[USA] How many forever stamps for international mail?

The “additional ounce” stamps are worth 24 cents right now, so 2 60-cent (domestic) forever stamps + a rabbit would add up to $1.44 You’d be paying an extra 4 cents, which is absolutely fine :blush: As long as your stamp combination adds up to at least $1.40 you are good to go for international mailing of a postcard or an envelope weighing up to 1oz


Thank you so much! I know someone explained it above but it still was not clicking :slight_smile:

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I buy 20’s at eBay, but honestly an extra 4¢ with the rabbit stamp in cases where there’s not enough room for two tens shouldn’t be a problem. I prefer various three x 15¢ on domestics these days over barns and coral.

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24c stamp and yes it’s ok

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Me too. I don’t like our post ard stamps at all.

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I use this site to help me calculate how much postage I need to use based on what I have on hand. It’s been super helpful over the years and they update it every time the postage rate changes in the US. The information at the bottom will tell you the last time it was updated, too.


I order huge batches of uncancelled stamps from Etsy sellers, and when I draw an address for someone whose profile says they’re nuts about stamps, I go nuts with them myself. I also keep a load of International Globals on hand to add it all up. Ironically, when the rate changed this month, it went from “2 forevers plus 20 cents” to “2 forevers plus 19 cents”, just based on the math and the different rate increases for domestic and international.

I just popped on here to confirm that “going over” was ok. I had put about 5 stamps on for a stamp lover in Estonia, and when I scanned the back for my “digital stamp collection”, I noticed one of the 10 cent stamps had been cancelled. It wasn’t noticeable until I scanned it. So I added a whole other domestic postcard stamp to make sure it had enough - but now it has much more than enough. I just hope that older used stamp doesn’t cause any problems - that USPS will see that I have more than enough postage even without it! That is my first card to Estonia. Fingers crossed!!

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PS - Timsie - thanks for the link - cool site!

I really, really love that African Daisy stamp. I always use it unless the person I drew specifically says they want stamps.


Takes up way too much room as far as I’m concerned.

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Yes, I agree with you. I try not to be difficult or complicated. I just used the forever Global stamps to send. I have to factor in pricing and using an ambudance of stamps that will not fit on the postcard and hinders deliverance to the receiver.

Yes, I like simplicity. Anything else we can become direct exchange partners where we get each others address and mail things periodically or as you see fit. One stamp they are becoming expensive.

Going to overpay by a few cents but this is what I’ve come up with the January increase:

2 Forever ($0.63 x 2 = $1.28)
1 School Bus OR Brush Rabbit ($0.24)

adding up to $1.52

I did it this way so I can have a variety of forever stamps yet not take up as much real estate as the pears did before this increase. Hope this helps someone.