Vintage postcard treasure trove!

My father sadly passed away last month, and my mother just sent me a box he wanted me to have. I opened it and found…
a thick stack of beautiful postcards in excellent condition from my great-grandparents, circa 1910!

OMG, everyone! I am so delighted — I will be going through them and posting photos of the best ones.

My Dad knew how much Postcrossing meant to me, and he arranged this surprise for after he was gone. I’m crying. This is so sweet 🥲

Edit: Thank you everyone for your condolences. Your kindness is very touching. :two_hearts: Pictures are in a post below in this thread.


Sorry to hear about your dad. But the good thing is that you have these postcards and that was something precious to him. Now that he has giving it to you always remember that you are more precious then anything else in the world. Cherish his memories and be happy. Are you planning to share them ?

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Yes, I would love to share pictures of them. It will take me a little while, though. Please stand by … :blush:

Thank you… that would be great. Its so nice to have these memories and those postcards with you.

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I’m sorry for your loss, @aerobear. I’m sure those postcards will be a quiet reminder of your father’s love. I have a collection of postcards from my dad, too, from when he was stationed in Europe in WWII. They bring me much comfort.


I’m sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great Dad to know that you would appreciate this collection.

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I am sorry for your loss @aerobear, but what a lovely surprise!

I myself would probably plastic seal one and carry it with me in my wallet or purse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m so sorry for your loss :sunflower:

And how lovely that surprise must be :heart:

Kind regards


I’m so sorry. I wish you strength in your loss. A great idea, everyone who receives a photo of such a card, reviewing it will remember your dad and your memory of him, along with his desire to make you even happier even after leaving! :pray:

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Here are some of the treasure trove postcards dated 1909 - 1914 that particularly caught my eye. It’s hard to see, but many are embossed (raised) designs, and many have shiny gold accents.

This one is my favorite:

There are valentines:

Birthday greetings:

Halloween, Christmas, and Easter:

Memorial postcards for my great-aunt who passed away, aged only 2 years and 6 months old:

There’s even an ad card! (too bad no one wants these :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:):

And a genuine schoolboy valentine from a teacher:

For fans of postmarks, there’s this very unusual multiple attempt to apply a flag design cancel:

There are many more postcards in this set. I will try to photograph them all and post here, if the forum has room and it is allowed. :heart:


They are wonderful, just a delight!


How wonderful :pray:t3:

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Because this topic is about postcards, I moved it to the postcard chat category :slight_smile:

Also, my condolences as well! But that is such a sweet surprise! I especially like the last picture for the funny message :smile:

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Oh my goodness, these really are treasures.


I’m so sorry for your loss :black_heart: - my father past away in May 2020.

Thanks for sharing your treasures. These cards are fantastic :hugs:

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They are beautiful

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Aww, many virtual hugs to you @aerobear Thanks for sharing this special story and these great postcards passed down from your paternal family line… Such a sweet parting gift from your dad, and a nice geneaology-through-postcards tradition to potentially share with future generations. :heart: Your great-grandparents did an A+ job starting the collection! Thanks again for sharing!

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My condolences, and thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m really touched that he left you these beautiful postcards. His love for you will always be there and these postcards will serve as a good memory. :slight_smile: Take care and hope that all will be well!

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What a gift! I have a large collection of 1910-1940 cards, and they are the best to send. I feel like sending one is finally fulfilling its purpose!! Add vintage stamps too :slight_smile:


So sorry for your loss. And how thoughtful your dad was to leave you such a treasure through a shared interest!
Perhaps you would visit your local museum to inquire whether they would like to exhibit your postcards so others could see them - before you mail them out? There is so much rich cultural history in such an exceptional collection.

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