Weird postcrossing experience - Jehova's Witnesses

Have you ever received very weird postcard/letter from here?

I had once very strange encounter (and I am here not very long). I received very nice postcard and a letter, all written in my mothertongue (Polish), but the person doesn’t seem Polish at all (so it was not my fellow Pole living abroad). There was not a word about learning my language.:pensive:
The letter started with many compliments (which makes me smile, it’s nice, when someone appreciates you, isn’t it?). But slowly after that there was whole full page about… God and Bible. Ok, people can have different hobbies and beliefs, who am I too judge? I just don’t like to be evangelized, that’s for sure.
Just a few words later… I was invited to visit official Jehova Witnesses page.

It was super weird, it was written in the way which should arise sympathy, but at the same time it didn’t seem sincere at all. It wasn’t a kind of letter which makes you feel connected to someone or happy. I felt more… manipulated?

Well, I guess it might be my weirdest experience so far, but now I am curious… Have something similar happened to you here?


You’re not the only one like that. According to the forum, other postcrossers received cards like that. I think you should report this person to admins because this is not the first case like that.


Please report this person to the admins. It is part of a pattern where Jehovahs Witnesses are misusing Postcrossing just to proselytize, since they can’t go door to door during the pandemic.


Actually, thank you for bringing that to everyone’s attention!! Postcrossing is a friendly site for users of all religions,places and races. Here we have a clear attempt to convert… These guys don’t stop to anything!! They always try to invent new ways to preach their religion… If this thing happens to me,I will definetely report this profile. They don’t care about sending and receiving postcards. They just try to lure you into their beliefs


I am not sure if this particular person doesn’t care at all about postcrossing. It seems to me that they enjoy receiving and sending postcard - my postcard seems to be carefully chosen, well captioned (on subject) and it’s matching my interests, at the same this person has a list of preferences and a wishlist full of postcards they want to receive.
I have more of a feeling that they just want to kill two birds with one stone.
Should I report them in this situation?


I think you should report it.
Postcrossing is no place for preaching and proselytizing!
I definitely would not want to recieve such a card, much less would I want my daughter, who’s also on Postcrossing, to recieve one.
If this user enjoys sending and recieving postcards they can do just that. But without trying to push their religious beliefs on others!


Yes please, we really don’t want those kind of postcards.


I think you have same experience with this postcrosser

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Ok, so technical question - how should I do it?
Is there any official contact sheet I don’t see for issues like this one or should I just write private message to one of the admins?

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Hi! The same thing happened to me. In my case, Ana saw it on the forum and contacted me, but you can reach the Postcrossing team on the Postcrossing site under Help → contact. There you can write a mail an explain what happened. Then they can talk to the Postcrosser and hopefully things like this won’t happen any more.


Exactly what @BrokkoliKatze said, you just need to send the admins a message here: Contact us

If I were you I would also report them. Best case scenario, they were honestly unaware of how it’s inappropriate to use Postcrossing that way, and will learn to use the site in a more respectful way. Or, conversely, they will simply stop using it because their original purpose was to further their religion/cult and now they’ll know it’s not allowed.


I just reported this, thank you all for your help!
I really didn’t know what I should do with it, I had very mixed feelings after receiving this official.
Thank you for sharing your suggestions.:+1:

I also changed the name of the topic to make it more searchable and reachable in case someone was looking for it (I bet me and @BrokkoliKatze are not the only people with this experience). Maybe it will help someone even if it will be closed.



I had the same experience as you a few years ago.
At that time, I didn’t know if I should report it, and I didn’t know how to do it.
Thank you. :wink:
If the same thing happens again, I will report it.

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Now that everyone knows what to do when they receive an “evangelising” postcard, I’m going to close this topic. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the Contact form, where you can get in touch with the team about these issues: