Unusual requests from postcrossers

I once got the address and profile of a person in New Zealand. On her profile she said to only send her touristic postcards. If one does not have or does not want to send an touristic postcard she would not one any postcard at all. Instead she asked to e-mail the ID number and she would register it.
That seemed really odd to me.


I only can remember once, when I got a profile asking to tape a small denomination coin to the postcard.
To be honest, I didn’t fullfilled the request, not because I though it was too much, but I wanted to prevent my card getting stuck in the sorting machine, here or there.


The most unusual request I ever saw was: “Please send me the exact same card I have already received from someone else”


I think soil from my country. A small sample like 5-10 grams.

In my profile, I never request for coins, bus tickets, train tickets, cinema tickets, movie or cinema flyers and magazine/newspaper clippings. Sometimes they arrived containing such items beside the postcard.


I have a request for unusual postcards on my profile and so far I’ve received a coaster postcard and today I received a scented postcard from Russia! I’ve also sent wooden cards to people.


The craziest request I can remember was a piece of toilet paper.Maybe there are really so many different types worldwide that it is worth collecting them.


Maybe that postcrosser was preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, I’m sure toilet paper will be in high demand then.
Remember the early days of our current pandemic…


I saved the Hello Kitty themed toilet paper (as well as other Hello Kitty amenities) from my flight aboard the EVA Air Hello Kitty airplane just in case a Postcrosser ever requests that.



My most unusual requirement was the 33rd card from Post card collection.
That was easy and a random Choice.
Great Idea.


Do you mean, like taking the 33rd postcard you find in your stash and sending it?

That’s a neat idea, and guaranteed to offer a variety of results! :smiley:


I had such a profile too recently! I was asked to choose the 18th card of my unwritten cards. :smiley:


Here in the United States at tourist locations (zoos, some museums etc.) They have these machines where you put a penny in (and usually 2 quarters to pay for it) then turn a lever and it smashes the penny flat with a design on it from the place that you visited. My son LOVES these things!

  • Is this something that is only found in the United States?

  • I know I could mail this to someone in an envelope, but do you think it would arrive if I used packing tape to affix it directly to a postcard (completely sealed over in tape)?

Anyone up for a little postal experiment if you think the tape route might have a chance of working? :rofl:

Here is a picture of a flattened penny that we made last weekend for reference


No, we have them in Germany, too. :slight_smile:

Pfff possible, but risky approach! I have gotten a coin package inside a postcard, though. It was a normal card with a piece of paper glued on it and between them, there was a coin. Worked well!


Not only US (and Germany, as @Axolotl_ replied first), but these machines are little bit all over the place. Collecting them is an actual hobby, counted as a branch of numismatics. These are sometimes called with a fancier term: Elongated coins. I have several somewhere here, although I was more interested on collecting the souvenir coins than press my 5 cents coins :smiley:

I would recommend to send them in envelope, taped on something so it doesn’t move and tear open the envelope. I feel like taped on postcard could be risky as the machine might pull it off (and it is metal so it could in worst case even broke the machine), but technically that could work too I guess.


Yes, I think you are right. I have sent coins that way before, and all have arrived. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that’s very odd also. It’s completely against Postcrossing rules.


I ask for a little drawing of rabbit.

I received 100+ if not 1000. Some users draw more then one rabbit. And received them in all kind of seizes, colours, driving a car, dancing rabbit, eating cake rabbits…

Yes - makes me realy happy.

If postcrossers ask me to draw something, cat dog tree crocodil etc I usualy do.


I have a bunch of these. We get em at the zoo or aquariums


I ask for a little drawing or doodle. I rarely get one but if so, it makes my day. I more a back side of the postcard type of person. Some even let their kids do the job, which I love!

The strangest request I got, was to chose one of the worst ones I have got in my stash. The odd ones, I wouldn’t normally want to send.
I found it intriguing, as this is a total taste thing. They probably get a big variety of stuff as every other Postcrosser on here.


I once sent a candy (my ex-boyfriends favourite kind) taped to a postcard, it worked well but mailed it only inside Germany. I think it might work, but it is risky, but if you need a testen opject I’m happy to help you. In Germany they a very common, but also available in other countries. I collecting them already for quite some time. My faves are the ones from zoos