V.e.r.y L.o.n.g Profiles

Have you ever got a profile so long that your eyes begin to glaze over?

So filled with their multiple achievements, countries visited, countries they intend to visit, languages spoken, ventures started, that you begin to think ‘who are you trying to impress, you or me’?

So much detail about all their children with their names and ages, and grandchildren, and pets with all their names and types and habits, that you are falling asleep?

Huge great long lists of what postcards they already have, none of which you have heard of? Followed by a great long list of expired cards?

And about 500? 800? 1,000 words down, they still haven’t said what kind of postcards they would like to receive?

I have.


Ah. That is my profile.

I am impressing myself every single day :slight_smile:



I had a good laugh reading your post. But well… I should hide quickly now as someone always hitting the max characters available for the profile text… :see_no_evil:

I don’t mind long profiles… when they’re formatted (paragraphs are sooo important)!!! Can’t stress this enough… please don’t write one loooong text without any paragraphs.


I fear mine is one of them :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I should add the names of my 19 tarantulas to it… ;D





I’d much rather read a profile that hits the character limit buffers than one which says

Hi, don’t care what you send, happy PXing dude

We’re all different. In fact the only thing we all have in common is that we are all unique.


P.S. My own profile is currently only at 2976/3000 characters. I need to find something to add that only takes me 24 characters to say…


I am curious. What are they called?

Jokes aside, I honestly prefer long profiles over short ones. Just write everything, the more there is the more chances for other members to find something to write about on the card. I have got some amazing comments on my profile, including so far three (3) people who have had the audacity to brag about their skills of whistling.

But I do admit I might be the reason why there is a character limit like I would never stop if there wasn’t one.



You and me both


You challenged me! :stuck_out_tongue: Flömm, Ikslem, Zirrus, Glöa, Tina, Textor, Obelix, Zerzi, Maja, Felicia, Rita and the rest is still up for spider godparents. :smiley:

Now seriously, I’m in with the “luckily there’s a limit” gang, I always struggle to put everything I want to say into 3000 characters. I guess that’s really hard for people who aren’t nearly as chatty as me…
Oh and I love your profile, it made me chuckle about what happened to you at the Finnish-Swedish border!


Maja and Flömm shall be my favorites!


I am also guilty of writing a very long profile…but there will never be a list of expired cards, I’ll promise! (And not only because there is that 3000 character limit…):wink:


Yes, I have and I like them very much, for they say very much about the interest of the person instead of being just a long order list.


Quote Michael Jackson:“I love you all!”


I will agree that sometimes I am not up to reading all 2000 characters in a profile. But if that person has a good formation and i can easily locate the likes/dislikes, I might read their tarantula names as well. Most probably won’t but I will at least find what is crucial at the moment: what to send or not send and maybe what to write.

Sometimes a “I dont mind receiving any postcard” kind of profile is a relief, compared to a loud one where you cant actually find the information needed!

I guess I’m not a reader… or a writer, rather an optical person here!


I do too have a long profile. :smiley: Mainly talking about my hobbies and the things i really like.


And me…

I think a profile should talk about the person and give a good impression of who you are sending to. I hope mine conveys that I am here for the connection and not to collect themes or whatever (though I added a hint that I like postcards that talk about places - which is not only viewcards, but mostly! - as I prefer people to send me that over a generic box set card if they have the possibility).

I once sent to someone who had dates of births of the entire family and location of work of their adult kids (well the city and the type of work, if I recall). I shivered so hard - I don’t think we are all so important to be stalked on a daily basis, but I would volunteer less information on the internet, rather than more…

I do get a bit bored of descriptions of families and pets but I am not a very family-oriented person and that still doesn’t tell me that much about the person. Having 2 kids and a dog is not uncommon so I need more to get a connection to the person.


I’ve seen them, in fact, I’m afraid mine is one - I try (I do) to write less and from time to time I take some things out - I’ve actually meaning to do so in a while. But I don’t know… more text keep comming and comming haha


Also, I’m afraid that my profile is one of those where you read and read and you still don’t know what I want, because what I want is a postcard, nothing more, nothing less. As I said, I do explain what is my preference but it is not in a prominent part of the profile, you have to read it to get there, and if you don’t I am not offended. The most important to me is where I say I like to learn about cultures and people, that should make you understand what I like most.

I have one “dislike” that is important to me so it is stated upfront because it is really the only thing that matters (phobia… even the spider emojis a few posts above made me jump), and a seasonal one because as much as I hate to tell people what to send or not to send, I also hate Chrismas cards :sweat_smile:


I actually don’t have any particular opinion on the length of profiles except that I find that length also reflects the personality of the person who wrote the profile. At the very least, a long profile gives the sender more ideas on what kind of postcards to send.

I also want to point out that short profiles aren’t particularly virtuous either. I’m not particularly verbose when the subject comes to myself and maybe that’s why I still get comments sent to me from people annoyed with my profile. I guess I can’t sound friendly enough for some people.


Ahhh, I love this. A very nice way to look at it :blush:

But I also figure that time has a part to play in it too. I’m still in the “Mygosheverythingaboutthisplaceisamazing” phase since I’m fairly new to Postcrossing. I don’t think it’d be too off to say that reading profiles has less of a wow factor the longer you’ve been active for some. Most? Who knows~