Unilateral traveling cards

I’ve really struggled recently with sending cards only to almost the same countries: Germany and Russia, then USA.

These are my current traveling cards. And no, I have not crossed the opinion to send several cards to same country.

I would prefer not hearing how it doesn’t matter what countries you send to etc. I know it’s not the main thing that matters. But for some of us part of the hobby is reaching new countries and a real variety of places, cultures and people. That’s how it keeps the excitement. So if this isn’t a problem for you, please, no need to respond!

But for me it has started to get really annoying getting the same countries over and over and over again. When I started in 2020 I got more variety. Yes, I sent to these countries too but when I sent 5 cards, it was mostly 5 different countries, not just to Russia and Germany like now.

Do you struggle with the same thing? Have you tried different things to get more variety?
I can send 13 cards so I don’t have the option to take 20 addresses the same time. I’ve
tried taking one card as soon as my card arrives to someone. I’ve tried different times of days. But still, I really rarely get addresses to other countries than these three.

And I don’t want to be overly negative. I love to send cards no matter what. When the profile is nice, it doesn’t matter to me what country it is. It’s just lovely to write them a card and make them happy. But I’ve seen a change in the algorithm and I don’t know if it’s this year, covid or because of how long I’ve done postcrossing, as I’m not that new anymore.

I wish this didn’t bring down my excitement but it does. Not always, but too often. Especially when the profile is negative and picky (which isn’t the topic) it feels like a waste of time to send a card to same country again to someone who I probably can’t please enough.
I also know some other postcrossers who feel this way but wanted to make a forum post to reach even more people.

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