Using Postcards as Weapons

Europe is at war. Most of us are just spectators of horror, loss and helplessness. Let’s use our community to spread messages of hope and peace. It may sound corny, but words are powerful weapons! Suggestions welcome! Let’s fight this feeling of depression and defeat!


And with that blockage, you want to achieve what?
Block the hobby for the people of those countries; which are already being punished economically by the actions of their government.


I dont think thats the way to go…we should use our voices to get to people, not to isolate them!


We should find the address of the Russian and Belarus governments, and flood it with postcards asking for peace.


I agree.

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@meiadeleite @paulo are you keeping track of the PCers who are posting such nasty things? Are there any punishments being issued for it?


No, we write to people, not to countries!
Yesterday I was assigned to an adress in Russia - a 9 year old girl. What does she have to do with those aggressors who started this awful war? Why punish such innocent people?


Maybe it could be a nice idea to send support via postcards to the Ukrainian refugees (for those who have fled and have granted asylum) in few host countries. Of course there should be address of these refugee centres too

But perhaps it’s too early? Since what they need the most are now basic supplies. People in European countries have the advantages since their mails will travel faster, and there’s less restriction. That’s the only idea I can think of now

And yes, please, no more idea like “stop sending” postcards to this and that country because of political issue. It’s not relevant since we’re all here writing postcards to person not to a government body that wages war :dove:


I deleted your post.
As other users have written, we should stay in touch with the people and not punish them for their government’s mistakes.


I thought I had seen and read it all. But then I see this pitiful comment. It doesn’t sound corny - it is downright naive. Sorry…That’s not the way the world works. Too bad PostCrossing doesn’t have a “Thumbs down” emoji.


Tell me how your world works, please. Thank you.

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Mail service in many places is unreliable at this time; cards wont arrive for months, if at all. Be prepared for more expired ones if you choose to send now.


5 of my 10 travelling cards are on there way to Russia.
If admin can’t prevent Ru & Ukraine being selected for a while I and many others will quickly grind to a halt with no slots to send cards anywhere.
Its not personal just common sense.


@tesc FYI: I just received bunch of cards from EU which were sent on 22.02.2022, I think that if you sent cards around 22-24 February they managed to enter the country and now on the way to their recepients. As far as I know some EU post services are already closing shipments to Russia (like NL, because they don’t want to search for an alternative to avia route, but the other way Russia-NL is still open even)


We can’t prevent also: Tsunami in the area we send cards to; the ship with cards getting stuck in Suez channel, postman accidentally dropping one of the cards from the pile behind the table…


“Fighting the bad feelings” is a good idea. Not only Europeans, but also we from all of the world, should regard cards as the weapon against the feeling of depression from this sad situation. I agree with you and praying for the poor people…:pray:t2:

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I would never ever regard my cards or words as weapons, as weapons are meant to hurt.
So I already don’t like the headline.
Please don’t use postcards as weapons.
Use them as signs of peace and kindness.
Thank you.


I had two “hurray” messages from Russia just this morning. So there is hope :slight_smile:

There was another yesterday, plus I received two cards, one from Russia and one from Ukraine!


I’m hestitating now whether to send any postcards. If I get Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, I’m not sure if they find their way to the receivers.
As for the message to all people, also from the parts of the conflict, I’d rather send a big peace-to-the-world one… But again, I’m not sure if I should send any cards now.

If the post service in your country has ceased sending to those countries, then postal monitor gets updated and you will not get an address where you can’t send.

If they do not suspend post officially, then maybe check with your post service why? Did they forget to update their site, or do they believe postcards can reach.

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