Unpopular opinion: Am I the only one that dislikes world postcard day?


I don’t really know what it is, but I feel like I don’t like world postcard day much.
Maybe it’s because I’m scared, that I’ll get the same postcard x10.

Or maybe it’s just, because I hate those world days.
Basically every day it’s some kind of world day.

Today its:
National Sudoku day
National teddy bear day
National wiener schnitzel day
Wonderful weirdos day

Tomorrow is:
Natiornal German Language day

National TV dinner day
(This one just makes me facepalm… What a downgrade, from Wiener Schnitzel day, that was the day before.)

Oh and the day after tomorrow:
National name your car day…
National cheeseburger day
National comic book day…
National hot cross bun day…

Seriously… Is there also a national, no nothing day.

Is there anyone else, who is not onboard with world postcard day, or am I just being the Scrooge here?

I must add, though. Some people have created beautiful designs I would be happy to receive, some creative people have created really beautiful designs.


You are not being Scrooge. Clearly, World Postcard Day is just not your thing. Personal choice. Just like I sure wouldn’t want to celebrate “National TV dinner day” that you mention. Yuck! But “Weiner Schnitzel day” … bring it on! :wink: Yum.
Meanwhile, as a member, you are here to enjoy Postcrossing in the ways that most matter to you. Continue to do just that. Happy Postcrossing dear Postcrosser friend. :postcrossing:


No, you are not alone here.
I don’t care for these cards either, for the very reason that you’re likely to get the same card from 10-15 different people. Even if the back is always different. Also, I do not like the design so at all, but that is always a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

Ohh, interesting! :smiley:


It’s your choice to participate or not - it’s a way to bring some positive attention to postcards & Postcrossing. And yes, I get the fatigue/turnoff with World Days etc.

And don’t worry about getting 10 cards - Given how many cards you can send or receive, it won’t be many. I’ve only ever received a couple of official WPD cards - the rest I got or sent were all swaps or sent to friends.


An interesting opinion. Although I have never participated in either the National Postcard Week or World Postcard Day, I have seen some of the cards. A good amount of creativity I think.

But to your main point, I do tend to agree with you. What I find cringe-worthy are these tie-ins to products. For example, the “official” [drink, car, snack, blah blah] of this or that sports league. It is just so-much overwhelming consumerism. One of the worst schemes you see every year here in the US are these phony holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc). I affectionately call these “Hallmark holidays.” Hallmark is a major greeting card manufacturer in the US,


I didn’t care for it much the 1st time around, but last year I designed my own cards and also got two more designs from other Postcrossers to send out along with the official design contest winner. I also sent out cards to friends and family to share more of my hobby.
I really enjoyed the day, so doing all of it again this year!
And I think I received the official designs for 2020 and 2021 aout 3 times - spread over several months.

But it’s totally fine to just ignore it :grin:


Dear Ron,

Hallmark is quite popular here as well. And I do think you hit the hammer on the nail.
It’s the consumerist approach I dislike about these days and such.
With postcrossing it might be nice because it creates some awareness for people.
However, I feel like, most of us that already do it, are doing it anyways.
I’m not sending out more cards, just because it’s that day.


While I share your wary reaction to many of the holidays, I do find it fun to participate in the North American Perpetual Holiday Tag every once in a while. I find some really ridiculous or funny sounding holiday coming in the near future and then if I have a card that is similar, I will tag the person and write them that card. This is kind of the opposite of World Postcard Day because who else would be celebrating International Sudoku Day or National Colonel Sanders Day or National Police Woman’s Day or whatever?


at first i didn’t care much for it either. i don’t actively dislike it i just don’t feel the need to request 54 addresses on one day or get some badge. i feel like people are just gonna sit down and write until their hands bleed, because they ‘have to’.
but it is fun to maybe write some extra cards to your (pen)friends or anyone else. i think that is more what the day is/should be about.

i never received the official wpd card more than once. i think the first time i didn’t get it at all, which was slightly disappointing even. this year i bought some wpd cards for the first time ever. non official ones, because i’m indeed afraid to send someone a card they just received 8 times. i’m having quite some fun with those.


September 10 is world fencing day. My recreational fencing class is getting together and filling the local park with fencers.

I’m hand Painting postcards for WPD. I’m just having fun with it.


Lol, I didn’t know there is a wonderful weirdos day or a cheeseburger day lol. I do like international cat day because I have a cat, but I hear what you’re saying about there being another something day.


If you are afraid of receiving same postcards celebrating WPD, you can always deactivate your account or set it to travel mode for a month or two.


Well now you know, don’t forget to congratulate your wonderful weirdos tomorrow! I also didn’t know about this day, now I know… Maybe, just maybe I can get some acceptance and love tomorrow.

But yeah, basically I think it’s quite the miracle when it’s a…normal day?

@holeanta thanks that’s worth considering!

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If you had it designed by a card maker in Chicago, I’m sure yours will be special! I just wouldn’t be happy to receive the official one x10.


Personally, I’m not big on the day as well. But I observe the excitement many postcrossers have about the day. Lot of creativities for the designs, a good time for postcrosser who are artsy to join and express their arts, lots of meet-ups, special cancellation marks etc. Even for a one themed celebration day everyone finds what excites them more. So their joys kinda made me excited a bit too and consider myself to attend local meet-up

I didn’t participate last year, but surprisingly one of my very first card was a WPD 2021 card. I take it as good omen. I’m not big on requesting official cards for the badge, probably one or two depends on the slot I have, I share the excitement more on the forum (those whom I chat with here) and I have different cards (non official ones for them) to avoid duplication


Since International Dog Day (August 26, 2022) came and went with nary a peep from any Postcrossers, I’m in no mood to hear about W.P.D. (I can’t even bear to write it out). However, I must admit that some Polish Postcrossers did, in fact, at least partially restore my faith in humanity after they had scheduled a Postcrossing meeting on the same day as International Dog Day in 2021.

22 August 2021 - International Dog Day meeting in Piaseczno - Meetups / Poland - Postcrossing Community


Yes I have seen some people creating beautiful designs! It’s not that I hate them all. I just am afraid I end up with 10 of the official one haha.

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Haha, I would actually totally love that, in my profile I have: Grim reapers, or depictions of death.
Dios de Muertos would be a perfect fit!

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I dont think that it will happen to end up with 10 the same cards. Yes it is world postcard day but I am sure that the majority of the people dont even have the postcards. The chances that 10 people draw your name that have those cards are slim. I did order some postcards myself but made sure to order other postcard day cards instead of the official one. I got two officials from poatcrossing for free and will send them, but do remember that the postcard day is not only a postcrossers thing. The card that you talk about was designed by postcrossing. There are hundreds of other postcard day cards out there. I have 9 different designs here at my place waiting for 1th of october. Honestly I would say dont worry :slight_smile: It would more be a rarity to receive 2 of the same cards than fact.


I agree about receiving the same cards … but hey here’s what I can send instead of the official WDP card.

Best regards