Weird items

Has anyone received anything odd? I just received a postcard in an envelope with an empty candy bar wrapper.


That’s one way for them to dispose of their rubbish!


Maybe they thought you’d like the extra souvenir element but personally I think it is more likeable if the chocolate was still in the wrapper. My husband’s aunt once sent me an empty chocolate wrapper from her holiday because it had a snail on it and I kind of like snails but she thinks I am more into them than I actually am. Still, it was thoughtful of her…


I think it is interesting! I like food package postcards but would worry about sending a wrapper due to allergies. They may have thought you would like it because you mention cooking. Does it have a recipe on it?


I once sent an envelope with candy wrappers to someone in Russia on a different exchange site as that was her request. I had to find a pack of Japanese candies with nice wrappers to send for her.

Apparently, some people find them fancy and probably the sender of such items meant as something good to send along with a card.

To me, it is rather interesting, I do not find it odd, just unusual :slight_smile:


Some members like to send rubbish…literally.


Not uncommon. I believe this was sent as a kindness, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. Some Postcrossers want to send a souvenir of their country. They know that many people like and collect wrappers, either because they collect them specifically or because they enjoy looking at the differences between wrappers. Yes, in my years reading profiles, I’ve come across a number of Postcrossers who collect wrappers and packaging. And weird as it may seem, I’ve even sent it to someone who requested it in their profile (specifically, candy bar wrappers!). I drew their name for an Official card and they said in their profile that they would truly love to receive it, if possible! However, I personally never send such extras unless they have been specifically requested and I’m able to do it.

The best thing to do if you don’t want to receive such surprises in the future (wrappers, bus tickets, tea packets, used stamps, phone cards, ads, museum handouts – yeah, I’ve seen a lot!!) is to add a simple note to your profile:

“Please send postcards only, no envelope.”

You can further add “please do not send (specific items)”

Should you HAVE to add this to your profile? No. But if you really don’t want to get this stuff, and you have the space, there’s no harm in adding it. Otherwise, you may continue to receive “little extras” from time to time from well-meaning Postcrossers hoping to share a bit of their country with you.


Yes, lots of people collect candy & other food wrappers as souvenirs.


I’m not mad at it at all…just surprised…even tried to find the candy to order it and try it


Thanks…I didn’t know

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Were you able to find it? It looks interesting! Strawberry flavoured?


Awesome :star_struck: Maybe you’re discovering a new thing to collect! :wink:

This is a wrapper of glazed curd cheese bar in milk chocolate with strawberries. :drooling_face:


Ugh! I’d rather have the wrapper than the contents.

Hmmm, I found a malfunction wrapper sealed but without candy in the pack once, still saving it to send to somebody (too scared person would think it was used) :thinking:

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:laughing: I can eat this soft cream bars all day long! My fav dessert :heart_eyes:

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I think that person wants to send something nice/interesting thing about the country… It is a just extra :cherry_blossom:


It’s odd because your profile doesn’t request things like this. I received a tea bag (still wrapped) once. That was a surprise to me because I do not have anything requested in my profile either. An empty candy wrapper is funny & weird to me if it’s not requested by the profile.
As others have mentioned, I assume the intention is good? Did they mention it in their message to you at all? Still, some people do have allergies as another member said, so it is safer not to send items in an envelope unless requested.

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I agree, it’s best to only send items if the person requests them in their profile. I have ‘prefer no envelope’ in my profile as well.

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Earlier in Russia, sweets were a big shortage. At that time, many collected candy wrappers. Now some are sharing candy wrappers to show something from their routine life, unfamiliar to another.