[USA] How many forever stamps for international mail?

Do I just use the current value of the stamps? Like right now forever stamps are 60 cents and international postage is $1.40 so 2 forever stamps and a 20 cent stamp will work? What about when rates change? Does whatever the current value of the forever stamp count or the value when i bought the stamp?

There are so many cool stamps i want to use. I will keep using the postcard stamps for in country mail because i dont want to overpay postage. I’ve been just using global forever stamps because its simple but I want to send fun stamps too.

Thanks for the help and happy Postcrossing

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As long as they add up to enough you can use pretty much any stamp you like.


The forever stamp has always the current value regardless when you bought it. Just make sure you know the current rate in order to combine stamps up to the value of required postage


That will work. I am nearing the end of my $0.20 stamps. But I have loads of 15c and 5c stamps on hand.

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According to my post office they don’t make the .20 ones any more. I bought a bunch of .10 to make up the amount. I don’t know if 4 stamps will fit on a postcard but the stamps are cute so it’s worth a try.

I love the .20 rabbits and use them often


But the rabbits are worth 24 cents (?) now, so you’re overpaying.

I got the 24 cent rabbits. I’m going to see if i can get 20 cent stamps on etsy or ebay

Let’s assume you buy a bunch of forever stamps at 60 cents now. Next price increase, the cost for mailing a 1 oz letter domestically might go up to (let’s say) 65 cents. You can still use the forever stamps.you bought for (only) 60 cents to mail a domestic letter.
Let’s stay with an assumed new rate of 65 cents for forever stamps and international rate does not change, but stays at $1.40.
That would mean you would only have to use two forever stamps with an additional 10 cent stamp in order to mail internationally.

As other have said, you can use any combination of older stamps to make up the current rate.


That’s the wonderful thing about forever stamps they are forever at whatever the current cost.


You can order the rabbit stamps on the USPS website , they aren’t 20 cent stamps, they are additional ounce which means they will be valid for the current rate of additional ounce at the time you mail them. Now they cost .24 cents. Plus many other designs are available now and might make it worth your time to order on the website and pay the shipping costs if you order enough. You can also pre-order the new designs that will be released and they will ship them to you when they are released and charge you then. There are really nice designs of the older monetary stamps on Etsy and eBay but I have yet to ever find any at face value always have to pay more plus their shipping cost.


The only time I ever use the exact amount for international rate is if I use an international stamp.

Otherwise, I always put too much postage, and I’m okay with that.


Thank you. That really clarified it.

I am not sure how much a stamp is anymore. Why because of the forever stamp. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My stamp combinations for international postage depend on what rate forever stamps and other stamps are worth (e.g. the Butterfly stamp rate doesn’t work for me right now). Here are my combinations for the international rate as of July 10, 2022:

  • 2 forever stamps PLUS 2 pear stamps
  • 1 sunflower bouquet PLUS 1 postcard stamp PLUS 1 pear stamp PLUS 1 lemons stamp

If the way I’m decorating or labeling the postcard makes it hard to fit four stamps, I’ll use a global. I happen to like the African Daisy stamp.


Anything that says ‘forever’ on it is worth whatever the current rate for that level of postage is regardless of what you paid for it.

Anything with a number on it is worth that many cents, again regardless of how much you paid for it.

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Yes, this is precise! This will work until the rates increase again.
I may use 2 forever + a 20 cent, or you forever send, then multiple tiny stamps and I keep going until $1.40

Now wouldn’t that be great …

(it’s $0.24 or 24¢)

Current value always available on the USPS homepage!

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Do you mean the bush rabbit ones? Mine say “additional ounce” and on the USPS site it says the stamp can be used for what it’s value is printed on the stamp - so I was wondering if if could only be used as an extra ounce or if it would be ok to use as a 20 cent stamp