(USA) How do you fit multiple stamps on a postcard (usually 4) for sending globally?

Forgive me if this has been asked - i did a quick search and couldn’t find a similar question. I feel like a noodlepansy but I am struggling sometimes to fit my 58+58+10+5 (I know this is more than $1.30) on a single postcard. I recently got excited about the Message Monster stamps because they were some of the least boring/hideous I’d seen in a while. So i may have over ordered. Come to find out that they are quite huge. Are you allowed to slightly overlap stamps on a card or does that make them invalid?

(I would typically use one “longer” .58 cent + one square .58 cent+ square 10 and 5. I have a roll of those old US flag stamps that I’m trying to get rid of, but i want to allow for some variety of stamps. But the Monster stamps are way bigger than typical long stamps)

(I refuse to buy USPS Global stamps because they are IMO incredibly dull.


I line them up across the top from right (biggest) to left (smallest) before addressing or writing anything, I feel the irregularly large stamp pain!


haha I eventually learned to do that method and it saved me from using stamps that were just too big for the particular shape, but im worried ill never find a way to use these Monster stamps on a postcard. eeps!

I fit four stamps across the top of the card/envelope:
► Two $0.58 stamps
► Either $0.10 + $0.04 or $0.13 + $0.01 or $0.08 + $0.06

I usually try to get Vertical stamps to use on cards; the current Lighthouse series is excellent. The same for the stamps to make up the $0.14…vertical if possible. But I will use horizontal stamps too; I just position them vertically.

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(1) I hadn’t tried putting vertical stamps horizontal, perhaps that will work although these monsters are pretty long and fat
(2) I hadn’t seen the lighthouses! Perhaps i shall overcompensate and overbuy those :smiley:

I buy the Lighthouse stamps thru USPS fulfillment in Kansas City. In 3-5 days the stamps are delivered to my box.

I suppose you could start small so the monsters take the lion’s share of the writing area

Good topic! And I agree the pink carnation global stamps are ugly. I usually do two or 3 on one line if there is a good description written on the top. I also print labels with a 9 or 10 size because my handwriting is poor. Stamps posited first, then the label.

I use the Message Monsters on envelopes, or solo for USA destinations. When I’m using larger stamps for international destinations I try to use a larger postcard (5x7, rather than 4x6).

I also use the large stamps for postcards that will have short addresses 4 lines or less, like German addresses, so there will be enough room under the stamp for the address.

I think, even more than large stamps, long addresses (6 lines or more!) are problematic! :laughing:

How I love Irish addresses! Short and sweet, in most cases! :green_heart:

As I try to always use special stamps - and they are sometimes HUGE - the best advice I can give: first stick the stamps, then write the address. Also, for me anyway, if I cut out the printed addy, it is more compact, than if I handwrite. I always print it out as small as possible.

I hope that helps somewhat! :slight_smile:

I love the monster stamps and usually combine them with smaller stamps. Also put the vertical stamps horizontally if needed to fit everything


You can place stamps sideways or attach them vertically or horizontally. As long as you are not covering the barcode clear zone, that’s fine.

You probably know that we, in the US, need to leave the bottom right area blank for the mail sorting machine to print a barcode on. It is called “Barcode clear zone”

When something is written within or a stamp or a sticker covers the clear zone, the mail sorting machine would “spit out” the postcard. It will be processed manually. Postal worker may attach a yellow sticker on the postcard to print the barcode on it. This will causes a little delay.


I’ve been lining up occasional cards with stamps on a diagonal.


You only need 3 forever stamps when sending internationally on a postcard whether large or small size.
I just affix them right across from the upper right to the left.

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Friends…is this a safe space? I…I didn’t know you could put stamps into the “non address side” as shown by @DianeM . I feel like a total moron.

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Sometimes, unless the recipient has asked not to, I put the card in an envelope because it gives me plenty of room for interesting stamps. Some folks prefer an envelope, and they get rewarded with more interesting stamps!


I bought the monster stamps too and had no idea they would be HUGE lol. I’ve only used them once on a bigger postcard and they fit perfectly, but i’m nervous to use them on smaller ones. I sometimes wish they didn’t put writing on the back so i could do them in a row, but i guess it just gives the postcard more charm and character :relaxed:

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i bought these stamps the other day and i think that they are super cute but i only use them for US post cards and for my snail mail because they just don’t fit sadly

Also those Caffee Latte square forever stamps have come in CLUTCH for exactly those situations where i needed to cram a ton of stamps in a corner. might get more of them.

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I know right, why are they so ugly?! If there’s one thing i watch for ever year it’s if they’ll finally update the global stamp design to something fun.

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