USA: where to get matching postcards for fdoi

I just got so interested in making some fdoi next year but I’m so confused where to get some matching postcards. I know usps issue some oversized postcards for the stamps but I want to buy some of the normal size. It’s better to be exact the same picture as the stamps but those with the same theme is okay as well. Anyone has some suggestions for it? I probably won’t get a large amount, just 10-ish.

What is fdoi?

First day of issue?

Side note: I don’t think it’s that easy to find the exact design for postcards unless they are issued directly by the USPS. Similar themes should be easier to find

First day of issue. You can send postcards with certain stamps to usps and they’ll cancel them with special fdoi marks and send them back to you. It looks very interesting!

Yeah I think so. But do you have any suggestions on finding similar ones? I’m still not familiar with where to get postcards in America ;;

Unfortunately the USPS does not issue matching postcards for FDOI. Here is the most recent bulletin on how to obtain pictorial postmarks and FDOI. A new bulletin comes out every 2 weeks. I hope this helps.

You kinda just have to do the work and look around. Etsy will probably have the most variety of cards in general, or places like Redbubble where you can search by theme.

Thanks!! This really helps! I can get a general view of which fdoi I’m still able to request!

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I’m new to these FDOI. I’ve read all about them but will you help explain the process a little more to me at the meetup? :smiling_face:


Sure thing!

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Btw, hope you don’t mind if I ask one more question. I saw in the pdf those fdoi have a same address to send to. Can I send postcards for different fdoi postmarks in one envelope, assuming it’s all before their own due date?

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FDOI are only issued on envelopes. If you want more than one I would use a post-it/sticky note on each set of envelopes to ensure you are getting the ones you want. Pictorial postmarks can be issued on postcards.

I always send separate envelopes for each style of FDOI traditional (black and white) postmark I request. I figure that following the directions as they printed them helps things move smoothly once my envelopes of postcards arrive at the stamp services building. I usually prepare about 5 postcards for each postmark to make it feel worth the effort (one to be sent to myself and the rest to be sent to others for swaps or games the forum). By indicating on the envelope which stamp issue I’m sending in for I am guessing they sort them and hand stamp once they have several envelopes asking for that same postmark. I just want to make it as easy as possible for the USPS workers who are providing a free service.

Here are postcards with some FDOI postmarks that I got back recently (so I sent 4 separate envelopes to the Stamp Fulfillment Services address to do these):

You might like the Maxicards Chat thread to see how other people pair stamps and postcards when there aren’t exact matches available:

Special shoutout to @pcronn who taught me how to do all of this cool FDOI stuff :grin:


Thanks for the correction. The FDOI directions said envelopes whereas the pictorial postmarks said postcards or envelopes. I’ve only done pictorial postmarks.

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Dunno if the reply will work, but how long does it usually take for an FDOI request to come back? I sent out one for snow globe stamps later in December but haven’t got it back yet. Is it normal?

Mine took over 3 weeks last year to get them back. I wouldn’t be worried yet considering holiday delays etc.

Tysm marora! I’ll wait for another week to see if it comes back.

It can vary quite a bit. I know @SilverHare sent me a few different FDOIs last year weeks apart and they all arrived in the same day :sweat_smile:

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For digital color postmarks, do I have to send at least 10 postcards together for request? Also, I’m curious about how to submit a credit card for payment. Should I just write the card number in the envelope?

If you go to under the “newsletter” click and there is an article how to get the lunar postcard and stamp and first day cancellation, if you are interested in that one.