US Proposed Price Increases - 7/09/23

The US Postal Service has announced an upcoming price increase, effective July 9, 2023, if reviewed favorably by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

See the press release by USPS.

Domestic postcards move from 48¢ to 51¢.
Letters move from 63¢ to 66¢.
International postcards and letters move from $1.45 to $1.50.


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why they made the postcard stamp 51¢ instead of an even 50¢ bothers me the most haha.

time to rethink all my stamp combinations again :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thank you for letting us know about this, I am planning on using travel mode in New York in October.

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I think it’s a 3 cent increase across the letter/postcard sections

Singapore’s local mail now costs 31 cents (1st local) for 20g and 38 cents (2nd local) for 40g - which is a pain because there aren’t any 1 cent/3 cent stamps :rofl:

(It used to be 30 and 37 cents. The price increased this year because our Goods and Services Tax was increased)

If I don’t have the local stamps, I overpay by using 5 cent stamps :joy:

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Big surprise…not. They are getting like the insurance companies with 6 month premium increases.


Eek! We just changed the signs at work, too! Oh well… Time to stock up on more Forever stamps, then!


Fully agreed on that! Will have to add a 1¢ to two 25’s from current 2¢ overpay.

Two Forever + 20¢ going from 1¢ to 2¢ overpay not a problem to me.

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i’d read this earlier today. and after thinking, the usps is to be a “service” to people in the country, not a business. with increasing prices, people will use the “service” less. do not know why the postmaster general dejoy is still there.


I just thought: “We shouldn’t be asking usps for a postcrossing stamp, by the time they actually give it to us, stamps will be so high, you will need to take out a loan”

But seriously, they need to calm down with the price increases every six months, I believe last time this happend I read that at one point one guy who worked for usps (postmaster general? I cant remember who?) said that the people have to be fine with them aggressively increasing prices. I agree with @samquito , they shouldn’t be running this the way they are, its the United States Postal SERVICE, not a business that should waste their time making Pillows


good thing i have about 300 1¢ stamps from the roll at my disposal haha :sweat_smile:

such a missed opportunity to have a combination of a $1 stamp + postcard stamp = international postage without over paying that 1¢, though.

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I’m already using 2 Forever stamps and the additional ounce stamp for a total of $1.50 AND I just bought a 100 coil of domestic postcard stamps :slight_smile:

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Frequent and regular price hikes while the quality of service continues to diminish. :frowning:


Why do they even pretend like it maybe it won’t happen.


Essentially going through the motions…

As confusing as it was, I wish mail to Canada would be less than the international price. My mail gets processed in Detroit and I could drive over the bridge into Windsor ON in an hour…


I like to think about it in terms of “everyone gets the Canada price” in order to keep my spirits up :smile:

Guess I’ll stock up on Forever Stamps before July! Only issue is there are always new stamps I want to buy. Of course those are usually letter stamps, not postcard stamps - they don’t have many of those to choose from.


Has anyone determined whether the extra ounce charge is changing?

It’s in the USPS press release linked in the original post - no, thankfully it will stay at 24¢. I foresee many more three ounce letters in my mailbox :smile: