebemami (Switzerland) sent 30/03/20
  2. frewen (Germany) rec 01/04/20, sent 03/04/20
  3. nathalie71 (Netherlands) rec & sent 08/04/20
  4. coralfish (Belarus)
  5. flexible_oval (Russia)
  6. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  7. Antjelino (Germany)

Group 377- Theme: Big Alphabet Envelope
This is a twenty-six-card envelope in which up to fifteen cards can be swapped by each recipient. Each card corresponds to one letter of the full alphabet. The letter categories listed on each post-it note may NOT be changed, meaning that an A card is exchanged for another A card, a B card is swapped with another B card and a full alphabet set is always contained in the envelope.

  1. kotona (Finland) sent 21/02/20
  2. pinkstarfish (USA) rec 03/03/20, sent 09/03/20
  3. frewen (Germany) rec 21/03/20, sent 25/03/20
  4. buebemami (Switzerland) rec 30/03/20, sent 01/04/20
  5. fisherman (Ireland) rec 06/04/20, sent 27/04/20
  6. Fishog (Russia) rec 30/06/20, sent 25/08/20
  7. Smabbe (Finland) rec 15/10/20, sent 28/10/20
  8. Antjelino (Germany) rec 09/11/20, sent 11/11/20
  9. flexible_oval (Russia) rec 05/12/20, sent 01/02/21
  10. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  11. jum (Thailand)

Group 380- Theme: Cartoons
flightplan sent

  1. meritahti (USA)
  2. KaT-85 (Russia)
  3. thuegirl (Germany) new member
  4. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  5. sunshinehsv (Germany)
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Group 386- Theme: Big Alphabet Group - non-viewcards only
flightplan sent

  1. meritahti (USA)
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  4. buebemami (Switzerland)
  5. fisherman (Ireland)
  6. kotona (Finland)
  7. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom)
  8. KaT-85 (Russia)
  9. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  10. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  11. flexible_oval (Russia)
  12. Aljena (Belarus)

Group 388- Theme: Drawings & Illustrations

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania) sent 02/04/21
  2. frewen (Germany) rec 10/04/21
  3. flexible_oval (Russia)
  4. TiaraXiara (United Kingdom)
  5. Fishog (Russia)
  6. domantas981 (Lithuania)
  7. kotona (Finland)

Group 389- Theme: Postal-related

  1. kotona (Finland) sent 06/04/21
  2. fisherman (Ireland)
  3. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  4. flexible_oval (Russia)
  5. Coffeedoff (United Kingdom)
  6. frewen (Germany)
  7. catcollector (Germany)

Group 392- Theme: Food

  1. gytemarija (Lithuania) sent 19/02/21
  2. flexible_oval (Russia) skipped, no reply to message
  3. meritahti (USA) rec 22/03/21
  4. RunLeahRun (Canada) new member
  5. raichaki (Japan) new member
  6. Fishog (Russia)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Group 393- Theme: Alphabet - Letter S

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 16/02/21
  2. nathalie71 (Netherlands) rec & sent 20/02/21
  3. Aljena (Belarus) rec & sent 06/03/21
  4. Shaack (USA) rec & sent 07/04/21
  5. Antjelino (Germany) rec 19/04/21, sent 20/04/21
  6. flexible_oval (Russia)
  7. kotona (Finland)

Group 394- Theme: Ugly Duckling - for cards that you personally don’t like but that might still please someone else

  1. buebemami (Switzerland) sent 02/04/21
  2. gytemarija (Lithuania) rec 12/04/21, sent 13/04/21
  3. KaT-85 (Russia)
  4. annalynne (Poland)
  5. fisherman (Ireland)
  6. garvey (Canada)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Group 395- Theme: Christmas

  1. buebemami (Switzerland) sent 02/04/21
  2. Nathalie71 (Netherlands) rec 08/04/21, sent 10/04/21
  3. flexible_oval (Russia)
  4. Antjelino (Germany)
  5. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  6. Fishog (Russia)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Group 396- Theme: Christmas

  1. frewen (Germany) sent 10/02/21
  2. buebemami (Switzerland) rec 18/02/21, sent 22/02/21
  3. gytemarija (Lithuania) rec 07/03/21, sent 08/03/21
  4. Pihlakas (Estonia) rec 13/04/21, sent 19/04/21
  5. Antjelino (Germany)
  6. Fishog (Russia)
  7. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)

Group 401- Theme: Cats (illustrations only)
flightplan sent

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. frewen (Germany)
  3. flexible_oval (Russia)
  4. Fishog (Russia)
  5. sunrider (Germany)
  6. kotona (Finland)
  7. catcollector (Germany)

Group 403- Theme: Holiday greetings (any holidays)
flightplan sent

  1. KaT-85 (Russia)
  2. Antjelino (Germany)
  3. Pihlakas (Estonia)
  4. Nathalie71 (Netherlands)
  5. flexible_oval (Russia)
  6. gytemarija (Lithuania)
  7. frewen (Germany)

Archive of completed envelope groups 001-250:


001 Music: frewen, Chickadee007, Reuen, Djalima, Divergent, TeamBearCat, TiaraXiara

002 Scratch & Dent: sarahamina, MrngGlory, Duplevista, frewen, maryellie, tanyareed, LadyP1964

003 Buildings: ValDrew, frewen, 96hsu, cj23, Tremotina, sarahamina, Fishog

004 Dogs and Puppies: LadyP1964, coralfish

005 Postal-related: frewen, KaT-85, nathalie71, fisherman, Purpleway8, Catherine-leung, kotona

006 Free/Ad Cards: Tetsuko, gytemarija, Djalima, frewen, KaT-85, jschwab, Horace_Pickles

007 Bridges: frewen, fisherman, Niklot, nannie, Catherine_leung, sapphire63, miceu

008 Colour Spectrum: Orange: LadyP1964, Chickadee007, Finerst, Horace_Pickles, TeamBearCat, frewen, MrngGlory

009 Postal related: LadyP1964, frewen, Edelweiss-, 4ajka, kakarctic, fisherman, Aljena

010 Art Cards - Landscapes: frewen, Pihlakas, fisherman, kotona, flexible_oval, pinkstarfish, garvey

011 Everyday Life: MrngGlory, mindanao, kamipaper, sarahamina, darah, nekorin, miceu

012 People: Chickadee007, sarahamina, LadyP1964, KaT-85, nekorin, darah, FillyCat

013 Beautiful Swan: darah, gytemarija, Orangensaft, sarahamina, mindanao, nihan, abbyaguas

014 Children: Chickadee007, sarahamina, LadyP1964, KaT-85, kamipaper, frewen, MrngGlory

015 Lighthouses: austen777, LadyP1964, Reuen, flaggazer, flora1

016 Large Letter Postcards: austen777, LadyP1994, chrissybaby, serafaina

017 Recipe Cards: austen777, frewen, marina_k, frewen

018 Art: Chickadee007, mindanao, frewen, 96hsu, nihan, Duplevista, gytemarija

019 Cute: Chickadee007, LadyP1964, carounette, jolk, gytemarija, frewen, TiaraXiara

020 Any Non-Tourist Card: Duplevista, HappySnail, PendraNachteule, gytemarija, Reuen, nekorin, Antjelino

021 Books/Reading: ValDrew, gytemarija, HappySnail, HappyJulia, frewen, miceu, KaT-85

022 Any Non-Tourist Card: LadyP1964, HappySnail, gytemarija, Duplevista, divergent, buebemami, frewen

023 Religious Buildings: Niklot, akhilpreeti, Xiru, jennifermuliadi, Tremotina, miceu, buebemami

024 Colour Spectrum: Blue: TeamBearCat, frewen, sarahamina, darah, kamipaper, Orangensaft

025 10x10: Danubia, TiaraXiara, sarahamina, Baronin, turtleink08, miceu, frewen, mousytrap, darah, azzurri

026 Singleviews: Niklot, flaggazer, TiaraXiara, sibila, sarahamina, frewen

027 Food/Drink: jennifermuliadi, sarahamina, gytemarija, HappySnail, chrissybaby, frewen

028 Famous People: LadyP1964, Reuen, HappyJulia, Divergent, frewen, KaT-85, MrngGlory

029 Humour/Whimsical: jschwab, pihlakas, HappySnail, PendraNachteule

030 Painted Views and Portraits: ValDrew, Byobu, divergent, frewen, miceu, Tiny Spark, sarahamina

032 Night Views: Niklot, KaT-85, sarahamina

033 Movies and TV: gytemarija, bekkajeanne

034 Numbers: LadyP1964, Duplevista, nekorin, frewen, darah, TeamBearCat, sarahamina

035 Nature: frewen, Fiona01406, moonflyinganny, fisherman, sapphire63

036 Castles and Palaces: nannie, Fishog, frewen, Fisher1, sarahamina, miceu

037 Sunrise/ Sunset: Baronin, sarahamina, Reuen, TeamBearCat, frewen, azzurri

038 Transport: TeamBearCat, Fiona01406, sarahamina, Orangensaft, frewen, fisherman, TiaraXiara

039 UNESCO: sarahamina, TiaraXiara, 96hsu, Tremotina, miceu, mousytrap, jennifermuliadi

040 Assortment of Sorts: gytemarija, sarahamina, buebemami, Pihlakas, Antjelino, miceu, mousytrap, KittyCatBee, Nordseekrabbe, Duplevista

041 Castles/Palaces: Tremotina, Gafijka, sarahamina, miceu, Niklot, Fisher1

042 Buildings: Tremotina, Reuen, Djalima, frewen, miceu, darah, Fishog

043 Illustrations and Drawings: darah, Cis_B, gytemarija, kamipaper, xinning_, frewen, abbyyaguas

044 Maxicards: Tetsuko, Coralfish, gytemarija, Galinka, Spark, paulyollie, Aljena

045 UNESCO: TiaraXiara, KaT-85, TeamBearCat, Tremotina, fisherman, sarahamina, Niklot

046 Nature: sarahamina, frewen, ckpete, Larkie

047 Assortment of Sorts: HappySnail, PendraNachteule, Orangensaft, gytemarija, Nordseekrabbe, darah, kamipaper

048 Any Non-Tourist Card: HappySnail, PendraNachteule, kamipaper, darah, gytemarija, Antjelino

049 Cute: anet_h, Djalima, Cis_B, darah, kamipaper, Antjelino, KittyCatBee

050 Singleviews: baiana, Germangeordie

051 10x10: sarahamina, azzurri, frewen, TiaraXiara, moonflyinganny, miceu, turtleink06, Niklot

052 Art: frewen, Fishog, gytemarija, Purpleway8, Tremotina, garvey

053 Art: frewen, mindanao, gytemarija

054 Cats and Kittens: Chickadee007, PendraNachteule, flora1, mindanao, frewen, sarahamina, Coralfish

055 Food/Drink: moonflyinganny, KittyCatBee, jennifermuliadi, frewen, HappySnail, sarahamina, Gosia

056 Colour Spectrum: Blue: sarahamina, Orangensaft, mindanao, KaT-85, frewen

057 Assortment of Sorts: MrngGlory, gytemarija

058 Any Non-Tourist Card: gytemarija, HappySnail, Reuen, Twinklestar85, Duplevista, buebemami, divergent

059 Fantasy: LadyP1964, gytemarija, Reuen, KittyCatBee, PendraNachteule, nekorin, HappyJulia

060 Vintage/Retro Posters: frewen, jschwab, KaT-85, LadyP1964, miceu, Tiny Spark, MrngGlory

061 ABC-Z: LadyP1964, Duplevista, TeamBearCat, frewen, nekorin, darah, Orangensaft

062 UNESCO: jennifermuliadi, Galinka, Antjelino, miceu, sarahamina, xinning, frewen

063 Dogs & Puppies: verooro, coralfish, Antjelino, Fishog, flora1, LadyP1964, fisherman

064 Famous People: frewen, KaT-85, divergent, Byobu, LadyP1964, nekorin, KittyCatBee

065 Singleviews: Antjelino, KaT-85, Duplevista, frewen, sarahamina, miceu, LadyP1964

066 Coffee & Tea: kotona, KaT-85, sanni87, pinkstarfish, frewen

067 Illustrations/Drawings: PendraNachteule, Aljena, darah, frewen, gytemarija, Tetsuko

068 Cute: moonflyinganny, darah, KittyCatBee, frewen, miceu, mindanao, Cis_B

069 Assortment of Sorts: Duplevista, gytemarija, buebemami, frewen, HappySnail, KaT-85, moonflyinganny, nekorin, yvette-Lin, sarahamina

070 UNESCO: Niklot, TiaraXiara, maryellie, sarahamina, frewen, Jassy-50, Galinka

071 Illustrations and Drawings: Mumfula, KaT-85, kotona, frewen, sakura8341, gytemarija, KittyCatBee

072 Food/Drink: Lamiena, HappySnail, sarahamina, gytemarija, darah, jennifermuliadi, frewen

074 Assortment of Sorts: sarahamina, gytemarija, Antjelino, darah, HappySnail, miceu, Orangensaft, Lamiena, Jassy-50, Duplevista

075 Any Non-Tourist Card: darah, HappySnail, gytemarija, Aljena, frewen, buebemami, Duplevista

076 Museum/Gallery Buildings & Memorial Sites: frewen, KaT-85, Xiru, KittyCatBee, Tremotina, Vegerle, TeamBearCat

077 Religious Buildings: Niklot, Tremotina, Fishog, Xiru, sarahamina, frewen, jennifermuliadi

078 Black and White: TeamBearCat, Reuen, sarahamina, KaT-85, frewen, nekorin, Duplevista

079 Singleviews: frewen, Fishog, KittyCatBee, Antjelino, sarahamina, miceu, Duplevista

080 10x10: garvey, Orangensaft, Edelweiss-, sarahamina, frewen, miceu, Jassy-50, darah

081 Art: Lamiena, olgaiona, mindanao, frewen, gytemarija, KittyCatBee, garvey

082 Cats and Kittens: frewen, KittyCatBee, Coralfish, Antjelino, flora1, Fishog

083 Erotic: jschwab, Djalima, nekorin, darah, HappySnail, LadyP1964, gytemarija

084 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, gytemarija, HappySnail, Duplevista, sarahamina, darah, Galinka, miceu, garvey, Orangensaft

085 Food/Drink: Lidiya, jennifermuliadi, frewen, HappySnail, sarahamina, eevee1001

086 Illustrations and Drawings: frewen, MyHighness, mindanao

087 Buildings: LadyP1964, Reuen, TeamBearCat, Antjelino, miceu, Fishog, Tremotina

088 Words: frewen, sarahamina, Orangensaft, HappySnail, darah, Edelweiss-, TeamBearCat

089 Castles and Palaces: sarahamina, Niklot, fisherman, sapphire63, Antjelino, Fisher1, miceu

090 Movies/TV: simplydeep, Aljena, garvey, nekorin, frewen, gytemarija

091 Maxicards: vikkkkki, Aljena, Tetsuko, Gafijka, coralfish, sapphire63, gytemarija

092 UNESCO: jennifermuliadi, Gafijka, sarahamina, frewen, akhilpreeti, anet_h, Antjelino

093 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, KaT-85, gytemarija, Orangensaft, HappySnail, Antjelino, miceu, Pihlakas, sarahamina, nekorin

094 Animals: KaT-85, sarahamina, HappySnail, frewen, Orangensaft, smabbe, eevee1001

095 Colour Spectrum - Multicoloured: frewen, sarahamina, nekorin, Tetsuko, Edelweiss-, Divergent

096 ABC - letter A: frewen, darah, Duplevista, sarahamina, Byobu, Niklot, Fishog

097 Cute: LadyP1964, HappySnail, KaT-85, gytemarija, Antjelino, miceu, Byobu

098 10x10: sarahamina, Duplevista, gytemarija, frewen, roos, Elcmae, miceu, Edelweiss-, Niklot, TeamBearCat

099 Words: Niklot, TeamBearCat, Duplevista, frewen, sarahamina, fisherman, Fishog

100 Assortment of Sorts: eevee1001, Orangensaft, HappySnail, frewen, darah, buebemami, KittyCatBee, nekorin, Galinka, gytemarija

101 Religious buildings: frewen, buebemami, jennifermuliadi, Fishog, Niklot, sarahamina, azzurri

102 Assortment of Sorts: sarahamina, Reuen, LadyP1964, HappySnail, buebemami, Pihlakas, jennifermuliadi

103 Nature: sarahamina, Fishog, frewen, sapphire63

104 Black and White: LadyP1964, divergent, HappySnail, frewen, KaT-85, darah

105 Buildings: Niklot, gaquero, Elcmae, Tremotina, Fishog, miceu, Djalima

106 Assortment of Sorts: Edelweiss-, buebemami, gytemarija, HappySnail, miceu, sarahamina, Antjelino, HappyJulia, Jassy-50, nekorin

107 Art: garvey, HappySnail, MyHighness

108 UNESCO: sarahamina, Elcmae, frewen, anet_h, miceu, Niklot, jennifermuliadi

109 Maps: roos, sarahamina, Antjelino, Elcmae, KittyCatBee, jennifermuliadi, Niklot

110 Seasonal: KaT-85, Antjelino, olgaiona

111 Numbers: frewen, Duplevista, nekorin, TeamBearCat, serafaina, gytemarija, LadyP1964

112 Bridges: envelope never started, because host disappeared from the forum

113 Maps: TeamBearCat, Buebemami, Antjelino, miceu, KittyCatBee, Elcmae, Nordseekrabbe

114 Everyday Life: sarahamina, frewen, divergent, Purpleway8, miceu, poeticsteph, alin_sheep

115 Transport: sarahamina, Niklot, HappySnail, Duplevista, Xiru, Jassy-50, fisherman

116 Food/Drink: KaT-85, gytemarija, jennifermuliadi, HappySnail, sarahamina, Knirin, KittyCatBee

117 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, Fishog, meskenas, Niklot, HappySnail, miceu, Duplevista, buebemami, KittyCatBee, sarahamina

118 Night Views: Niklot, ezianowak, frewen, sapphire63, Fishog

119 10x10: frewen, KaT-85, Duplevista, Niklot, Jassy-50, mousytrap, LadyP1964, sarahamina, Gosia, miceu

120 Books/Reading: KaT-85, moonflyinganny, gytemarija, serafaina, frewen, miceu

121 Painted Views and Portraits: frewen, fisherman, Pihlakas, marina_k, miceu, Reuen, Happyjulia

122 Illustrations and Drawings: serafaina, Tiny Spark, nekorin, Byobu, KaT-85, sapphire63, gytemarija

123 Seasonal: anet_h, Pihlakas, Antjelino, sparkling4u, gytemarija, LadyP1964, Xiru

124 Erotic: frewen, Happyjulia, Orangensaft, LadyP1964, Byobu, nekorin

125 Religious Buildings: frewen, Gafijka, kibele, Xiru, jennifermuliadi, LadyP1964, Fishog

126 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, nekorin, gytemarija, garvey, sarahamina, fisherman, Galinka, Antjelino, miceu, Duplevista

127 Free/Ad Cards: LadyP1964, HappySnail, Reuen, 96hsu, frewen, TeamBearCat, gytemarija

128 Maxicards: Tetsuko, vikkkkki, gytemarija, coralfish, sparkling4u, Gafijka, Aljena

129 ABC - B: frewen, HappySnail, Aljena, Orangensaft, TeamBearCat, smabbe, Duplevista

130 Animals: frewen, HappySnail, simplydeep, Antjelino, meghan723

131 Assortment of Sorts: WelshLassy, Antjelino, gytemarija, Duplevista, Niklot, jschwab, KaT-85, Aljena, frewen

132 Art: TeamBearCat, 96hsu, Fishog, gytemarija, KittyCatBee, frewen

133 Alice in Wonderland: Aljena, poeticsteph, KaT-85, nekorin, KittyCatBee, sakura8341, gytemarija

134 10x10: frewen, Edelweiss-, Duplevista, cj23, TeamBearCat, miceu, moonflyinganny, Orangensaft, maryellie, Gosia

135 Cats and Kittens - illustrations: Vegerle, TeamBearCat, smabbe, frewen, Fishog, KittyCatBee

136 Maps: Niklot, chlebek, Duplevista, Antjelino, buebemami, jennifermuliadi, KittyCatBee

137 Bridges: Tremotina, frewen, Fishog, sarahamina, Niklot, Catherine-leung

138 Any Non-Tourist Card: Duplevista, KittyCatBee, buebemami, Reuen, Happyjulia, Vegerle, Jassy-50

139 Multiviews: Jassy-50, Antjelino, Duplevista, Gafijka, TeamBearCat, Vegerle

140 Castles and Palaces: Jassy-50, Tremotina, LadyP1964, Fisher1, jennifermuliadi, sarahamina, frewen

141 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, gytemarija, Duplevista, Steffimaus1305, Happyjulia, Antjelino, Orangensaft, Fishog, maryellie

142 UNESCO: frewen, maryellie, Elcmae, Tremotina, miceu, jennifermuliadi, Jassy-50

143 Cute: moonflyinganny, gytemarija, Reuen, KittyCatBee, Antjelino, miceu, Purpleway8

144 Food/Drink: kotona, gytemarija, jennifermuliadi, sarahamina, TeamBearCat, frewen

145 Buildings: Niklot, sarahamina, Antjelino, ValDrew, miceu, poeticsteph

146 Colour Spectrum: Red: frewen, KaT-85, TeamBearCat, serafaina, sarahamina, LadyP1964, Purpleway8

147 Seasonal: buebemami, KittyCatBee, Antjelino, sarahamina, KaT-85, gytemarija, frewen

148 Transport: Niklot, Jassy-50, fisherman, frewen, jschwab, claire2107, sarahamina

149 Maps: TeamBearCat, chlebek, Steffimaus1305, KittyCatBee, sarahamina, jennifermuliadi, frewen

150 Assortment of Sorts: Duplevista, buebemami, frewen, HappySnail, divergent, simplydeep, gytemarija, serafaina, Antjelino

151 ABC - C: frewen, Aljena, HappySnail, Niklot, kotona, TeamBearCat, Duplevista

152 Maxicards: Aljena, Tiny Spark, Gafijka, frewen, vikkkkki, coralfish, gytemarija

153 Religious Buildings: frewen, Gafijka, Xiru, Tremotina, Fishog, sarahamina, buebemami

154 Ugly Duckling: gytemarija, Duplevista, ezianowak, frewen, Edelweiss-, buebemami, Vegerle

156 10x10: frewen, Duplevista, Purpleway8, garvey, Elcmae, miceu, Edelweiss, fisherman, Nordseekrabbe, kate0707

157 Assortment of Sorts: Steffimaus1305, gytemarija, buebemami, frewen, nekorin, Duplevista, wiese, maryellie, cj23, HappySnail

158 UNESCO: Niklot, Tremotina, Elcmae, sarahamina, frewen, Jassy-50, Edelweiss-

159 Any Non-Tourist Card: gytemarija, kotona, buebemami, Duplevista, Antjelino, Jassy-50, ezianowak

160 Women in Paintings: Purpleway8, gytemarija, miceu, frewen, Smabbe, Tremotina

161 Assortment of Sorts: buebemami, Steffimaus1305, ezianowak, frewen, gytemarija, kotona, Jassy-50, Edelweiss-, Antjelino, KaT-85

162 Religious Buildings: austen777, Fishog, buebemami, Antjelino, jennifermuliadi, Xiru, Tremotina

163 Women in Paintings: hsu96, gytemarija, KittyCatBee, Tremotina, miceu, cj23, frewen

164 Animals in Paintings: frewen, Pihlakas, gytemarija, moonflyinganny, KaT-85, Antjelino

165 Big Bag of Jumble: Tremotina, gytemarija, flora1, frewen, cj23, buebemami, Antjelino, KaT-85, tusik

166 Any Non-Tourist Card: Pihlakas, buebemami, gytemarija, LadyP1964, flora1, KaT-85, frewen

167 Buildings: sarahamina, fisherman, Antjelino, miceu, frewen, Fishog

168 ABC - D: frewen, Smabbe, Coffeedoff, LadyP1964, simplydeep, fisherman, Joy Wang

169 Night Views: miceu, Pihlakas, Niklot, Fishog, kotona, frewen

170 Four Seasons: Antjelino, gytemarija, flora1, miceu, frewen, simplydeep, Pihlakas

171 Colour Spectrum: Green: sarahamina, KaT-85, HappySnail, Elaryen, Catherine-leung, kotona, frewen

172 Multiviews: frewen, sarahamina, cj23, Jassy-50, claire2107, Antjelino

173 Singleviews: miceu, Antjelino, claire2107, frewen, sarahamina, Fishog, annalyne

174 Fantasy and Fairy Tales: Cis_B, gytemarija, KittyCatBee, flora1, frewen, KaT-85, Antjelino

175 Recipe Cards: austen777, gytemarija, jennifermuliadi, KittyCatBee, marina_k, frewen

176 Seaside: Niklot, Pihlakas, sarahamina, WavyCactus, frewen, miceu

177 Maps: jennifermuliadi, Pihlakas, LadyP1964 (angel), chlebek, KittyCatBee, Antjelino, buebemami

178 Big Bag of Jumble: frewen, flora1, gytemarija, sarahamina, Antjelino, nathalie71, kotona, Tremotina, Fishog, ValDrew

180 Flags, Heraldry and National Symbols: jennifermuliadi, frewen, zeroday, fisherman, Niklot, Coffeedoff, kate0707

181 10x10: LadyP1964, simplydeep, Jassy-50, Tremotina, KaT-85, miceu, frewen, maryellie, moonflyinganny, Elcmae

182 ABC - E: LadyP1964, Orangensaft, simplydeep, frewen, gytemarija, moonflyinganny, Smabbe

183 Cats: Fishog, KittyCatBee, Antjelino, KaT-85, frewen, flora1

184 Free/Ad Cards: simplydeep, sarahamina, Tetsuko, jschwab, 96hsu, HappySnail, frewen

185 Maps: austen777, buebemami, KittyCatBee

186 Coffee and Tea: KaT-85, gytemarija, simplydeep, kotona, sarahamina, bemyswaporpenpal, frewen

187 Dolls: KaT-85, Antjelino, gytemarija, nekorin, coralfish, frewen

188 Children: KaT-85, Xiru, kotona, frewen, sarahamina, Aljena, mchomka

189 Flowers: KaT-85, Antjelino, Purpleway8, frewen, Coffeedoff, wiese, Val Drew

190 Actors/Actresses: KaT-85, garvey, frewen, sanni87, nekorin

191 Maxicards: gytemarija, Tiny Spark, Aljena, Fisher1, frewen, jschwab, coralfish

192 Sweet Foods: KaT-85, Cis_B, gytemarija, frewen, KittyCatBee, simplydeep

193 Town Decorations: KaT-85, Tremotina, sarahamina, Fishog, frewen

194 Parks and Gardens: nannie, Fishog, Niklot, KaT-85, sarahamina, ValDrew, frewen

195 Black & White: kotona, KaT-85, Smabbe, frewen, HappySnail, Tiny Spark, WavyCactus

196 Historic City Views: Tremotina, garvey, Fishog, frewen

198 Not My Country: frewen, sarahamina, cj23, miceu, Tremotina, Fishog, claire2107

199 Any Non-Tourist Card: LaGelatina, Mumfula, gytemarija, jschwab, KaT-85, buebemami, frewen

200 Big Letter Postcards: austen777, moonflyinganny, Jassy-50, Antjelino, frewen

201 ABC - F: Tetsuko, Aljena, Smabbe, frewen, cj23, simplydeep, sarahamina

202 Night Views: frewen, sarahamina, Xiru, miceu, Niklot, lrp124, azzurri

203 10x10: sarahamina, Mumfula, KaT-85, frewen, garvey, jschwab, miceu, simplydeep, Tetsuko

204 Assortment of Sorts: sarahamina, KaT-85, frewen, simplydeep, Fishog, miceu, Purpleway8, Antjelino, cj23

205 Colour Spectrum: Purple/Violet: Purpleway8, frewen, ValDrew, miceu, HappySnail, KaT-85

206 Animals: Drawings and illustrations: Purpleway8, Tetsuko, KittyCatBee, gytemarija, Mumfula, simplydeep

207 Singleviews: frewen, jum, sarahamina, Antjelino, miceu, Fishog, KittyCatBee

208 Zoos: Tetsuko, Fishog, Niklot, Omaha, frewen, Antjelino

209 Assortment of Sorts: frewen, buebemami, moonflyinganny, KittyCatBee, simplydeep, Pihlakas, nekorin, miceu. Tremotina, kotona

210 Not My Country: moonflyinganny, Fishog, sarahamina, miceu, garvey, jschwab, frewen

211 Cute: gytemarija, KaT-85, nannie, miceu, annalynne, Antjelino, frewen

212 Christmas: bemyswaporpenpal, buebemami, Pihlakas, frewen, gytemarija, Antjelino

213 UNESCO: Michaela0705, sarahamina, Niklot, Catherine-leung, Jassy-50, jennifermuliadi, frewen

214 Christmas: buebemami, frewen, simplydeep, kotona, Antjelino, sakura8341, mondkind

215 Assortment of Sorts: jschwab, Pihlakas, KaT-85, frewen, miceu, Purpleway8, buebemami, sarahamina, Antjelino, Aljena

216 Women in Paintings: frewen, ValDrew, unsayablesoul, Purpleway8, gytemarija, jschwab, miceu

217 Christmas: gytemarija, Gafijka, KaT-85, Antjelino, buebemami, Smabbe, frewen

218 Lovers, Love & Hearts - the romantic envelope: frewen, KaT-85, TiaraXiara, kotona, WavyCactus, Catherine-leung, flexible_oval

219 Square: frewen, KaT-85, Smabbe, Pihlakas, Purpleway8, 96hsu, kotona

220 Angels: kotona, Purpleway8, flora1, gytemarija, frewen, buebemami, Smabbe

222 Ugly Duckling: buebemami, frewen, gytemarija, KaT-85, sarahamina, jschwab, garvey

223 Half’n’half (dogs/cats): frewen, gytemarija, KittyCatBee, simplydeep, Antjelino, KaT-85, jschwab

224 ABC - G: frewen, Aljena, Smabbe, simplydeep, jschwab, Niklot

225 10x10: frewen, lrp124, sarahamina, cj23, garvey, miceu, Purpleway8, Tremotina, Jassy-50, kotona

226 Ugly Duckling: buebemami, frewen, bemyswaporpenpal, gytemarija, Fishog, sarahamina, ValDrew

227 ABC - H: unsayablesoul, Aljena, Niklot, kotona, sarahamina, Smabbe, frewen

228 Lighthouses: chrissybaby, Fishog, flora1, sarahamina, franny59, HappySnail, frewen

229 Not My Country: frewen, sarahamina, Elaryen, Fishog, Niklot, Jassy50, kate0707

230 Seasonal: kotona, Pihlakas, Antjelino, buebemami, Purpleway8, Xiru, frewen

231 Multiviews: Niklot, sarahamina, Jassy-50, Antjelino, sakura8341, azzurri, frewen

233 Colour Spectrum - Multicoloured: KaT-85, sarahamina, HappySnail, Coffeedoff, Antjelino, fisherman, frewen

234 Transport: nannie, HappySnail, jum, frewen, ValDrew, catherine-leung, Niklot

235 Black & White: nathalie71, Tiny Spark, lrp124, frewen, Smabbe, HappySnail, edea

236 Moomins: Fishog, flora1, kate0707, frewen, kotona

237 Fantasy: gytemarija, Aljena, Cis_B, frewen, KaT-85, sakura8341, Tetsuko

238 Multiples: frewen, HappySnail, jennifermuliadi, Catherine-leung, coralfish, kotona, marina_k

239 Big Bag of Jumble: frewen, Purpleway8, sarahamina, Antjelino, buebemami, Tremotina, HappySnail

241 Buildings: Tremotina, Fishog, ValDrew, Antjelino, Catherine-leung, sarahamina, frewen

242 Single Views Big Mixed Envelope: Tremotina, TiaraXiara, flexible_oval, frewen, kotona, Antjelino, miceu

243 Books & Reading: dorod59, catcollector, ritvapeltola, miceu, fleixble_oval, buebemami, frewen

244 Maps: buebemami, frewen, sarahamina, austen777, jennifermuliadi, azzurri, Antjelino

245 Cute: gytemarija, nannie, nathalie71, Antjelino, miceu, HappySnail, frewen

246 Ad/Free Cards: frewen, gytemarija, moonflyinganny, HappySnail, Tetsuko, Fiona01406, Smabbe, Sanni87

247 Maxicards: Tetsuko, Aljena, Fishog, frewen, Fiona01406, coralfish, gytemarija

248 Illustrations: nannie, 96hsu, Tetsuko, gytemarija, Cis_B, KaT-85, simplydeep

249 Original Vintage: frewen, Purpleway8, gytemarija, dariasmith, sarahamina, WavyCactus, flexible_oval

250 Any Non-Tourist Card: gytemarija, frewen, HappySnail, buebemami, nathalie71, Fishog, fisherman, Antjelino

Archive of completed envelope groups 251-…


251 Books/Reading: gytemarija, catcollector, dorod59, sakura8341, frewen, miceu, QingHe

252 Big Bag of Jumble: Antjelino, KaT-85, TheCraftyLass, kotona, frewen, gytemarija, fisherman, Tremotina, buebemami

253 ABC - I: frewen, Aljena, fisherman, Smabbe, sarahamina, Antjelino, kotona

254 Cats - drawings and illustrations: Fishog, Antjelino, Jassy-50, Aljena, sunrider, gytemarija, frewen

255 Wish List: garvey, frewen, fisherman, sunrider, KaT-85, buebemami, Aljena

256 Alice in Wonderland: Aljena, gytemarija, flexible_oval, frewen, TiaraXiara, nathalie71Horace_Pickles

257 Folk Tradition and National Character: KaT-85, sarahamina, frewen, miceu, Antjelino, marina_k, Elcmae

258 Ugly Duckling: frewen, buebemami, HappySnail, gytemarija, KaT-85, Jassy-50, kotona

259 Not My Country: frewen, ritvapeltola, moonflyinganny, miceu, sarahamina, kotona

260 Food: frewen, HappySnail, buebemami, sarahamina, jennifermuliadi, gytemarija, moonflyinganny

262 Seasonal: frewen, KaT-85, Antjelino, sarahamina, buebemami, sapphire63, flexible_oval

263 Big Bag of Jumble: nathalie71, frewen, HappySnail, sunrider, Coffeedoff, Aljena, gytemarija, KaT-85, Antjelino, miceu

264 Assortment of Sorts: HappySnail, gytemarija, KaT-85, miceu, Antjelino, kotona, frewen

265 Fantasy: gytemarija, Cis_B, flexible_oval, dorod59, reuen, nekorin, frewen

266 Animals - paintings: gytemarija, Pihlakas, pinkstarfish, flexible_oval, sunrider, Fiona01406, frewen

267 Wish List: frewen, sarahamina, garvey, Aljena, simplydeep, gytemarija, kotona

268 Single Views Big Mixed: Tremotina, fisherman, frewen, Elcmae, Antjelino, garvey, sakura8341, miceu, sarahamina, kotona

269 Multiviews: frewen, TiaraXiara, Jassy-50, Niklot, claire2107, Antjelino, annalynne

270 ABC - J: frewen, Aljena, sarahamina, QingHe, Tetsuko, Smabbe, Catherine-leung

271 Maxicards: gytemarija, Aljena, Fiona01406, frewen, coralfish, sapphire63, Tetsuko

272 Not My Country: Edelweiss-, sylviaandlee, ritvapeltola, Elcmae, sarahamina, azzurri, frewen

273 Illustrations & Drawings: kotona, Reuen, Cis_B, frewen, gytemarija, sapphire63, DER

274 Buildings & Architecture: frewen, nannie, TiaraXiara, miceu, Fishog, Antjelino, garvey

275 Free/Ad Cards: gytemarija, sarahamina, Reuen, frewen, HappySnail, nannie, Tetsuko

276 Black & White: DER, sarahamina, Smabbe, HappySnail, KaT-85, frewen, garvey

277 Travel Recommendations: frewen, Elcmae, sarahamina, fisherman, maryellie, kate0707, Jassy-50

278 Maps: frewen, jennifermuliadi, buebemami, chlebek, sarahamina, Elcmae, Antjelino

279 Big Bag of Jumble: frewen, gytemarija, Fishog, buebemami, HappySnail, sarahamina, KaT-85, Antjelino, nathalie71

280 Single Views Big Mixed: frewen, Fiona01406, sarahamina, HappySnail, Elcmae, Fishog, Tremotina, Antjelino, fisherman

282 Cute: Catherine-leung, frewen, gytemarija, HappySnail, KaT-85, Antjelino, Man_dy

283 Food/Drinks: pinkstarfish, gytemarija, HappySnail, KaT-85, jennifermuliadi, kotona, frewen

284 Maps: Niklot, sapphire63, chlebek, frewen, miceu, jennifermuliadi, Elcmae

285 Big Bag of Jumble: frewen, fisherman, Aljena, Tremotina, HappySnail, KaT-85

286 Halloween: nathalie71, frewen, KaT-85, Antjelino

287 Big Bag of Jumble: KaT-85, gytemarija, Fiona01406, Fishog, sunrider, pinkstarfish, frewen, fisherman, Antjelino, nekorin

288 Cats - drawings & illustrations: sunrider, gytemarija, Smabbe, frewen, flora1, Fishog, kotona

289 Sweets, desserts & cakes: KaT-85, HappySnail, Cis_B, frewen, sarahamina, gytemarija, kotona

290 Fruit, flowers & berries: KaT-85, HappySnail, Pihlakas, frewen, coralfish, gytemarija, Antjelino

291 UNESCO: Jassy-50, frewen, Elcmae, sakura8341, kotona, maryellie, sapphire63

292 Big Bag of Jumble: gytemarija, sarahamina, mondkind, Sanni87, buebemami, frewen, miceu, fisherman, Fiona01406

293 Maps: Elcmae, frewen, buebemami

294 Keep Calm and…: Elcmae, frewen, flexible_oval, dorod59, Antjelino, kotona, pinkstarfish

295 Christmas: gytemarija, fisherman, Fiona01406, nathalie71, frewen, buebemami, mondkind, Smabbe, KaT-85, Antjelino

296 Meetup Cards: mchomka, fisherman, Niklot, edea, Edelweiss-, Smabbe, frewen

297 Big Bag of Jumble: frewen, KaT-85, Fiona01406, HappySnail, buebemami, fisherman, Edelweiss-, miceu, catcollector, kotona

298 UNESCO: FigureOfMerit, Jassy-50, Elcmae, frewen, DER, KaT-85, Tremotina

299 UNESCO: frewen, TiaraXiara, FigureofMerit, sarahamina, Jassy-50, afika, Edelweiss-

300 Christmas: nathalie71, frewen, Fiona01406, buebemami, gytemarija, flora1, flexible_oval, coralfish, sapphire63, Antjelino

301 Any Non-View Card: gytemarija, Fiona01406, buebemami, HappySnail, sunrider, kotona, frewen

302 10x10: frewen, kotona, kate0707, miceu, Edelweiss-, moonflyinganny, Tremotina

303 Ugly Duckling: buebemami, gytemarija, Fiona01406, HappySnail, moonflyinganny, KaT-85, frewen

304 Free/Ad Cards: Fiona01406, HappySnail, gytemarija, sarahamina, catcollector, edea, frewen

305 Postal-related: Fiona01406, frewen, buebemami, fisherman, gytemarija, kotona, TinySpark

306 Fantasy: flexible_oval, kotona, Antjelino, gytemarija, Cis_B, Smabbe, dorod59

307 Big Bag of Jumble: nathalie71, frewen, fisherman, sunrider, buebemami, Aljena, garvey, TiaraXiara

308 ABC - K: frewen, nathalie71, Aljena, Smabbe, Antjelino, kotona, maryellie

309 Big Alphabet: frewen, buebemami, sunrider, nathalie71, Aljena, fisherman, TiaraXiara, Antjelino, kotona

310 Free/Ad Cards: gytemarija, flexible_oval, catcollector, Zaara, Irishiis, sunshinehsv, frewen

311 Illustrations: kotona, gytemarija, flexible_oval, frewen, Gudanova_Irina, dorod59, nannie

312 Food - sweet or savoury: jennifermuliadi, sarahamina, HappySnail, pinkstarfish, gytemarija, buebemami, frewen

313 Maxicards: Nezabudka-Sofi, catcollector, coralfish, Fishog, Aljena, gytemarija, frewen

314 Single View Big Mixed: Fishog, Elcmae, Antjelino, miceu, fisherman, kotona, frewen, kate0707, Tremotina

315 Cats - Illustrations: dorod59, sunrider, Aljena, frewen, kotona, Fishog, gytemarija, catcollector

316 Travel Recommendations: Fishog, kate0707, Tremotina, sunrider, dariasmith, frewen, Irishiis

317 ABC - L: nathalie71, Aljena, simplydeep, Antjelino, Smabbe, frewen

318 Single View Big Mixed Envelope: frewen, fisherman, Fishog, Antjelino, FigureOfMerit, miceu, TiaraXiara, kotona

319 Illustrations: QingHe, flexible_oval, fisherman, frewen, Tiny Spark, sunrider, gytemarija

320 Fantasy: gytemarija, flora1, Cis_B, frewen, flexible_oval, Antjelino, Ane-mone

321 Not My Country: kotona, claire2107, frewen, annalynne, dorod59, TiaraXiara, miceu

322 Food: frewen, gytemarija, HappySnail, KaT-85, jennifermuliadi, flexibel_oval, kotona

323 Cats - illustrations: sunrider, gytemarija, flora1, frewen, simplydeep, flexible_oval, kotona

324 ABC - M: frewen, nathalie71, dorod59, Smabbe, Antjelino, fisherman, kotona

325 Meetup Cards: Niklot, fisherman, catcollector, simplydeep, Smabbe, frewen, Coffeedoff

326 Big Alphabet: frewen, nathalie71, kotona, sunrider, flexible_oval, buebemami, Antjelino, fisherman, garvey

327 Illustrations & drawings: gytemarija, flexible_oval, frewen, dorod59, sunrider, miceu, kotona

330 Illustrations & drawings: frewen, kotona, flexible_oval, sunrider, miceu, nannie, dorod59

331 Half’n’half - cat photos/cat illustrations: frewen, flora1, flexible_oval, catcollector, Smabbe, sunrider, kotona

332 ABC - N: nathalie71, Aljena, kotona, dorod59, Antjelino, Smabbe, frewen

333 Big Alphabet: kotona, frewen, buebemami, sunrider, Elcmae, nathalie71, Antjelino

334 Postal-related: Fiona01406, frewen, buebemami, fisherman, nathalie71, dorod59, Catherine-leung

335 Illustrations & drawings: nannie, gytemarija, TiaraXiara, flexible_oval, kotona, Cis_B, frewen

336 Illustrations & drawings: frewen, dorod59, kotona, gytemarija, flexible_oval, sunrider, pinkstarfish

338 Half’n’Half: Animals - photos/illustrations: kotona, Antjelino, gytemarija, catcollector, fisherman, sunrider, frewen

341 Summer: frewen, jum, kotona, Antjelino, nathalie71, Pihlakas, CCP

342 ABC - O: frewen, kotona, nathalie71, Aljena, meritahti, flexible_oval, fisherman

343 Big Alphabet: frewen, nathalie71, buebemami, TiaraXiara, Antjelino, miceu, kotona, jum

345 Ugly Duckling: gytemarija, buebemami, kotona, garvey, catcollector, sunrider, frewen

346 Halloween: nathalie71, KaT-85, Cis_B, frewen, flexible_oval, catcollector, Antjelino, Killewips

347 Big Alphabet: Coffeedoff, fisherman, Aljena, buebemami, frewen, nathalie71, Antjelino

348 Religious Buildings: buebemami, nannie, flexible_oval, frewen, Tremotina, Antjelino, miceu

351 Ugly Duckling: frewen, dorod59, buebemami, Killewips, KaT-85, flexible_oval, kotona

352 Square Cards: KaT-85, gytemarija, flexible_oval, kotona, Cis_B, Smabbe, frewen

353 Rainbow: KaT-85, Catherine-leung, Coffeedoff, flexible_oval, meritahti, frewen, fisherman

354 Ugly Duckling: annieZ, flexible_oval, buebemami, nannie, Coffeedoff, kotona, frewen

355 Christmas: frewen, Catherine-leung, flexible_oval, buebemami, Coffeedoff, Antjelino, gytemarija, mondkind

356 Christmas: mondkind, Fiona01406, frewen, KaT-85, buebemami, TiaraXiara, Pihlakas, flexible_oval

357 Alice in Wonderland: Aljena, nathalie71, frewen, pinkstarfish, gytemarija, TiaraXiara, flexible_oval

359 Postal-related: frewen, buebemami, fisherman, catcollector, nathalie 71, kotona

360 Cat Illustrations: sunrider, flexible_oval, frewen, catcollector, Smabbe, pinkstarfish, Antjelino

362 Food: GiantAnteater, buebemami, gytemarija, pinkstarfish, kotona, frewen, jennifermuliadi

363 Meetup Cards: frewen, shugal, catcollector, Coffeedoff, Smabbe, Niklot, fisherman

364 Big Alphabet: fisherman, buebemami, frewen, Coffeedoff, kotona, Niklot, KaT-85, Tremotina, catcollector, flexible_oval

365 Cute: frewen, KaT-85, Antjelino, gytemarija, kotona, pinkstarfish, sunrider

367 Animals: TiaraXiara, frewen, kate0707, Smabbe, flexible_oval, Antjelino, kotona

369 Snow & Winter Scenes: buebemami, pihlakas, Antjelino, KaT-85, kotona, Fishog, frewen

372 ABC - P: frewen, KaT-85, nathalie71, Aljena, Coffeedoff, fisherman, kotona

373 Big Alphabet Envelope: frewen, KaT-85, fisherman, Coffeedoff, Antjelino, kotona, flexible_oval, nathalie71, buebemami, pinkstarfish

376 Big Alphabet Envelope: nathalie71, fisherman, Niklot, catcollector, miceu, jum, Antjelino, Coffeedoff, buebemami, frewen

381 ABC - R: frewen, nathalie71, KaT-85, kotona, flexible_oval, Aljena

382 Ugly Duckling: kotona, pinkstarfish, Fishog, Irishiis, sunrider, Coffeedoff, frewen

383 Single Views A-Z: Tremotina, kotona, frewen, Fishog, Coffeedoff, Antjelino, Elcmae, buebemami

385 Meetup Cards: Niklot, catcollector, fisherman, sunrider, Smabbe, Antjelino, frewen

387 Any Non-Tourist Card: gytemarija, frewen, pinkstarfish, buebemami, fisherman, sunrider, kotona

Archive space reserved…

Now that I have taken care of “housekeeping” and transferred all necessary content (open groups, travelling groups, archive of completed envelope groups) to the new forums, please feel free to post your ideas, wishes, comments and updates here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley:

I would like to join #394 and #396 any seat.

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#240 has now started travelling…

i want join to Group 396

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I received an envelope from Nathalie71 for group 381 (letter R).

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updated :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

Group 377 sent today :grinning:

updated :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to join Group 396: Christmas, please

updated :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

:slightly_smiling_face: I received Group #385 and Group #387 today.

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updated :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to join Group 396 - Christmas on seat 5 please :santa:
many thanks :grinning:

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Group 240 arrived today and will be sent on tomorrow

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