Religious spammer?

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or if it happens on a regular basis.
This month I received 2 cards from the same country. In both cases, it was the first card the person sent, and on both cards the text was about religious stuff and in one of the texts the person explicitly advertised a religious group.
(Un)suprisingly, both profiles are from differently named people, but with the same profile text and they live in the same place and signed up the same day.
I am a bit worried that there might be one person who just creates one account after the other in order to spread their religious beliefs?
The whole thing is very weird and I didn’t feel comfortable receiving the religion advertising message. Has that happened to any of you before or was it just bad luck for me?

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Did you receive the cards through the forum?

no, they were officials.

I did not have such a thing so far. If you feel annoyed, maybe you ask the support to take a look at the profiles and at the texts of your cards.

Hello dear @BrokkoliKatze,

I checked the profiles and I have informed the PC - admin team.

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This is of concern. I know in Canada since the pandemic has stopped door to door " spreading the word" Jehovahs Witness groups have been spamming with letters. I would hate to see this type of spamming occur via postcrossing and that’s exactly what this looks like


Thank you Jette!
@moneill you guessed the group correctly…


Wow…super strange. I hope this can be prevented!

Wow, that’s super creepy.
I hope the PC team can take care of it soon.
I really wouldn’t want to recieve a postcard with such a message, much less would I want my little daughter to recieve it.


Ugh, not happy to be right. I hope the PC team can look into this.
My experience with the Jehovah’s Witness is that this would likely be more than 1 or 2 accounts. I would bet that a group of accounts were created during a Witness meeting.
They would send 1 from each account to “spread the word” and to find out what happens. Are the postcards received and registered without comment? Are they negatively received? Do the accounts get closed? It’s a way to find out if this would be a viable way of spreading their message. If no pushback what a great way ( in their mind) of proselytizing.
Also, I suspect they would keep the addresses and then send out their literature ( although in some countries there is stricter laws about this so may not be a problem for all)


@BrokkoliKatze Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll follow up with you via email, so we can contact the members and let them know they shouldn’t be using Postcrossing for advertising. :disappointed: