US Charles Schultz Discontinued?

Already?! It was just released this Fall!


What?! Oh no! Hopefully they’ll reappear…didn’t the Shel Silverstein stamps pop in and out of availability a couple of times?

Looks like press sheets are still available:


What are press sheets? I’ve always been curious, but didn’t have anyone to ask! Are they normal stamps? :relaxed:

Press sheets with die-cuts are normal stamps, just not separated into sheets of 20. So the Shultz press sheets with die-cuts is like 6 sheets of stamps on one big panel. Press sheets without die-cuts can’t be used as stamps because they haven’t been cut into the stamp shapes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could they be sold out? That happens sadly.

My guess is that they’re sold out.

Otters in Snow isn’t available anymore either.

They had Otters yesterday online. I should have bought them then.

I did see this one is now on their website. :heart_eyes_cat: :dog:


Not quite correct. All U.S. stamps issued in press sheets without die cuts can be used for postage. All you need is a pair of scissors.


@richardlater - Have you tried that with USPS stamps? The listings for the press sheets without die-cuts specify “The stamps on these sheets do not contain perforations for mail use,” which doesn’t specifically forbid trying, I guess? Do people do that with Canadian stamps (which I only ask because it looks like that’s where you live)? From my understanding, the press sheets without die-cuts are for collection purposes, not for mailing, but maybe someone with experience working for the USPS could shed more light on the topic. @GonePostal1840 - do you have knowledge about this? Can someone buy a press sheet without die-cuts, cut the stamps apart themselves and use it as valid postage?

Edit to add: Now I’ve been reading up trying to find info on the topic…

Here some people talk about cutting them to use as postage:

This post sums up my previous understanding: “Imperf No Die Cuts are more for display/framing because it was never meant for use.

Die cuts were meant for use so it’s easily separated.”

Here’s a good article about press sheets:

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They still have a lot of related merchandise in the store

I see that the the Charles Schultz WITH die cuts is still available (about 4:45 pm EST)

As for stamps with no die cuts or perforations:

As far as I can tell you can cut the stamps out and use them individually or in multiples. I cannot find a single prohibition in the DMM. The only things you CANNOT cut out are the stamps found on PRE-stamped envelopes, cards, and aerogrammes. A member at the Stamp Community Forum which you linked to actually showed an example of how he used stamps cut from a press sheet to pay for a certificate of mailing. I have cut stamps from nonperforated press sheets for decades to use for postage and never had a problem. This is not to say you will have the same experience as you might get a postal employee who has misread the DMM or someone who just wants to give you a hard time. It has been mentioned in other philatelic forums.

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Thank you @GonePostal1840 and @richardlater for teaching me something new! I think I’ll stick with the perforated stamps simply for the convenience and, yes, to avoid potential drama at the post office :sweat_smile:

@adriennefriend - I was mistaken and you can use the press sheets without die-cuts as postage if you want to cut them yourself!


Check an out of the way/little used/obscure post office. I did the other day and they still had stamps from years ago that no longer are on the website, such as the 3D/lenticular T. Rex stamps and the Moon Landing stamps.


This seems to imply that they’re sold out needing to run more, but don’t want to take backordered sales. But, I’m new at USPS ordering …

I’m sure it will be back in stock soon. It hasn’t been 3 months since the stamp release and 50 million stamps are being printed.


How did you go about seeing the inventory? Were they still on display in the glass case, or did a postal clerk let you go through the binder? My local (small) post office is so unhelpful anytime I want to see what they have.


No, they just had a b&w xerox of various stamps they still had taped on the counter of the Goldenrod, FL, post office.

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I encounter this way too frequently myself. It is USPS policy to cooperate with collectors, however. Speak with the postmaster next time.


Discontinued. Shouldn’t it say out of stock instead!

Damn lucky that I asked my friend in the US to buy me a sheet.

We still have the Charlie Browns in stock at my workplace. : )
Maybe call your local post office?