Unusual places you wrote postcards from…

What a wonderful idea for a topic and what awesome places you all have been and written cards!
I wrote some cards while in hospital for a few days. Kept me busy and distracted.
The most beautiful spot was in a beach house on the coast if the Netherlands, while the sun was going down.


Penarth Pier, Wales, UK


At a restaurant in Hierthals, northern Denmark. We arrived by ferry from Norway and had to take a train after eating lunch. In the morning I had two free spots in my list, so I bought postcards on the ferry (had to decide between the ship itself or some really… interesting goblin fantasy art?), then used the restaurants wifi to get the system to understand that I’m in denmark, wrote my cards, ran to the supermarket, got some help from a postman who happened to stand behind me in line to get the right stamps from the confused cashier (I get it, how many people write postcards from Denmark), put the stamps on the cards, gave it to the postman and hurried to the train station. They arrived two days later.


I wrote my first 5 postcards in the post office on the windowsill, while outside (in winter, December 20) there was a long queue of people who wanted to get inside with masks on their mouths and noses.
In 2022, from October 19 to December 29, I wrote postcards at the Oncology Center in Riga.


In a bivouac in a snowstorm, on some construction scaffolding at night, under a truck near a glacier and in an underground bunker.


I love the inspiring travel edition of “where have you written postcards from”.

I have written cards at my doctor’s office whilst in the waiting room after getting allergy shots. I have to wait for at least 30 minutes afterwards to ensure no serious reactions so I write cards or listen to my audiobooks to pass the time.

I have also written cards at the Ottawa Train station lounge whilst waiting for the train back to Toronto.


Yay :grin:! Looking forward to seeing what fun places you attempt!

Greenland? Color me green :laughing:! You sound adventurous!

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I am a sucker for unique mailboxes! This one is fun :star_struck:!

Last year during our holidays I wrote postcards on the top of Snow Mountain (Sněžka in Czech language and Śnieżka in Polish language) at a height of 1602m :mountain: We climbed up the mountain from the Polish side, but at the Czech part of the mountain peak is a post office!

And we visited the post office of the United Nations in Vienna where I bought postcards and stamps (special UN stamps) and then wrote the postcards there and put them into the postbox :postbox:


My pen pal in Denmark tells me sending postcards is a luxury there - they are extremely expensive. Glad you got to do it!

What a pleasant and efficient use of your time!

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Glad to hear the card writing was therapeutic :heart:!

Another stunning view :star_struck:!

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That’s awesome!!!

Under a truck near a glacier? If they ever make a movie about our hobby, there has to be a scene like that in it!

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Amazing! Also a great conversation starter :grin:!

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Trust me, if I had checked the prices beforehand I would have thought twice. I paid a bit about 13€ combined, if I remember correctly. Always remember: don’t send too many cards without checking prices!

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I have many times written postcards on a train. :train2: This can be a bit tricky business because of the ride is not so steady and this affects handwriting.


The cruise ship ( my photo above) was steadily rocking, too!