Unusual requests from postcrossers

Hello postcrossing friends! :hugs:

We all are so different, we live in different parts of the world, but we are united by a common wonderful hobby!

Sending a new postcard is often like a small quest: explore the page, choose a suitable postcard, write kind words. Sometimes the quest is complicated by a blank profile, and sometimes the postcrosser’s wishes make you smile :upside_down_face: Someone asks you to use a pen of a certain color, someone prefers postcards in envelopes, someone asks to enclose a dried plant, someone asks to cut a box of national sweets to the size of a postcard or to send any postcard, but of a certain color.

What extraordinary requests did you encounter?


Before Postcrossing, I had no idea that people had such an interest in fruit stickers! :smile: I now think twice when peeling them off my apples and tossing them into the trash. I love the idea, though–some are quite cute and show regional varietals of sweet treats! :apple:


I had a lot profils that asked for used national bus, train or concert tickets. People really collect all kind of things. :sweat_smile:


Someone recently asked on their profile what color of pen you were. :smiley: I went for purple and asked them what color they were as well. They said they were blue. :blue_heart:


I would count my request for real bird feathers quite unique I think. Already received quite some.

this was extraordinary

also already received the request for seeds or chocolate wrappers, pieces of fabric, …


Once I got a profile of someone collecting cat food lids - like this one:

And I met some people collecting beer coasters / Bierdeckel. Luckily you can get some great ones in our region!


Teabags is one I’ve seen quite often, and actually 2 or 3 times received although I haven’t asked for them.


I tend to ignore requests for non postcard items unless it is something like a fruit sticker or bus ticket that can be affixed to the card itself. Nowadays most places don’t have physical bus tickets, it’s all electronic or with a reloadable card. When I do go somewhere with physical bus tickets, I always save them for Postcrossers who request it!

I do love weird and unusual requests for postcard themes though. I have amassed a huge variety of postcards over the years and have fulfilled some unusual and very specific requests. I had a card of the hydropower station under Snoqualmie Falls which I bought on a trip out to Snoqualmie which sat in my box of blank cards for about six years before I drew a profile that requested hydropower stations! I was overjoyed to finally send that card. :heartpulse:

I’ve also had requests for the Fremont Troll and for Kurt Cobain specifically – both are from my city so I was able to fulfill those requests too.

Being able to fit those unusual and specific requests is my favorite part of Postcrossing. :grin:


Recently I pulled a profile where the user asked to see your favorite color of nail polish on the back of the postcard. I had never seen that request before and couldn’t resist sharing my favorite color with her. I love when I pull a profile with an unusual request; I can’t always fulfill them, but it is a lot of fun when I can.


Oh i’ve done that before too! Not on request, but the receiver wrote in their profile that they enjoyed nailart (I do too)


I remember from another thread that one profile asked for a spritz of perfume on their cards.


I’ve never thought to do this. I wonder did it still smell when it arrived?


No idea. But I went out and bought a bottle of rose perfume that is famous for its nuclear scent cloud just in case I ever draw a profile that asks for a spritz!


I had such a profile and put some of mine on it! I don’t remember what she said about it, though.

My former mailwoman apparently had very strong perfume, at least one of my cards still smells like it after months!


I remember such a request too as well as a woman from Ukraine want people to kiss the card with favourit lipstick


I remember one card I got which smelled like if it had fallen into a tub of perfume.
It wasn’t the perfume of my mailwoman but also not from the sender (unfortunately; as it smelled absolutely perfect for me, I had to ask ^^). The card came from Spain, was traveling around two weeks. Only that card had the smell, not the others in my mailbox.
So I think (but of course I could be wrong) it must have happened somewhere between Spain and our local mail center.


Maybe this card was in a bag with package with some perfume :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think after reading this post some postcrossers may find the demands amusing…and then consider them a good idea worth updating their profile. :sweat_smile:


You really knew it all along! :wink:


What an interesting topic!

I haven’t update my profile yet, but I was planning to write something about pen colours, haha! As a visually impaired person, I can’t really see some colours (like yellow, very light green etc.) :’D

I’ve seen many times that people collect coins or teabags. I haven’t send any of them.