Unusual places you wrote postcards from…

Hello to the forum! Not sure if a similar topic exists here, but I am curious to see what kind of places you’ve written postcards at. I have just returned from vacation and this is me on a cruise ship, lounging by the pool and writing postcards to my pen pals…


On the balcony of the hotel with my little mouse! :mouse: :hugs:
(but is it unusual?) :thinking:

A great Topic, @Siberianamerican ! :+1:

I did the same with my official postcard, @Amalaswintha! :hugs:


Last summer I wrote some cards at the beach in Denmark, like this one:

I drew addresses at our holiday home and then went to the beach with the cards to write them and make photos. It was great, but the wind made it a bit of a challenge and I only had a rock to sit on. Anyway - best spot I ever had!


I wrote on my vacation to hills at the headboard of the hotel/homestay bed :joy:


Thank you :smiling_face:! Nice views both times!

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One can’t beat the ocean view while writing! So nice :+1:!


No desk in your hotel room or did you just want to be comfy?

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It was a homestay my bad, moreover there was one but we had stuff on it like electric kettle and other medicines and toiletries. And the main desk was on the other side which was taken by my mum to keep her stuff, so both comfy laziness tiredness and cold caused me to use the headboard as a board :joy:


I wrote a lot of postcard in the airport of Jakarta in September. And give my precious to a seller shop to sent it for me :grinning:


Best postcard writing experience ever, having a traditional Colombian hot chocolate at a cafe built in the 1800s in Bogota. That was almost a month ago, still waiting for the cards to start arriving.

The worst was in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was just after the pandemic restrictions started to be lifted. I was on a work trip. The tourism industry was devastated, so there was nowhere comfortable to sit and write. I ended up on the front steps of a closed hotel, writing cards while people were asking if I wanted to buy weed every five minutes. I scribbled out my messages, dropped them off at the post office and ran to the airport to catch my flight. All the cards arrived!


My preciousssss… :grin:!


Both sound exciting, just the polar opposite :smiling_face:. I would have been a wee bit disturbed if somebody kept trying to sell me weed non-stop…

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some of the unusual places I’ve written postcards from:

  • the top of one of the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (so they could go into the post box there for a cool postmark)
  • the south western tip of mainland Australia
  • on a boat after swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef (Western Australia)
  • at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Wow :hushed:! Fascinating!

Anyone wanting to know can write me a private message and ask :joy:


They are having a few more cups of hot chocolate in the Post Office…


A few of the more memorable places:

  • Writing from my guest room in former brothel in Dawson City, Yukon. The postcard I wrote to myself was about the Sourtoe Cocktail (I became a member myself after some liquid courage).
  • Writing postcards in the extremely scenic village of Sisimiut, Greenland, trying to get as many written before heading back to the ship.
  • Just yesterday - was in the port city of Sakaiminato, Tottori (Japan). Sakaiminato is the birthplace of Shigeru Mizuki, a famous manga artist, known for his drawings of yokai (monsters/ghosts/demons). There is an entire street full of statues of his creatures, and at least 8 post offices offer scenic cancels featuring different yokai. I wrote as many cards as I could in the post office (running out of cards in the process). The staff were quite amused by my antics (I had a lot of different cards and requests) but were happy to oblige. Here’s a photo of the cancel featuring Kitaro, the one-eyed boy monster:

Paradise visitor center with a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier

There was a great mailbox to put the postcards into


This thread inspires me to pack my “essential” Postcard writing stationary and write anywhere, I’ll start with writing at my college and update you guys soon:)
And i love all these pretty places you write your cards :heart_hands::love_letter:


I wrote this postcard on the floor of Changi Airport in Singapore, in the little corridor outside left luggage:

It was really difficult because the floor is carpeted and my fountain pen was playing up after the flight!

I also prepared and wrote a lot of postcards to friends and family on the plane, using the tray table, which I would not recommend!